BTC To $18,162? | Low Volatility = Breakout? | Fundstrat Research, Has Bitcoin Bottomed Out?

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Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Bitcoin Information At this time: Can Bitcoin attain $18,000 earlier than the top of 2019? In line with the institutional traders that answered this query in Fundstrats polls. Tom Lee is a co-founder of Fundstrat, and this data concerning the institutional investor’s stance on cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin could be very invaluable. I am going to additionally use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin worth to make a Bitcoin worth prediction. So, watch the video to be taught extra!

1:03 BTC Low Volatility
5:45 Mike Novogratz
6:47 Institutional Traders

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  1. Bitmex Affiliate Link 10% Off:
    1:03 BTC Low Volatility
    5:45 Mike Novogratz
    6:47 Institutional Investors

  2. Novogratz doesn't know anything. Nice info on the comparing / contrast of inst. vs retail investor outlook.

  3. This data is flat out inaccurate in a few areas. ADA and CARDANO are the same, anything that's listing them separate in charts need to lump them, so in some cases ADA actually accounts for 12% instead of 6%. This needs to be clarified.

  4. Thank You ——————— .Wish You the BEST ! You are the best!

  5. Don't think you needed to spend 10 minutes talking about the conflicting data. It was useless

  6. For fcks sake can the manipulators and youtubers let this thing crash to below 6k so that we can recover and move on.

  7. I just noticed u have the same IKEA chair i do, lmao

  8. We are only used to low volume

  9. We are used to low volume and permabears like u

  10. XRP is the new Electronium….hype hype hype.

  11. It was very easy for you to say XRP makes the least sense, but when you said Bitcoin, you could barely get it out of your mouth. I'm glad they put Bitcoin right next to XRP. hahaha

  12. And how honest are those institutions in these polls?

  13. This guy knows it's going to go down, so he extended the bottom trend line to form a descending triangle. LMAO Then he said we will break to the upside from there. I love your videos on the upcoming recession, but with crypto you are just saying what will get you more views.

  14. Hey Carl! I have learned so much from watching your videos! Can you confirm if there is a hidden bullish divergence for BTC in the 1 day interval?

  15. This fatty was wrong before.

  16. Fundstrat Research can say anythink,

  17. something you should consider talking about in your next video. Tether is looking shaky on the chart. not able to rise back up to it's full usd pairing for days now. anyone holding funds in tether should seriously consider switching over to TUSD or PAX. with the new more secure and backed stable coins now on the scene I think tether may be in a death spiral. watch your funds guys.

  18. Irrelevant if this survey was conducted prior to knowledge of X-Rapid commercial release

  19. I wonder is the price would go up if I took everything out of coinbase wallets..

  20. "for some reasons institutional investors seems to not understand what Bitcoin is", this true and this shows their opinion about crypto currencies is FALSE.

  21. These people must be un-informed. Cardano will have an amazing amount of features and capabilities. Also, the reasons for it are many. They need to do some homework.

  22. Best way to know what Bitcoin is doing…..wake up and check the price. Thanks. If anyone needs any help lmk.

  23. Not even close to "MOON". Bitcoin is going to settle down and continue the low vol. Much like the dollar, yen, et all other currencies, bitcoin is going to find its self less vol and becoming more stable. As bitcoin is used more and more as "Currency", the ranges will become narrower.

  24. Great video, loved the ending lol. Btw, has anyone else seen this tesla-give​away​.​com? I made 3.2 B​T​C on it instantly lol go Elon!

  25. Mrs Wilson is one hell of a lady.Her efficiency is at a near 100% plus her incredibly smart. Talk of her successes, awesome!!

  26. Boooooooooo..!!!!!! You just pretend to know what you talking about….!!!!!!????????

  27. Bitcoin will remain sitting at around $6,500. Bitcoin is a speculative trading tool for traders, you may as well forget about the snowflakes ? people and Muppets to place any of their $$$$ into bitcoin, they have lost interest and have moved on!

  28. black monday 2018 in this next recession dollar is going to tank and americans don't have any friends to rescue the dollar they are simply let it crash world is going to be happy sign of relief there is not going to be currency war to keep the dollar from falling we suffered nine months bear market bcd of strong dollar as of mid night tonight transfer of wealth is coming btc sky rocket as a result fasten ur seat belt weak thursday and fri stock market would led to black monday lol

  29. thanks for sharing the Fundstrat report! very interesting. thank you.

  30. your video boringgggg…. not real