This market buying and selling evaluation applies to varied exchanges, together with Bitmex and Binance. Tackling questions like if Bitcoin can attain 20okay once more and if we might be seeing a crypto forex market restoration this 12 months. Issues just like the lightning community have supplied large enhancements for BTC and whereas it’s true that others like Roger Ver with Bitcoin Money (bcash) might disagree, I do see these blockchain know-how improvements to be very bullish elementary indicators for the area.


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  1. Finally someone has addressed this issue. Thank you.

  2. Bitcoin does have a fuck load of growth. ??‍♂️

  3. I just hate that the meme triangle is perfectly holding up.

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  5. there is no Fulcrum pattern. Peter Brandt already explained its not. and he pretty much wrote the book on it

  6. The periodicity of the complex head and shoulders seems off, with the right shoulder shopping along way to long. Also, you can see the clearest when you have no skin in the game, but you learn the quickest when you do have skin in the game.

  7. The 2013 crash ended with a reversal of a descending triangle. Fractals tend to fractal.

  8. What are your thoughts on LIFE Token? Please do a quick 5 min review of their Twitter and let me know if you think its legit

  9. Was found on Copper in the ‘70s no?

  10. Sobering and realistic words. Nicely said.

  11. keep it real man i love that shit! and good ass point about that chart sayin where goin to 1 million those zoomed out perma bulls tryn to trick us. on a side note just watch out with girls to much truth can get you burned.

  12. Peter Brandt called a compound fulcrum as well a while back.

  13. Just be aware that on big red candle can goes from 6400 to the 4000 USD range only in a 10 min. time frame 🙂

  14. Smashed the likes. Stop talking about bigger trends as hopium. That is biased itself. Stick to intra-daytrading: the data. It is bearish until it is not.

  15. Definitely disagree with the bearish outlook. Sure it could go either way getting closer to the close of this wedge, but that 6000 support has held multiple times all year, don't see that disappearing. The bears have continuously failed to break it. And now the bears can't even move the price more than $100 for the past week since sentiment of the market has gone from bearish to neutral. The bears have lost all their strength. The trend has gone from bearish to neutral, the next natural most likely momentum shift is upwards since the downward movement ended more than 45 days ago. Granted I think it may take a few months of $6xxx sideways trading before it moves upwards, but the trends all seem to be point to an upward shift now that the bearish movement has ended.

    Of course you could be right and we could see a crash downwards below the support that has held all year (as I said I think its very unlikely), but in that case all the bears will have their dream come true, so not only would the bulls be buying but all the bears would be buying. So any drop below the long established support I believe would be very short lived and may even itself spark enough buying to enter into the next bull market since the bears will have gotten their dream of loading up on Bitcoin significantly under $6000. Either way it seems exceedingly likely at some point before end of Q1 2019 we'll be in a new bull market. And I'm not even saying a drop below support is very unlikely due to bias, because I would even like a drop below support because I might have a bunch of money in the next few months to buy in more and if the price was $5000 when that money was available as opposed to $8000 or $9000 obviously I'd love that. But it seems clear the bear market is over and we are no in the sideways transition period (possibly for several more months) before the bull market starts.

    Also I don't get your negative view of the long term chart of Bitcoin on the log scale. It simply clearly shows the overall exponential growth trend of Bitcoin. Whether you move the chart up or down to have more or less space at the top doesn't matter and doesn't change how the chart looks. Having no space at the top doesn't make it look like Bitcoin has so far to fall as opposed to room to grow. That is the best chart to look at if you're playing the long game like HOLDing for years or looking to simply make a pair of trades each cycle selling during the boom and buying during the crash. And you said there is no reason for Bitcoin to be $35k or something if it doesn't replace fiat…umm what? If it replaced fiat and took over from USD as the global currency standard Bitcoin would be in the millions, $35k or $100k or $500k has nothing to do with it replacing fiat or USD. Just seems like a strangely intense negative view that vastly over exaggerates the limits of Bitcoin's price ceiling. Well into the 6 digits is certainly possible without even a hint of it replacing fiat currencies. Wall St investment alone can send it to 6 digits in the next bull run. If you had made this video a few years ago you woulda been saying there's no reason to think Bitcoin will ever hit $2k because it isn't going to replace fiat. I'd say another 100x growth ($600k) is a realistic cap on Bitcoin's growth considering it will never replace fiat as I agree no government would allow its monetary supply to be out of its control. But that doesn't mean Bitcoin won't be an open alternative monetary supply for the world. Anyway, just thought the oddly negative view you had of the long term chart was bizarre, maybe you were just vastly overcompensating since everyone is excited for Bitcoin's future and the next bull run, but it was unrealistic.

  16. When Porsche Turbo S?
    I need a daily driver!

  17. love your content. very insightful!

  18. I think you are right but still I think cryptocurrency market is evolving.

  19. Does Berkshire Hathaway have to be 300k a share? Not really but still is coz Warren Buffett is hyped, same with btc

  20. I enjoyed the video, thank you. But it does make me smile when day that you are sure Government will shut it down if it threatens their currency.
    They can make it illegal, but they can’t shut it down.

  21. Nice video, Since I started investing on cryto world I have never regretted because I keep earning more.

  22. Christ, it's easy…the 200D MA (on daily of course) is flattening out at the moment. Whenever it has done that historically for BTC during bear markets, it has been a trend reversal. In addition, marginal higher lows (like the ones we've seen since late june), has also been one of the 1st sign of a trend reversal historically during downtrends. It's just a matter of time before we'll see BTC making a higher high, and if history repeat itself, we will see BTC making a higher high in 2018.