Top Signs Of Bitcoin Bottom! | SEC Reviewing 9 ETF’s | IMF Doesn’t Like Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Bitcoin Information At the moment: There are various indicators of a Bitcoin backside, I will deal with a few of them. Additionally, I will use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin value to make a Bitcoin value prediction. The IMF doesn’t like Bitcoin and the SEC is reviewing 9 BTC ETF’s. Watch the video to be taught extra!

zero:36 Bitcoin Backside?
four:58 New Perspective
9:18 $100 Billion Help
11:36 Value Replace
12:33 9 ETF’s
14:49 Skilled: Bitcoin Backside
17:05 IMF Hates BTC

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  1. Bitmex Affiliate Link 10% Off:
    0:36 Bitcoin Bottom?
    4:58 New Perspective
    9:18 $100 Billion Support
    11:36 Price Update
    12:33 9 ETF's
    14:49 Expert: Bitcoin Bottom
    17:05 IMF Hates BTC

  2. The bottom is near when bad news has no impact on price anymore…

  3. Institutions have found whale wallets to buy OTC from

  4. Very interesting and informative Carl. The IMF is probably laying the groundwork to blame the cryptos when the system comes apart….

  5. Bitcoin is amazing! When we have good news price is going down. When we have bad news price is going up.

  6. Some of the smart money got out while btc was at 10 and above. They are waiting for that same level to enter again. Other institutional money is coming in and has been for a while. Much happens on the Otc market that doesn't effect the exchange market prices

  7. You can always count on Carl to bring you videos about bottoming out.

  8. Time to crash the current Ponzi Scheme. The current 1% own it and use it to suppress 99%. Buy cryptocurrency.

  9. What will have : btc first to 8600 forming an equal high on daily then south ,5k maybe 4

  10. coinmarketcap ,co is comletley rigged stop showing us that scammy site

  11. IMF rats, u are going down, remember that!!

  12. The single manipulative candle spikes are showing no follow through. It would be better for BTC to fall below 6k to trigger that much needed volume in this market.

  13. Someone in the comments mentioned that its been 448 days since Bollinger Bands were this tight, this was around July 2017.

    Whether we go up or down if you look on the RSI since June 2018 were are in a bull market, we keep on having Higher Lows.

    My gut feel well go up, it may even be a new ATH @30k +

    We will experience a Bollinger Band squeeze in the next 72 hours

  14. 1 point Gold has always been mine and will always be more…BITCOIN IS TRULY FINITE……21 million total for the ? world….time is short….Bitcoin will Rise. Its still basic supply & demand…and their will be more horders….get ready

  15. You should show the inverted chart on the log scale. That might make the downward trend more obvious for your viewers!

  16. are you serious with your inverted chart analysis? you do realize a down trend on an inverted chart actually shows an up trend when you flip the chart back to normal. everything is reversed so if it looks bearish it's actually bullish. wow Carl, you are usually a pretty smart kid but that was the dumbest I've ever seen you.

  17. What if we are in a hyper wave and we must fall ca to the 4.9k level to test the 2nd phase ?

  18. You can also type "1-" in front of any chart name, in the top left, to invert.

  19. Finally I understood all the words from "if you think that that sounds interesting then I think that you should keep watching this video" 😀

  20. It would be bullish if not whales had manip to the up side this strong.
    The Action was not from trading bots.
    They dont buy if a Support is broken and Rise the price over ressistance in Few Minutes.
    It is obv that 6k holded cause of mas buyers.
    Could also be a Low price buy of New smart Money But i doubt this
    And tether prob

  21. Was ist den das für Blödsinn. Bitcoin das ist ein Produkt was es nicht gibt nicht mal Banken kennen diesen SCHEISSS ansonsten würden sie das anbieten

  22. Flip flopper Cryptos!
    He’s buying now? This is the worst time to buy!!!

  23. it's a good thing the IMF is taking cheap shots at crypto. fear excites the savage.

