The Man Who Put Everything He Owns Into Bitcoin | Moving Upstream

Final yr, Didi Taihuttu offered nearly every thing he owned, poured it into bitcoin and moved his household right into a trailer park. On this episode of Moving Upstream, WSJ’s Thomas Di Fonzo goes on a year-long journey with the “Bitcoin Household” as they wager every thing on a decentralized cryptocurrency future.

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  1. And this is one reason why crypto currency constantly crashes is because of investors that go all in on one coin like this.
    Pipe Dream investors

  2. Price will start skyrocket in 2019

  3. Its crazy that this guys is from my country..

  4. BTC would rise to the moon when criminals can send money around the globe with no tracks

  5. He must have trouble reading basic charts and graphs. It's not rocket science to analyze the downward stair-step trend of Bitcoin. The rest of the market in 2018 only made 1% gains… in what world could Bitcoin end at 15k to 20k?

  6. He’s very fortunate to have supportive family. Most in this situation would end up in a nasty divorce and custody battle.

  7. i hate the part when he says he spoke to loads of people and they said bitcoin will most likey not raise much in the future. At them moment everyone thinks bitcoin is going right back up. in my opinion, bitcoin will atleast get close to its all time high again by the end of 2019

  8. He won't starve. He's got other income coming in from the brand he's created, he's paying zero tax, plus he could still earn a bit from trading. He's even blagged a free RV off some company. I hope his kids learn from him.

  9. People in the comments are so focused on Didi loosing the opportunity to make a ton of money when Bitcoin was just under $20k. How about the fact that this man chose a HAPPY life with his family? He lost his dad and it reminded him of how precious the life is, and he decided to focus on happiness and his family. Sure, the idea of a "Bitcoin family" might seem unusual, but Didi found his purpose in life, along with his family. And sure, his daughters will probably choose something else to focus on, and his wife might start something of her own. But this is a VERY SPECIAL family with their unique goals and purpose. There aren't a regular family where adults work 9 to 5 and kids go to school 5 days a week, they are UNIQUE. Even if Bitcoin crashes tomorrow and Didi loses his entire investment, I still think it's worth it, because you can't measure happiness, family, purpose and life experience with money.

  10. Peter Lynch is still correct. By the time invest strategies reach financial magazines and shows like cnbc its far too late. They only feed the bubble. Just think how many dummies bought worthless bitcoins based on hippies like this.

  11. If Didi managed to hold on to his BTC during this bear market, he is still more than 3X his initial investment. No worries, the man believes!

  12. Binnen 5 jaar ben je een rijke man bitcoin is de toekomst

  13. January 2019…….what is happening?

  14. We all take chances in life he did the ultimate chance. Yikes he is like me on a different scale I bought at 125

  15. he has about 40 bitcoins, which means he put barely anything in early on, it's a publicity stunt

  16. as of 2019….how does he feel?

  17. HAHAHAHA love his flip flops and Kimono but aside from 20-20 unkind hindsight … my laughter that is 🙂 A Big HELLO and question … something to really think about??? besides all the miners shutting down 100% if BTC dips below $2K ??!! A QUESTION on Crypto Market Cap. IF Bitcoin goes to <$2000 or even < 1500 in a rapid drop and XRP-Ripple stays the same dropping just a little to say 28 to 25 cents? Guess what happens to the market Cap? it is possible that the 1st and 2nd place positions for BTC and XRP respectively could reverse and with dramatic consequences? A very good question yes???

  18. People LOVE to watch other people fail But Gerald Harry wants to see everyone succeed. I Love trading with him

  19. Finally, we know what happened to Travolta.

  20. Good on him, Didi made a lifestyle choice not an "investment", he seems to be able to make money with his entrepreneurial spirit. Let's face it, how many people in England and Europe are living from paycheck to paycheck, the kids are failing at school and the teenagers couldn't spend more than a few hours (if that) in the same room as their parents.

  21. where is he now ?
    what he still think ?

  22. Buy bitcoin then end up living in a shed 👍🏼

  23. The future is virtual, computers, it might not be the exact dates he's talking about but it will happen, is just a matter of time.

  24. Bet hes feeling pretty dumb about now.

  25. The only way you can emerge from a hole of over $500k mistake like Didi made is admit that you are wrong and change your mind.
    I am a derivative's trader and short bitcoin. It is likely to head to $2k then sub $1k, the original breakout point.
    Bitcoin has become the greatest bubble of all time. It became the greatest short in history.