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  1. I just posted a video of a HYIP site that I ran across yesterday. I spent about an hour reading forums and trying to see if it was a scam site or not. Can you please make some videos about HYIP's and what to look for in scams and legit sites? You're a lot more knowledgeable and experienced with the real btc market, and not this mainstream bs that every other channel pushes. Fk the trolls from the BCC stuff, they're just butthurt cuz they lost! I lost too, but I'm still at it! LOL

  2. I hope we all get profit out of this market


  4. “Alright let’s look at our top losers which is everyone” I’m dead ?

  5. Don’t talk to me unless it’s about some green candles dog I’m bout to rewatch this ????

  6. biggest scam ever pulled off on people and they still believe in this crap amazing.

  7. Dawg,,…, you are the shit

  8. ????hahahaha love this video make some more video

  9. Completely and utterly… Fucked. LMAO ? ?? ?

  10. Genius, man you have me laughing my ass off.

  11. LOL good chet Trevon. Very informative.

  12. please send trx as a gift

  13. Crypto Weather!!! It is good to see you in your element! Please continue to bring these updates! At some point, people will take (your knowledge of crypto) serious. And if not, tell 'em I said to, "kick rocks"!!! Peace

  14. ooaaaiii cannot stop laughing i thing you might be right man my friend

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  17. This is the only news I watch lol funny as hell man.

  18. lol you became a stand up comedian lmao

  19. Did he just shill a Tron scam

  20. My favorite Crypto show of all time. Need More. Even after the bloodbath tomorrow.

  21. good concept crypto weather report

  22. Ayyyyyeee you got something here

  23. This is an amazing format. Please keep making these

  24. I love laughing when i am losing money.

  25. i'd bet your buying BC OTC style .

  26. This is perfect bro. Keep doing this.. genius

  27. I would add to your video and astris stating that this is not financial advice LOL