The Bitcoin Bear Market Is Over – This Proves It

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On this video I present conclusive proof that the Bitcoin bear market is over, that the buildup section is properly underway, and new Bull run will be anticipated within the subsequent a number of months.

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*I’m not a monetary adviser, this isn’t monetary recommendation. I strongly encourage all to do their very own analysis earlier than doing something with their cash. All investments/trades/buys/sells and so forth. must be made at your personal danger with your personal capital.*

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  1. beer market will be over when bitcoin will go up!

  2. we are going below 6,000. just look at the past 2014 bear market. we consolidated for like 3 months from august-november of 2014 and then went down even more.

  3. You will get rekt. Plenty bottoms left.

  4. if you are right ,if we really enter in the bull market you have 16k witnesses to confirm that you called first among youtubers

  5. I wonder what will you say when we go bellow 6k…5k…4k…3k…cant wait for your excuses lol

  6. it's breaking down.  It MUST go down to below 2k before the bear is over.  The longer it drags out reaching that price the longer the bear will last.  NOT before.
    There are plenty of stocks and crypto that flatlines for a while and then falls when everyone thought it would go up just because of resistance. 

    It is just the idiots keeping price up but once they start to realize it isn't going up after enough time they will give up and sell. 

    Lacks intrinsic value. There is no intrinsic value in bitcoin.. just about every other token/coin out there does everything bitcoin can do, but better and then does all kinds of extra stuff that bitcoin is never capable of doing. 

    Banks and businesses don't trust it over other much more advanced coins.  Investing in it is like investing in Atari in the 80s thinking they are too big to fail.

    Old tech.
    Also, part of what is going to eventually kill it is Proof of Work coins are primitive and harming our world pollution-wise and raising everyone's electric bill.  Investing in it is irresponsible.. and is like you are saying 'I don't care about my world', when there are so many better options.

    As a result, the politicians will start boycotting it, and running campaigns that say what they will do to restrict and stop Proof of Work coins because of the harm it causes. 
    Businesses will boast "We care about our environment, so we don't accept bitcoin."

    Banks don't trust it without meta-data.  Big investors will also keep away from it because they want to be recognized as philanthropists, so they will promote more efficient coins.

    The ONLY reason bitcoin ever went up as high as it did was die to a lack of understanding it.  But the more the average person starts to understand it you are doing to see it take a nose-dive. 

    Nobody 'needs' bitcoin.. it is just a ledger and a number that goes up and down.  every crypto does this at its core.  Bitcoin is as basic as it gets; just barely doing what is necessary to be a crypto.

    I've got a lot of money invested in cryptos and not a single cent will ever go through bitcoin because i refuse to support trash.

  7. Bro please it is not over!!!!!!

    Its showing the triangle of death.

    Btc will lower than 6300.

  8. i hear the argument that bears cant push down because they havent yet, but why not instead say the bulls cant push up and have continually failed? cant know if the bulls or bears are running out of steam, we will find out once it finally goes up or down, which direction though who knows

  9. This looks like the beginning of a cup and handle formation which should bring us back to a test of the all time high in about 12 mos.

  10. Each time the ball bounces from 6k the bounce is lower. How many more times will it bounce before it rolls off the edge of the table? If the ball puts in a higher bounce (over 6.8k for example) then it will be showing its first bullish signs. . There are plenty of bullish and bearish fundamental issues that can push it either way, but for me the most perfect situation would be a capitulation dump to the $5k area, and a strong V bottom recovery. That would still not guarantee the bottom was in, but it would give a much stronger case that the bottom is in. If it puts in a higher high and a higher low after that point we would begin to see the fomo.

  11. Greedy and stupid people will indulge in this no legal tender currency!!! Don't be fooled.

  12. Stop just looking at the daily chart and start zooming out to larger time-frames. We didn't break $6k yet because Bitcoin simply isn't ready… Price can only sell-off so much in a given time-frame before buyers/ traders/bots/whales step in to buy the dip because they're most likely selling the rallies. We are in a YUGE descending triangle, which break to the downside 70% of the time. More importantly, there's a death cross that's about to happen on the 3 day. THAT IS SIGNIFICANT and will be the straw that breaks Bitcoin's back. Currently, we're trading below the 200 MA on the 3D for the first time since 2014… Besides holding the $6k level, what exactly is bullish about bitcoin? Where's the volume? We are in the middle of a bear market and they end with capitulation. The trend is your friend. Respect it or get rekt.

  13. What do you make of the potential death cross approaching in the 3 day chart?

  14. Deathcross coming up in a few days. Looks like we are gonna head lower. Consolidate and head lower before the next bull

  15. A basic rule to trade …



    And by the way, the accumulation phase will be around 4000, which means there will be much lower peaks.

  16. $5,750 to $18,800 pull back to $13,650 and then to $283,000. You heard it here 1st.

  17. We got a deflated MCD, plummet RSI znd Stock, and we are ar the same level of June 16. Bull run into oblivion 🙂

  18. Hey Jebb! Plz take a look at d silver chart then u'll understand everything u need to know about d possibility of wether bitcoin is going further downward or not.

  19. Still a bear market IMO. If we have to ask it’s still bearish. BTC is looking weaker and weaker on the 4H chart. Alts have some good action though. BTC can’t make a decent break above resistance.

  20. There is no proof of anything here. Just pure optimism. And stating that there will be a new bull market in the next 6 months is a very safe statement. We could still get further downtrend and a see reversal to a bull market in that time.

  21. Many claim that Bitcoin’s intrinsic value is $0.

  22. Bitcoin is still tanking..I think some other coin will become the dominant player. Bitcoin is old tech and people have more choice of coins to invest in.

  23. Why don't you use log scale?

  24. bitcoin is going to 3000 dollars because tony vays says so.

  25. right now Bitcoin is at 6278….. it feels bearish and I dont beleive it when people say it wont go below 6000 🙁 Hope I am wrong.

  26. It’s hilarious to watch you flip between doom and euphoria every 24 hrs.

  27. how this proof looking now ?

  28. Lmfao bro its gonna keep goin down

  29. PROVE???? LOL. BTCUSD 5600 AT THE MOIMENT :d :d :d

  30. BELOW 6K ! 16 MINUTES OF BEING ABSOLUTELY WRONG! I love how people try to suspend bitcoin's usd value with psychological hope via youtube videos. Good luck with that!

  31. So much for all that ''Bitcoin cannot go under 6k'' talk lmao

  32. hahahaha, and now?? so much for proof

  33. And today Bitcoin is on the way to $4000

  34. Lol I guess it’s not over

  35. Isn't it great that old videos remain up and show just how poor your TA is…. Proof the bear market is over bahahahah 3600 now just 2 weeks later

  36. How wrong were you Jebb, we are still going to 2800. Will not be happy until it goes below this level to build momentum.