Morning Brief – Cody Gets Arrested And How Big Was the Bitcoin Bug

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  1. Dude, I agree that Ripple is lame and pretty much a bankercoin, but chill out on the maximalism crap. I'm only listening to you because I want to hear all sides and don't want to blindly take a side. That said, not a fan of keeping the block at 1, not a fan of 128, but definitely think 1 is stupid too.

  2. I didn't comment on Cody though, I'm sorry I forgot to do that. I'm sorry to hear that, he is a true freedom fighter, its terrible what happened.

    Any American against 2nd Amendment rights isn't an American at all.

  3. Cody likes the pros young I don’t remember asking a girl that I was trying to score with for id it could happen to every male

  4. What would be more educational is not be so one sided on other coins highlight their pros and cons and don’t be so objective because there are other coins that do things better than each other. It so hard to take what you say seriously with the bitcoin of nothing garbage Tone you sound like a bitch

  5. Hey Tone there is a you tuber that gets more viewers then you be a truck driver who name is bitcoin Ben he talks about bitcoin while drunk

  6. Тони, спасибо тебе за твои видео на Русском языке. Это очень интересно. Ты расказываешь очень важные вещи для нас. Молодец.

  7. Chris Derose was worth listening to for about .9 seconds something like forever ago in bitcoin years. And even then, you had to cringe your way through most of his smug babbling.

  8. tone, why are you putting stop losses in the middle of the candle?what's the TA LOGIC? xrp trade…

  9. Ripple is for statists. It's designed to unify the Swift network of the banking system that still uses ACH. Transactions are KYC compliant and reversible. Transactions can be censored just the same as if you were sending funds to the middle east.

    As for Whale Panda… I'm one of the ones who deleted FB. Maybe the average person is content to be cattle, but not me.

  10. bheinchod analysis de gando apneee bakchod band ker; alt coins per profit nahee kamaya to maa chudana band ker

  11. The truth about the bug in bitcoin. Tone and Jimmy are mentioned in the article:

  12. derose? what happened to xcp?

  13. I'm a Ripple supporter and I'm not a scammer neither a idiot you mother fucker Tone Vays.

  14. tone xrp you had to do the weekly on bitfinex

  15. btc is more centralized as xrp lol . .. 4pools vs ripple 10+ nodes. in btc 4 ppl need to collude.. in ripple 10+(i dont know the propper number tbh but it's better as btc) . they both are centralized .. why is everybody so retarded to not see how centralized btc is?

  16. Taiwan doesnt have an extradition treaty with US. Taiwan is just agreeing to deport him

  17. Chuff me Tone at least pay attention to the people who are talking to you you ignorant knob! (round about 30 mins)