Is Bakkt Postponed Until December? [Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency News]

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Hey Altcoin Every day Group! A few of you’ve been asking me this query so I simply wished to go over it.

Briefly: They’re having a tender launch in November, however buying and selling wont begin till December. Realistically, we wont see this take off till 2019. Cheers!

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Our workforce, launch and advocacy
Increasing Bakkt’s founding workforce with Adam White

Confirmed: Coinbase Veteran Adam White Joins ICE’s Crypto Platform Bakkt


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  7. I'm pretty sure if BAKKT was postponed until December or whenever, they (BAKKT THEMSELVES) would've announced it on their Twitter page, that they recently updated 4 times today (Oct. 18, 2018).
    Saying BAKKT got postponed until December is strictly FUD.

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  10. Don't think so… Bakkt has been spamming their Twitter like crazy yesterday.

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  14. If u look bigger picture of btc chart since 2012 we are on support line and going up..expect 20k btc and beyond from summer 2019 onwards..we are in the bottom of the cycle.

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  16. thank you to talk about BAKKT. it is very important

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  18. When will the friggin' nonsense end? Save your money. Don't invest in stupid.

  19. GoldmanSachs was all over this and BAKKT held em off. Now Fidelity. They are chomping at the bits. The higher ups have driven down the price to make max profits for their clients. More prospects coming in and the masses will follow. Get in early and make wise choices.

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