Chatting with an Expert on Bitcoin

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Naomi Brockwell has been a bitcoin advocate and evangelist since 2013. She was coverage affiliate on the New York Bitcoin Middle from 2013-2015, producer for the 2015 characteristic documentary Bitcoin: The Finish of Cash as We Know It (Finest Worldwide Documentary, Anthem Movie Competition; Winner of Particular Jury Prize, Amsterdam Movie Competition), and has been making movies educating individuals about Bitcoin since 2013. She emcees a minimum of 20 blockchain conferences a 12 months, is co-author of the youngsters’s guide “Billy’s Bitcoin”, and hosts the present “Bitcoin, Blockchain, and the Applied sciences of our Future”. She is a producer for Stossel, and a producer for the blockchain sci-fi TV collection HardFork.

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  1. But there’s always a hardfork creating more new coin

  2. Bitcoin is dangerous. Just know that.

  3. Bitcoin just hit 3.4k, R.I.P

  4. "Chatting with an Expert on Bitcoin"

    First few seconds: "I won't say expert"

  5. She gets screwed by chase a lot

  6. She's a woman, and Australian, this is fake

  7. How would a world without banks and with crypto work if a person would want to take a loan to buy a house for example? Would they be able to take a loan of 300 bitcoins? (depending on what the price of them would be). It doesn't really make sense to me. Even if you hate banks, banks are needed.. just keep the fight up to regulate them and oust the bad people. Hopefully the bad ones will go away some day.
    Because this crypto idea will work on a small scale obviously where fiat is still the major player, but on a large scale? Hell no. Blockchain however seems very interesting and can probably do a lot of good for the future.

  8. The feds are just shorting bitcoin and manipulating the prices. Next dumbo please.

  9. What’s up with the “keep up Andrew” text at 4:43?

  10. 2 Months later and it's down 50%… That woman is probably hating herself right now.

  11. Karatbars International….digital gold and crypto!

  12. She's so White, I feel Black….

  13. expert is a big word, very big.

  14. I’m so glad I invested $100 in bitcoin back in 2011.

  15. Can you do chatting with a DOG ? ?

  16. quietly mentions komodo shhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. How's that upheaval going? Hope she got off the blockchain cult.

  18. She's not a expert real crypto experts exited crypto late 2017 and entered in gold. In 10 years times all these people will have no credibility, they don't understand money and is the fact that if bitcoin cant function as money it is worthless. They tell you it's trustless but it requires the ultimate form of trust.

  19. BTC and crypto has bad reputation because of the Bubble, but one and only crypto who is doing BTC job is TRX TRON by buying BitTorrent and uTorrent with 130M users and doing vision from Satoshi's white page bringing crypto to people. BTC is Nokia, TRON is Apple

  20. I love it when she adjusts her glasses

  21. I just watched for this Gorgeous lady, just being honest have no idea what bitcoin is.

  22. Shes not an expert shes just a redditor

  23. I'm sorry, but i think Bitcoin Enthousiast is a better word. A lot fo misinformation in this video

  24. The Simpsons………..