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Bitcoin information! Why I imagine we’re very prone to see a Bitcoin breakout quickly.
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  1. I am preparing for a bullish market. I am investing in coins (only money i can loose) and i am learning to trade. I want to learn this because i think crypto will be huge in the future and i love to work with crypto. So i spent a lot of time on the internet watching your video's and others and trying to learn as much as i can. I love the bear market right now because i can buy low. I hope i will have another month to buy before Bitcoin will go up.

  2. It's all so utterly neutral atm it's tense! I must say though that the comments to this video may give an indication in that they, from the ones i read, indicate a kind of maturity. Not a lambo in sight, just measured 'yeah, don't really know but ultimately it'll come right..' Looking forward to the next 6 months! – Oh, and "are you prepared?" Good question Asger.

  3. Im just going to hold to zero or 100k

  4. Asher hi, if you could choose would you opt for a further lower bear market to take additional positions in coins? Or would you opt for a bull market?

  5. Its starting people !!!!! The bullrun is starting its engines

  6. lol u look like a insane parrot

  7. Wee going up to 6800$ then gonna fall like a rock to new lows

  8. when is "pretty soon"? and how high?

  9. Useless channel useless information. First and last time i watch it.

  10. Question is… Is this the calm before the storm, big $ on they're tip toes, or have people just lost interests?

  11. I know you're a whale In it for the Money! So start this start this bull run already!

  12. I know you like micro cap coins . Check out the exchange tradeogre. There’s some very low cap coins . Stellite and Actinium kinda stuck out as coins with good fundamentals

  13. The economic reset must be a huge factor. Some financial analysts in the US talk about Trump wanted to reboot the dollar.

  14. Finally you got a better profile picture..thumbs up!

  15. Hello always we here and listen to speculation. Now I have seen news around Ripple and Swift as a possible partnership. Is that a topic you could be interested in looking into now that we later this month also will have another event where both of them will present. Example of a tweet is: Mr. B XRP ?
    32 min.32 minutter siden
    By Ripple getting access to Swift's clients all at once could save them 3-5 years of adoption. From what I have seen Swift doesn't make very much money, I believe 25-30M per year, which I believe Ripple would gladly pay them as a yearly fee or some other arrangement.

  16. $ cost average and sleep on your position in crypto. I think tech stock puts will provide more action.

  17. You cannot ignore @MetaMorph $METM. Check their website and you can thank me later. It's the beast in making. They are launching atomic DEX on 15th October. Market cap just 1.4 million USD. Solid team.

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