Bitcoin & Stocks Falling! | Stock Market CRASH Continues With AMAZON Down 18%

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Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Bitcoin Information In the present day: Stock Market Crash occurring proper now? Dow Jones, Nasdaq & S&P 500 are all crashing. The Amazon inventory is main the best way. Has the inventory market bubble popped? And did the 1988 concern of the Economist predict the top of the FIAT foreign money system to occur on 10th of October 2018? Additionally, is the inventory market crashing correlated with the Bitcoin value? I will use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin value to make a Bitcoin value prediction. Watch the video to be taught extra about this!

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zero:52 Bitcoin Technical Evaluation
5:10 Bitcoin & Crypto Information
10:05 Stock Market Crash

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    0:52 Bitcoin Technical Analysis
    5:10 Bitcoin & Crypto News
    10:05 Stock Market Crash

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  2. I’m curious to know how anyone will buy bitcoin or any altcoins when their usd is worth nothing? Also if any sort of massive power outage, how will you sell and buy online without connection or power

  3. thanks Carl great video. I appreciate your hard work into the videos you make for us in this significant point in history

  4. What do you think about the Chinese control of Bitcoin is it a real threat and will bitcoin die ????

  5. My trading bot does a cracking job …to trade this manually and watch it 24/7 is not human ….

    thanks for your daily update

  6. Alessio Rastani recently pointed out 16-18% is a bear market

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  9. Hej Carl,
    Great channel and lots of good content.
    What do think how the economic and stock crisis is going to influence crypto market?

  10. Bearish for the foreseeable

  11. 11:13 That is the greek letter Phi Φ

  12. symbol on the gold medallion is a mathematical symbol for "THE EMPTY SET" or "NULL SET"… very important in cryptography 😉 – we are satoshi

  13. In the future the world will be divided by those that have .25 – 1 bitcoin, and those that do not. Be on ride side of history.

  14. Roubini is a f..king idiot, and always has been!

  15. friday, hmmmm, fire the Gibson up and rock on! excellant as always, have a good weekend!

  16. been enjoying your content for awhile now, but one thing I've always been a little curious about: have you considered changing the opening 'the moon' graphic with the logo floating across the moon instead of the earth's atmosphere? think it might be more aligned with the name and could even look cooler.

  17. Looks like a cup and handle but probably not

  18. What software do you use for your videos?

  19. wow can't believe your linking bitcoin with stocks going down, bitcoin doesn't go down when the stock market does.

  20. Dow theory suggests the correct figures is 16% is the new Bear market. 19% for Bull. So welcome to the new trend!

  21. Cryptos are dead. Good luck with your loss. Long live gold!

  22. We need a vix product for crypto…

  23. You are happily doing technical analysis on bitcoin but then say it is hard to apply to the traditional stock market because it is "heavily manipulated". lol?

  24. chinks bought so much bitcoins and now the whole country is collapsing. bitcoin is trash now

  25. High class your info, Sir!

  26. As far as I know, the DOW and several other stock markets have some sort of safety mechanisms that activate themselves and stop the bleeding and trading when there is a massive crash. I think it triggers when there is beyond a 5% drop in a single day. So, to see the 10-15% crash in a single day that you are looking for is a bit exaggerated. If you tell me, for example, 10-15% in a week, that is completely feasable and possible. Remember than when the 2008 Great Recession happened, there was a 20% drop in the DOW in a week. You should take a look on that. Great video, Carl!

  27. China always pursue win-win cooperation. But USA wants lose-lose!
    History will remember: Trump stated recession (peaked in various areas–> then going down) in 2018!
    Yes, he may make records (stock, employment and unemployment rate, deficit, growth) in USA, but too short-sighted!
    Sustainable? may be very difficult!

  28. This guy talks facts! I better subscribe to him fast.