  24. Bitcoin will continue to move sideways, bitcoin is not for investors, it is for speculative traders only. Expect bitcoin to stay around $6,500 range, so that the traders can play their little bitcoin trading games. Alt crypto ICO's are like penny stocks, they are here today and gone tomorrow!

  25. 18:19 Hahahahha I can’t stop laughing Lolololololololol IMF biggest cunts wankers around

  26. Carl…Am I crazy to thihk the chart looks like one half of a cup and handle?

  27. "fakeout" to 2k-3k would be perfect on your inverted chart 😀

  28. Bitcoin is the first time that I witnessed a bubble popping, only to be replaced by a much larger bubble a few years later. Who knows what will happen after this bubble has burst completely? An even bigger one? Who knows.

  29. I wish we would have a mid size stock mkt flash crash just to see how BTC is affected during that day/week. How much of a correlation will there be, & will BTC price rise (people flocking to a store of 'Value'), or will BTC fall dramatically (retailers are skittish after huge Dec 2018 drop, have immanent monthly mortgages/loans to pay, most don't have a lot of savings. Leveraged gamblers would exacerbate a lightning fall. I'm betting there's still a pretty big correlation with BTC & the stock mkt. Sustained global depression, I'm betting the only ones who will be able to continue to hodl will be the wealthy.

  30. With the deadline now set for October 26, 2018, the SEC not only provided the opportunity for comments in favor of or against the GraniteShares Bitcoin ETF but also for the Direxion Daily Bitcoin ETF, the ProShares Bitcoin ETF, and the ProShares Short Bitcoin ETF. Only the VanEck & SolidX Bitcoin ETF, issued by major ETF specialist VanEck, concerns a Bitcoin ETF that is actually supported by bitcoins and not by bitcoin futures. The date for approving or rejecting this ETF is scheduled for the end of December this year, with the SEC being able to postpone the decision once more until February 2019. The current situation is only favourable for traders who know their way around, i have been holding Bitcoin for the past 2 years now and I can tell you confidently that the increase in the last two years compared to what have been in 3 months of trading is incomparable thanks to the in-depth coaching I received from Mark Hall. With his coaching and skill you can unlock the key to financial free, y’all seeking the best way to make profit from Bitcoin feel free to write **Markhall279@gmail. com

  31. Blame it on BTC hahahhaha IMF International Money Fuck

  32. The IMF still sees things from a global perspective (hence the Global Express in your example).. while the US has policy shifted away from globalization under Trump and here we sit watching the rest of the world get crushed while the US keeps on trucking.

  33. LMFAO!!! Everybody who got caught sleeping and dreaming of 500k- $1,000,000 bitcoin has been yelling about the bottom and the new high coming. You guys are the new high. High as a kite dreaming.

  34. The IMF are a bunch of evil crooked swine!! Distrust everything they say and do 100% Thank you for sharing and pointing out the truth of this Carl!

  35. Idk why but you and another YouTuber Sunny Decree are like part of family now lol. 1 day doesn’t go by without me watching your vids. It saves me a shit load of time where I don’t need to read important news etc.

    Keep doing what u are doing brother!

    One question: why don’t you use PitchForks in your BTC analysis? It seems to work very nice (swing trading)

  36. If you re-invert your inverted; it becomes a bearish descending right triangle. So which side is correct?

  37. bitcoin has bottomed, people saying its gonna go to 4k is nutz

  38. Another insightful and valuable video. You have the best tips for trading view. Thank you!

  39. It's more confused … no one knowing btc next future
    Just doing buy n sell two in one time it's better don't forget in put SL …

  40. The next bull run will move at such a breathtaking pace it will make the 2017 one look like a tiny blip in the chart. Two years from now the man in the street won't be able to even think about buying half a BTC let alone a complete one. Retail investors will be buying thousandths of one just like they do with Kilos of gold these days.

  41. Bitcoin needs to touch 4k again because I haven't finished accumulating

  42. Nice one but I see bitcoin to be a lucrative business.