Roger Ver's Thoughts on 15th November Bitcoin Cash Upgrade

Roger Ver’s ideas on the upcoming improve to Bitcoin Cash. That is scheduled to occur on November 15th.

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  1. Love the way you think brother! Let's get thru this fork and kick some ass out there.

  2. BCH was made for insider trading

  3. I have a feeling that roger is scared to death.

  4. If i have a business and i accept cryptocurrency like BCH, i will put my business in danger because of the volatility , can you please show a solution for this ??? giving the fact that it has a limited supply .

  5. BSV will win out in the long chain. CSW is Satoshi. BSV is Bitcoin's Satoshi's Vision!



  8. If the minority disagrees with the majority they should be free to fork off and go their own way. BGTOW – Bitcoins going their own way!

  9. Thanks Roger, i really believe in what you are doing.

  10. So now you and faketoshi are no longer bff's ? Why were you in his circle to begin with. It was so obvious he was lying about being Satoshi.

  11. you should have stayed with bitcoin core. that's it, end of the story, sorry for you. i hope you didnt sell all your BTC

  12. I have no stance but thanks for the sane explanations and delivery.

  13. 2 rent seeking leeches, charletons who bring nothing to the scene except egoistic BS and dik sword fights.

  14. I love your commitment and I’m a huge fan. Keep it up. You are the best in the space, Roger! I met Ryan Charles and others in the Hackathon in San Francisco. Let’s do it! Economic Freedom now!

  15. That guy is not satoshi, lmao that's a joke

  16. The Truth behind the Bangkok story that he gave… Truth is that nobody understands Bitcoin as Craig does, so nobody in the room, including the nChain devs could see through Amaury's deceitful statements except for Craig. That's why he was the only one who got frustrated and left. That, and because immediately before Amaury pretty much said that there was going to be a split, and there was no way they will back down on their proposed changes. More details here

  17. What shows me Roger is real is that he doesnt let all the hate in the comments phase him.

    Craig or Blockstream would censor all of you, and none of you really appreciate Roger permitting your freedom of speech, no matter how dumb you might sound

  18. stop blaming roger for everything

  19. Have you considered a career narrating e-books? You are a great narrator, the way you read fake satoshi's email is fantastic. I'd listen to your narration all day.

  20. @Roger the best promotion you can do for BCH is to not promote it .

  21. waw this email … if you told me 14 years old sent it to you, i can understand but this craig DUDE !!!!

  22. Lol, you BCH fools asked for this shitshow. You should have never sacrificed censorship resistance with your stupid hardfork. In this order SoV, MoE, UoA, when you prioritized MoE over SoV you fucked everything up.

  23. This guy is fake, don’t listen to him!

  24. You have been fooled.
    By abc.

  25. Mining with mike harry trading is the best

  26. English sub please! for non native! Do that and I will translate in my native language"French"

  27. Bitcoin cash users are not against Bitcoin, fucking Craig… We just uptaded Bitcoin block size cuz 1MB sucks.. Bitcoin Cash is the only one Bitcoin p2p electronic cash system.. Bitcoin is obsolete… Choose #BCH

  28. So this whole damn thing started because you guys think that you're above the law? I don't care who you think you are, but there's a reason governments have laws and regulation in place to maintain a productive and civil society. Just because you think people should have the right and access to regulated substances, maybe I don't? Who the hell gave you the right and power to decide for our society what our future holds?

    I'm finally starting to understand Dr. Wright's frustration. No matter what, despite the fact that this is his life's work, he's completely excluded from the whole community around the thing he created, simply because he thinks that it should exist within our current system, rather than outside of it. There's a reason you went on your political rant, and it's this nonsense that has created this whole massive controversy.

    Dr. Wright is constantly abused and attacked by this community, simply because he's trying to do the RIGHT thing. After all he's been through, if our goal was to get along, then how about we stop antagonizing and smearing his name, first? There are so many different social bubbles in today's technical society that it's absolutely mind boggling.

  29. Upgrad 15 mei 500 doller 2019

  30. I think you are going to end up back in prison, Roger.

  31. Seek therapy Roger. You're not the only dude that dropped the soap in prison. No need to burn down the world because of it.

  32. Nice iike whst you say its true i don't drink but others are free to if they want to as lonf S tvey not harming othets n whole ear on dfugs is a alwar on us peasce