When Is The Next Bitcoin Bull Run And How Will It Look?

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The lengthy awaited Bitcoin Bull Run is coming. On this video, I focus on the Bitcoin technical evaluation that may result in this bullish value motion, and focus on technicals and value targets for the following Bitcoin bull run.

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*I’m not a monetary adviser, this isn’t monetary recommendation. I strongly encourage all to do their very own analysis earlier than doing something with their cash. All investments/trades/buys/sells and many others. must be made at your personal threat with your personal capital.*

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  1. This nigga will say bitcoin it going to break out w the most bearish market ever

  2. This dude is just telling you guys what u want to hear

  3. waiting for BTC to go up ! I use linkkoin website to buy crypto. They give extra $5 in BTC at the moment to new customers.

  4. Perfect analysis! Many thanks for great work. Appresuate your work.

  5. Yes anytime will shoot up again !!!

  6. a few months are u f kidding me November is bakkt it better start soon

  7. I agree a 6 figure price is possible. 🙂

  8. The market is under the control of the manipulators. They decide when the bulls in happens

  9. technical analysis – joke….Bear market is over…hahahahaha

  10. the resistance is like pushing a mountain into big banks. gl with that. ha.

  11. Thank you so much, I earn so much in bitCoin trading with my account manager

  12. 17 winning streak by Mr Jacob Lowery

  13. If ya havent pulled out already…geez good luck.

  14. Well Jeb on 10/10/18 when stocks and crypto sold off the next day all the money went into GOLD !$$$$. Sorry but that’s a Fact ! And a wake up call !! Now we know Gold is ?

  15. Noooooooooooooooooooo! not next 24 hrs, still need to purchase;)

  16. Yes, I agree with $100,000 around the end of 2020 or even early 2021 but mostly due to the next halving. This is just the set-up phase.

  17. Jebb – love your review. I am a long time follower of Tone Vays so it's great to see a TA that is opposite of his. I am looking forward to see how this plays out because you guys are complete opposites. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! I've subscribed and RUNG the BELL!!!!

  18. Guys, buy EXMR from IDEX or YoBit. It's great coin and has circulating supply of just 11m so the price will go up soon. Study and buy.

  19. On the log scale that shows the red line at $600k in 2020 – yeah the thing is that there isn't an infinite amount of money in the world. Bitcoin will start falling off the log scale as it runs out of free floating new wealth to bring in to the market. As we can see the previous peaks were well above the red line, then 2017 only just touched the red line, we should expect the next peak to be well below it, probably around that $140k line would be my guess. It could very well hit $600k and higher, but it will likely take 2 or 3 full cycles to get that high, which is roughly 8 to 10 years away, and by that time the market may be mature enough to not longer even go through these bull-bust cycles. I think we might only see two more of these exponential cycles before the market starts getting to a mature state maybe around 2025 and we see a lot less long term volatility. I think a mid-6 figures Bitcoin price would likely represent a mature market in which crazy booms and busts are history.

  20. Really enjoyed the video. First video of yours I've seen. I've basically been having the exact same thoughts just based on the charts, without going into the actual TA. It's been clear since mid-September that the bear market was over and we entered the accumulation phase between bear and bull markets. I could see one scenario in which breaking through that downtrend line this month plus BAKKT in November causes the next bull run to start in November, but at the same time I could see the sideways action continuing for a few more months, simply because the last accumulation phase lasted for like 9 months in 2015 and we're only one month into this one so I could see it going for up to another 4 or 5 months. Either way the bull market is starting relatively soon. And I agree 6 figures is the next peak. I think we could see a thing where $100k becomes the big goal like $10k was in late 2017, but then once it breaks mass FOMO starts a final mania phase that maybe takes it close to $200k, though at the same time I feel like the institutional investors might sell in preparation for a crash so the mania FOMO phase of Main Street investors will simply buy into their sells and the price maybe only get to the $120-$140k range. Then again I could be totally wrong and maybe it'll go to a quarter million in 2020!

  21. You can still make money in the bearish market.if you know you know

  22. 2009 = 0 ?
    2011 =10 ?
    2013 = 100 ?
    2015 = 1000 ?
    2017 = 10000 ?
    2019 = 100000 ?
    i don't know