Trading Bitcoin – Back to $6,400-6,500 Area, Can Tether Change Trend?

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  1. haan chootyea … lag gaye ab

  2. You are the only honest TA guy I know Tone every crypto Twitter “analyst” tells you how they done a great trade afterwards without evidencing it. You state the trade, show the trade and own the trade ahead of time. Really appreciate your hard work and openness in sharing your TA experience and foresight.

  3. Anyone else been getting rekt in these shorts. I thought for sure by tone t a that we were going down under 6

  4. dont worry about what the troll think. do your thing, be truthful and as informative as possible. they will not leave alone to do good things if you let them affect you..

  5. you can get that delicious pig blood soup at all the food courts, you MUST try the khao soi, the best is at airport plaza downstairs in food court next to the escalator for 55b (with chicken leg)

  6. I’d trust tone on a trade, let’s get it !!!

  7. Spasiba Tone for the great vid ! Have a nice trip!

  8. Please double down you clown or stop wasting our time with your bs trade. I have known houndreds of Tonevays on the internet… it always ends with them making a complete fool of themselves due to their arrogance and then end up trying to get back their previous reputation which leads them to make an even greater fool of themselves and then they disappear from the internet… well we will end up with some golden classic video cuts of this guy before this is all said and done.

  9. 4750 is what he want, not really mean what he guess.

  10. YOU HAVEN'T HAD BRAINS until you try Comet PingPong's baby blood and brain. It's orgasmic!

  11. Mmmm blood soup and pig brain . I'd rather beef though.

  12. Glad you finally got the mosquito.

  13. thanks for the vid Tone, enjoy the rest!

  14. Straight up, unfiltered Tone. Whether you agree or disagree, this is genuine, thoughtful opinion.

  15. I'm sooooo impressed about you & Mosquito 🙂

  16. "Why did I make that trend line so long?" I do that weekly, lol.
    I say sub 5850 Halloween +/- 12 days with the small possibility of taking until nov 20th (USDT/Bitfinex acting as band aid scenario).
    I'm not seeing sub $5K until just before Xmas.

  17. Tone, what do you trade to make money?

  18. Only fools would buy BTC at 6500. It is going to 1800

  19. AMD is out to recapture 30% market share guys. Go bullish, I wish i could invest but don't stay in america.

  20. @Tone Vays Still waiting for your Law Review show "How the SEC can shut down Binance with a phone call", you moron.

  21. If you are 90-95% confident why are you only risking 1 btc?

  22. "gold should be down"….But it's not… Lol.

  23. thank you for educating us

  24. shill shilll shill shilll., get free money from plebs.; this is what this guy is turned into… he can't trade makes bad calls. seriously .. why do ppl pay this guy for pure garbage ? 🙂

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  26. Hey Tone did your public BTC short get liquidated?

  27. everytime I see one of his vids I comment that this guy has not one clue….. he doesnt do his homework, doesnt know anything about altcoins, he just dismisses them because its easier to shill bitcoin…. please guys dont listen to this guy snd certainly dont pay him fir goodness sake

  28. You will get obliterated 🙂

  29. you dont know how to trade for shit :), even your TA is as basic as a person who just started looking at charts for a week your only TA = Trollbox Advice

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