The most accurate Bitcoin EOY price prediction!!???

How accurate do you assume our collective information experiment goes to be? I feel it has a 50% likelihood of being proper in regards to the EOY price. LOL.

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  1. How accurate do you think our collective data experiment is going to be? I think it has a 50% chance of being right about the EOY price. LOL.

    Tip jar below.

    BTC 13qF5ovjByDtFyGX1hYLA7uvhXj1BDH2KX

    LTC LcdKQ9JSAZRuypVtevhbna7hVo8hHf5UoD

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    Equipment used to make this video

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S4-

    Smooth 4 phone gimbal-

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    Add me on Snapchat: mr_kristof

    Find me on Instagram: mr_kristof

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    #BTC #cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

  2. I used to be an analyst for my department at FedEx. I'd like to play with these numbers using a formula I used. Great info!

  3. Patato soup from Subway?
    Haven't seen that in UK, looks ? yum

  4. You are so AWESOME….love your channel….sorry I'm not interested on EOY I'm interested in how much it will be in 5 to 10 years so that I can retire at 55

  5. Potato soup and crackers?? That's pretty dang far from healthy, bruh. Appreciate the content though

  6. 15k seems fair but I think lower – 7400. Also think we will see more movement in 2019.

  7. Bro, we’ve been moving sideways for like 4 months. $15,000 is WAY too high imho. What would be the catalyst to move the market that high in like 7 weeks? That’s over a $1000 a week growth.

  8. I am a time traveler from the future. The price of bitcoin by the end of the year is…

  9. Typically the price almost always does the opposite to what I’d like ??‍♂️ A bit longer at this price or below would be useful though.

  10. fuckin tai Lopez. every single week before I watch your video that deuche frotto Baggins comes on for an advertisement. I bet he still gets food stamps

  11. Nice space for where the magic happens ?? Thanks for much for all the effort and more importantly, your consistent level of optimism ?

  12. put a small gym in your office ?

  13. whatever the price will be, those who are still in it after getting rekkt since january can be proud

  14. so, if we take into consideration that we, your followers are in too bullish sentiment, we can cut this result in half and we find the optimal number. (bull**it, that is only my pessimistic opinion AND the whales will have the last word); BTW great work! and … sbwy in SLO more or less su**, sorry.

  15. Kris thanks a lot again.

  16. If u look at the gold chart and btc chart there very similar gold before etf reached 24k btc reached 20k etf was introduced and gold skyrocketed to 64k bitcoin 60k? Coinsidence i think not

  17. Kris you are doing fantastic videos. This one is freaking fucking bullshit from you. Sorry to say. You collect input from stupid jerks and give them a platform.

  18. Kristof u mentioned not long ago that there are no buyers left on OTC for bitcoin and that it is a bullish sign for you. Can u please explane it to us why is that bullish ? Thanks !

  19. I know that Wisdom of the Crowd is usually pretty scary accurate. So yeah, 15k here we go!! 😀

  20. Your office needs a mirrored wall and a couple of stripper poles for the down days. ? Lol

  21. Mr. K, to get a more accurate average ya need to disregard some extreme high and extreme low numbers.
    Maybe try averaging everything between 2k and 20k. I'd be interested what that number would be.

  22. Where is the evidence that averaging the responses of a randomly picked up people is an accurate prediction?

  23. November and December are historically good months for crypto.

  24. NO! Please do not get a glass desk. Get yourself a vintage, good condition tanker desk. Match it with a Herman Miller Aeron chair. That my friend is what separates the men from the boys. Also, I recommend a nice conference table with six or eight more Aeron chairs and not a couch. Look on Craigslist. You can get $5000 conference tables for $200. Same with the Herman Miller chairs.
    I live in So Cal, so there are plenty on the used market. Not sure where you are at. Good luck. By the way, don't forget to put nice 4 or 6 inch base mouldings in your office! Trust me on this!!

  25. The only way you can get accurate predictions from crowd sourcing , is taking a common known X and ask people who are similiar educated about the subject is the only time and even still its a social experiment , if i get a bunch of bulls around , and I ask for a eoy figure ill get a 200k number bears and bankers 10$ , need a method to who is chosen

  26. he also joined a team that i freakin told him about and discussed asked his opinion on and he tells me nothing then joins the team , so as far as shill thats BS , he cant throw me a bone ,

  27. Looks like a casting couch office. lol

  28. That would be a great price for btc eoy…

  29. I love it did you do the stripes

  30. If this ends up being right…you have just put Cindicator out of business. 🙂

  31. I man, nice prediction. Pls does binance sell cindicator on their platform? I notice I was not able to download their app on iPhone in my country (Nigeria) at the moment. Thank you for your kind ripply.

  32. 5K, hopefully we can hold that level, may drop lower.

  33. he said 1 mil by 20 20 or he will eat his dick

  34. still calling 27k eoy have done since one month into the bear market

  35. I decided fuck 2018 . ? 2019. 2020? HODLING !!! I'm about to lose my mind , from predictions ?

  36. Predictions are like certain bodily orifices, everyone has one.

  37. Hey brother! Love the work you've been doing! Long time subscriber. I have a tip for spicing up your new office. Come check out what we're doing @
    You need one of these lights in your office!
    Also look me up on Twitter @ice_cryptic
    Much love! Peace

  38. Can you put the BS about xlm going up in price as much as BTC did last yr when they which noone seems to take into theory did already go up 60,000%

  39. Idiot stop prediction , every experts prediction fail .

  40. i got to "telegram" and was like oh god no. anything on telegram is complete garbage. tokens are worthless.