Bitcoin – Is It Almost Time to Buy Again?

We undergo some technical evaluation on bitcoin to clarify how there may very well be a possible shopping for alternative constructing.

The evaluation used relies on our technique of buying and selling (the Duomo Technique). For those who’re not accustomed to this strategy, please take a look at a few of the hyperlinks under.

This video is just not supposed to change your personal evaluation, it’s for academic functions solely. Ensure you do your personal technical evaluation earlier than getting into any trades.

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• What are Kind 1, Kind 2 and Kind three closes?

• What are vital ranges and the way do I commerce them?

• How we use Fibonacci retracements:

• Making predictions with our evaluation:

• What is the certainty of our trades?



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  1. Great video – please add bitcoin to your regular analysis.

  2. I watched you for about a year,but yeah love crypto and more would make me smile…thankyou

  3. Thank you for the video.
    Well presented, straight to the point. As a Fibonacci and geometry fan myself I agree with your conclusions fully and I am looking forward to the next video.
    Keep up the good work please.

  4. My technical analysis on bitcoin is nearly same as yours and im waiting like a sniper when it meets my condition im gonna pull the trigger.

  5. Epic. Love hearing what you have to say. It’s always very informative.

  6. If I only trade with charts analyze I would SHORT this. 6k have good resistance but this time its going down sadly if not
    the last years December hype will repeat this year again.

    Im no professional adviser but I have always right:)

  7. RDD $1 next bull run coming soon 2018

  8. Interesting but not really sold on the fact that TA works better in an inneficient or infant market with high volatility due to massive emotive moves. From my experience investing in the crypto market I see wild price moves all the time in both directions so prefer just to accumulate positions of value (buy low) and hold. Can you explain more why you think TA is better with cryptos than say major forex pairs like EUR/USD?

  9. all i have is coinbase how do you short bitcoin?

  10. Excellent, Thanks Nicholas.

  11. Nice man. Could you do an analisis on dogecoin?

  12. For Me Bitcoin just doesnt seem a good viable option with Some 80 per cent of all bitcoins been held by less than 1,000 accounts, so this doesnt seem the basis for a new financial system in My eyes.

  13. A crypto video nice! Welcome to the community.

  14. Been watching your videos for a minute now. Really looking forward to when I get to take your courses!

  15. Phoenix has arrived. Liquid just been initiated watch out swift bitcoin is coming for you. Bitcoin side chain can eradicate world poverty through creating a universal income sidechain and stop inflation and reduce debt for all countries currencies.. equilibrium throughout the world. Liquid will be adopted world wide by countries. We will start to care for one and other. Spread the love through bitcoin side chain. No one except for sunny decree is talking about this protocol. Crypto needs to catch up. Watch this space

  16. Very useful video! Could you comment if you would scale out if higher highs emerge and then try to scale in if higher lows emerge?

  17. more crypto with high volume really good

  18. If you are not teaching your audience about the differences between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) – or what the "blocksize rebate" is…or the role of blocksize in capping the bandwidth that BTC can handle (of which it is currently running at 80% capacity with little room to grow) – then you are not fully serving your audience.

    No it's not time to buy Bitcoin (BTC) because BTC cannot handle the volume of transactions needed to even support a $20K price

  19. Once it hit 5500$ most like will shoot off high up

  20. A lot of people are being shacking out of bitcoin… just like amazon did when it went from $5 to $90 …. then back down to $15…. Amazon in now trading over $1700 a share….. smart money is holding bitcoin for the long run… these TA guys are gonna have their ass handed to them

  21. Thanks for the BTC vid my man!

  22. hey guys
    suggest to me a desktop wallet pls

  23. Would love to see you do some technical analysis like this on SPX and NQ_F.

  24. A nice TA job..but we have just got into the end of the bull cycle in traditional markets …the Feds would increase rates seeing points wiped off in the stock market…commodities like Gold and Silver will see major price spikes , then cryptos especially BTC , ETH, LTC ,XRP and the top ones will see major influx of capital …then TA analysis will be very short term with movements which will make no sense !

  25. I do agree , 5,800 would be the launch pad now …the support at 6K is not helping things with the range burning out at the 6,700 resistance…if someone is in for the long run buying in at any point between 5,800 to 6,400 is a safe bet

  26. You're one of the first I've come across that's setting the bottom at 5850. The descending triangle is a bearish continuation pattern and seems to be playing out as described in the video below which if right sets the lows much lower than 5850:

  27. Buying bitcoin now, is like posting a kick me sign or I am a loser sign on my back! LOL

  28. you trade or u accumulate and hodl ?

  29. Hey Nicholas what do you think about W.D. Gann and the tools that he proposed to predict market movements based on astrology?

  30. Be careful using Bitfinex for your data. They have frozen $ deposits/withdrawals from the exchange and therefore BTC is trading at a premium on that exchange at this time. The spectre of USDT (tether) and its connection to Bitfinex is causing concern. Be careful.

  31. Bitcoin, hahahahahahahaha
    What's a bitcoin? Hahahahahaha,
    Oh, nothing. Hahahahahaha.!

  32. Folks, wake the F*ck up! Bitcoin died when the bubble popped! The SMART money is long gone and this TA is nothing more than wishful thinking, Lol! There are better investment opportunities out there if you can somehow manage to pull your head out of your butt and through your skinny ass jeans 🙂

  33. You were spot on as we saw on Monday morning 15/10/18 when bit coin shot up over 7000 ,great analysis as usual.

  34. You are amazing man! Just keep it coming! I have been waiting for Bitcoin analysis videos from you. Very well explained analysis and I see the markets batter now. I can make batter informed decisions. Thanks to you videos and courses. Much love❤️

  35. Love the quality of your videos. Great work and keep them coming ?
    Everyone remember to use stop losses when trading crypto. A large dump can ruin crypto portfolios if managed improperly. I hate to see people take unnecessary losses when they don't practice safe risk management.

  36. Should create a discord to help out the new guys ("cough" me "cough")

  37. More application to cryptocurrency please. Cardano (ADA) is the one to watch.

  38. Screw a trend line. We are going to 4k. Buy then! Buy now and you're a sucker.


  40. BTC is a slow expensive shitcoin that is surely dying ? wanna make money? Dive into XRP fast, $1,000+ inbound ???

  41. What is your opinion on what is going to happen based on what Bitcoin did these days?

  42. More like “Is it almost time Bitcoin will finally crack” and drop to a new low lol