Bitcoin Oct 18 Technical Analysis – Short and Long Term Forecast, Liquidations, Long vs Shorts

BTC October 18 Technical Analysis. It is a very severe one with no jokes.
1) Liquidation and the combat of bulls vs bears
2) USD Longs vs USD shorts
three) Short time period forecast
four) Long time period forecast
5) Regulation and mainstream adoption
6) Nudes of @CryptoChoe

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  3. Hi I'm following you from a while and without any reasonable doubt I'm quite sure that this video is one that I liked most. Thank you for teaching us and sharing your knowledge..

  4. Outstanding! Thank you for explaining that crazy spike, and HUGE THANK YOU for all that you do to support the community.

  5. Thank you Phill. You Rock. When does your course come out?

  6. Yo thanks for the content my man!

  7. Hi Phil, your analysis is really professional. We can only learn from your Elliott wave expertise. You speak of Bitcoin not being an ideal payment system for example Mac Donalds, I'm sure you have heard about Electroneum. Please give us some of you analysis on this coin. Their marketing is still to begin, and we're talking about partners such as Tesco and Virgin Mobile. Your thoughts and maybe a video on this coin would be amazing. Colin from Cape Town. Big up to you ?

  8. @philakone is your course #2 still on plan?

  9. Good advice, see cryptsy Paul Vermin who is a horrible little Cxxt

  10. Still the man Phil!! But what's with the YouTube song ??

  11. What does it mean by going long or short? Could somebody explain please. Thanks

  12. One of the best TA teachers on you tube hands down. thank you so much

  13. Technical Analysis videos are the real lessons

  14. you did owe it to us phil. But only because we appreciate you more 😉

  15. Phil is always looking out to see what the Bowls and Bears are doing on Bit Finix

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  17. great as always, some very nice explanations

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  19. Great vid.. honest and transparent! Liked & subed!

  20. Fantastic insightful, and proffesional video. Thank you so much!

  21. First time listening to you, interesting TA. Thoughts on BAKKT and the soft launch in early November and the hard launch in early December and what that will do to the BTC price in the short term and long term? I'm leaning toward the bullish side because of this but I would like to hear your perspective. Thanks for the great content!

  22. Thanks for the video. Awesome stuff!

  23. Thank you so much for the detailed and TA! The live trading has to be done fast sometimes of course, but I love the way you took the time to explain what was going on :)). Keep up the good work! 😀

  24. think about it, the market is drying up; low liquidity; less and less retail to squeeze. Check bitfinex or other major brokers wallets; they are at october 2017 levels and heading south. They need money. Now, the general market sentiment is overwhelmingly bearish, shorts are at historically high levels, longs at 2017 low levels.
    The only major moves we have seen these past weeks have been manipulation candles / bart patterns. The volume is so thin that anyone can move the market with a few bucks.
    What do you think market makers are going to do to take your money?
    If you take a contrarian view, you can make a case that they could soon start pumping BTC to squeeze shorts to a level that could turn the most hard core bears into bulls, all the moon boys would jump in and then make a massive dump when nobody see it coming.
    That massive candle we got isn't the last one before we go down imho

  25. Don't you think they accumulate alot over the counter? When regulations are not in place. It is money and power we are talking about, with a failing stock market.

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  30. One of the most critical analysis I've seen

  31. Hey Phil, thanks for the video. What is the name of the chart on Bitfinex that shows the USD shorts and Longs? Thanks!

  32. Scammer alert below – gemixnew.

  33. I like this video very much! Its free TA, FA, its good and entertaining!! In your case the longer – the better!