Bitcoin Is Moving! – Bitcoin On The Cusp of A Breakout?

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Bitcoin has damaged a key downtrend of resistance, and is at the moment making an attempt to solidify that place. In in the present day’s video, we do some Bitcoin technical evaluation on this latest Bitcoin breakout, and attempt to discern the place Bitcoin will likely be headed over the approaching days.

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*I’m not a monetary adviser, this isn’t monetary recommendation. I strongly encourage all to do their very own analysis earlier than doing something with their cash. All investments/trades/buys/sells and so on. must be made at your individual danger with your individual capital.*

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  1. everyone needs to start some hype fffs lets get it lit boys

  2. We'll just keep going east. Simply bc BTC loves to troll us.

  3. ?: Ever heard of the Exchange Stabilization Fund? Secret gov buyer of bonds, debt instruments, etc. Basically propping up fiat debt system untill alternatives in place. Heard interesting theory…they are selling down the market. They buy otc via 3rd party brokers. The whale of whales. They dont want crypto to overheat. Did the same w silver a while back taking it from 50 to 42 overnight. Thoughts?

  4. Calm down Jebb. … Take a breath dude !

  5. How did you get 4Ma and 4EMA Indicators? Is it possible to import them? I'd like to use them too like you, but can't find them on indicators tab on Tradingview. Thanks for the tip!

  6. Sounds like a auction speaker???

  7. 0.75 Speed is perfect. Normal speed makes me angry?

  8. Volume still not looking very healthy.

  9. At 3:00 EST, we haven't moved much.

  10. There's a resistance level stopping it from going further on my one day chart.

    However, two upward trendlines are going to converge in about a weeks time and I believe that should be a bigger jump in price.

  11. Only the market makers are pumping the price with apparently very little follow through now. Retails traders barely keep bitcoin floating in the magnet zone. Volume is flat. Brokers won't continue to pump forever if there is no follow through; too costy. I'd say, one or two legs up to 6900 – 7000 to catch the last moon boys then a big a smash down to 5800, consolidation, a fake rebound and down again to 5000

  12. So many mean comments, yeah we get it he talks fast. Thank you Jebb, i watch your videos every single day. Great Job.

  13. Jebb,
    Lots of XRP and Swift news. Ripple is breaking the utility wall, which will be good for the entire crypto market short and long term. Check out the Digital Asset Investor.

  14. ? I love how as you said “we could see a retracement” bang big red candle appeared. It could be a fake out to squeeze out some more shorts but with all the positive news recently I’m staying positive. Although it has barely moved in the grand scheme of things.

  15. I like people talking fast so I can get much information in a shorter period of time.

  16. This range is perfect , but OCTOBER 10th is going to be a huge date for 1 crypto , i just dont know which one , their is going to be a 1 world currency , JAPAN made XRP the cryptocurrency of the olymipcs to stop foreighn exchange and thats huge implemantation , i am going huge on xrp

  17. Since CNBC says BTC is about to explode we can almost be certain that it will go down.

  18. Everyone saying it's going to go up makes me think it's gonna go down.

  19. I read some place, may have been Edwards & Magee the further out to the apex the more likely the break will slowly drift either up or down. Looking good to me HODL

  20. Genuinely worried lol just got into bitcoin, somebody said it’s supposed to be worth $52k so I instantly put down $7,000 lol bad idea?

  21. Your trend line is wrong,volume is still low,was a 5 min spike,pure bulltrap

  22. 6661 when your video ended, 6661 twelve hours later 🙁

  23. I am going to make yet another shit load of lovely Fiat money with Ripple XRP