The Bitcoin Aftermath When I’m Buying Back In

For the reason that peak of bitcoin in December 2017, the worth has fluctuated wildly however the common development has been down for the previous 10 months. I initially bought and don’t have any purchased again in since then. Given the trickling down of value, let me give my opinion on what’s to come back. All of it’s hypothesis after all.

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  1. What’s funny is when I sold at $20k I felt guilty then your video at the time made me feel better back then you posted the next day after I sold.

    So far I’ve lost maybe $1500 in the last 6 months
    Probably going to stop

  2. Beat the Bushes advice is worth taking a look at. He's bee right regarding bitcoin the last few times he analyzed it.

  3. What is your opinion on coins like Waltonchain, that has a real world usecase just curious

  4. Nice hint…. Hope your future bet goes well

  5. I was going to buy in 2015..

    If only I knew in 2009 ?
    I'm a gambler I knew Stocks and Shares just didn't know or had the knowledge how to get involved how to start trading etc.. if only I could go back 10 years ago with the same hindsight.. October 2008..

  6. Im sure you know their is major institutions investing heavily into bitcoin

  7. I've had a buy order set for about 5210 since very early in the spring, just as an experiment. Meanwhile, I've passively watched my buying power increase by several times. Yes, I passed up those four big convolutions since then, but I greatly reduced the risk of loss by doing it this way (this time). I suspect the next ten days or so will prove whether or not the price will collapse the rest of the way. I still strongly suspect we're set for one more sharp drop and a little rebound.

  8. You do realize you have alot of power influencing people to buy or not

  9. Butthurt Hodlers gonna downvote this vid or throw salty shade at you lol

  10. You have interesting material posted, and your bitcoin selling strategy was a good(decent) one
    But keep the facts right , now you say you sold at an averege of 15.5k and in the videos (10months ago) where you actually made the calculation averege was 12.5k.

  11. What are your thoughts about Bitcoin Cash BCH ? have you seen and and and and it seems so promising. BTC can do neither of that

  12. This is a useless ,informationless video bro. Please delete youtube. Ty

  13. Bitcoin is purely a speculative asset. The technology itself can be easily copy literally since its open source.

  14. Keep dreaming bud looks like your never buying Bitcoin again the bottom is in bitcoin will never drop below 6K again good luck ?

  15. It's so nice to hear realistic predictions instead of it's going to 0 or it's going to $100,000

  16. When would you buy back into Ethereum?

  17. I believe BTC will go down one more time before it takes off! I’m waiting for the $5300 mark…. at that point I’m all in…. mostly buying up alt coins

  18. XRP, that is what you should look into and leave Bitcoin far, far behind.

  19. The infrastructure being built by institutions like NYSE and Fidelity are already slated to begin roll out as early as 2019 q1. That and the fact Wall Street and Google are still losing talent to blockchain related projects is a clear indicator things are only ramping up for crypto. The fact 5 yrs ago ppl weren't even talking about it and now CNBC and CNN to name a few have weekly/daily crypto segmemts is outstanding

  20. From a trader's point-of-view, your comments were spot-on. A big correction always comes after a huge run-up. But, it is quite clear that you don't understand the fundamentals of bitcoin and what it tries to solve. As someone who watches virtually all your videos, you also never seemed to criticize the weaknesses of the traditional banking system. Once you have the Bitcoin whitepaper and understood our traditional monetary system, you may have a change of mind.

  21. question related to another video, you said you're not subscribed to netflix or cable, how do you get your entertainment? are you subscribed to youtube red? thanks for the great content!

  22. Just too many people got burnt.
    It is going to take a few years, I think?

  23. You needed already needed to buy in, u messed up, 6000 was the number to buy at , even 1 BTC you would’ve made 3000 on top of the 6000 on the swings

  24. you shoulda never sold, big mistake, it's going to 100k. (jk just making fun of idiots). that peak was so obvious and people were freaking out on you. lmao i hate bit coin idiots.

  25. Hows it going beat the bush? this is everybody

  26. Dollar cost average is the way to go, but also keep some cash on the side with low limit orders

  27. The world NEEDS a currency free from massive gov't interference. Bitcoin seems good for that. But…

    It's based on thin air. So "investing" in it seems like sheer gambling. And that's even IF you trust the mechanics of it, and assume hackers and gov't bureaucrats can't get in — which I don't.

  28. There isn't enough bitcoin for everyone with a coinbase account to hold 1 bitcoin.

  29. Thats the revised drug "BITCOIN" getting back in…. you had your glory the first run… this second (LAST) is the ruin…. highly stay away.

  30. im little bit jealous about you. you make it so good. 🙂

  31. Nice move. You won't be buying the bottom, just like you didn't sell the top, but 6k is pretty damn near 4600.

  32. What do you think of XRP and investing in it?

  33. I am a dark web ppl.
    I will kill you if u sold all your bitcoin.
    I know what are u doing right now..
    Becarefull morron!!!

  34. I havent sold since 400 dollars :))))