Does Bitcoin REALLY Have Value? The TRUTH About Bitcoin’s Price!

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What do you consider Bitcoin’s worth vs. its worth? How do you worth Bitcoin?

Let’s talk about!


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  1. can you make a video about top 10 promising or profit coins

  2. if it goes to 0 i will grab all of it 😛

  3. I stopped putting and losing my money on alt months ago. i buy 1-3 litecoin with each paycheck and hold now.

  4. Bitcoin has value to snowflakes ? people and Muppets and Bix weird, liar joe snipts4 and bonehead Ben the glue sniffing truck driver!

  5. What is the intro track!!????

  6. It will go to zero value…… just like every other Ponzi scheme in the history of the world. This one just happens to be a "high tech" pyramid. Guaranteed, this will be worthless eventually.

  7. I see everything is perfect (Voice, Content, Backgrounds, Presentation, Deep Analysis, etc… and one more brand logo introduction). Excellent work. I have seen most of all your videos. Always waiting for your new video 🙂 Best as always.

  8. sir nav what a wake up call. thank u very much

  9. I still cant get over your deep voice with the facts youre trying to say, i must say you are one of my favorite safe haven in the cryptoworld!

  10. Electroneum is cheap and is doing major moves

  11. Thank you Satoshi Nakamoto. I hope one day your true identity will be revealed so we can thank the man (or woman, or group) for giving us something truly extraordinary.

  12. I can only imagine the time and energy spent on making the research and this video. Good job.

  13. I started with blockchain, read a lot to understand it, now i own some…..but as i increased my knowledge on currency, I have started buying a lot of silver

  14. Bitcoins Value is that nobody can stop it!

  15. "This is your brain, on blockchain" (drops mic, beat drops)


  16. the truth about crypto currancy is well people wont tell you the truth cause they want you to invest your money so it can be stolen.and all these predictions of how high it will go is nothing but a fantasy to sucker you in.lets think logical for a second here if everyone in the world had one bitcoin and it hit a million dollars everyone would be a millionare that doesnt sound retarded considering everyone running around is not a millionare wright now.the truth is once people lose all their money trying to get rich you are going to be so poor it wont be funny. truth be told this crypto crap is going to help crash the market cause it pulls people away from stocks and bullion and other things that actually do make money.prediction for the future most of the middle class people will be at the poverty level because of this.

  17. Monte Carlo simulation is a nice in-between of the deterministic and probabilistic prediction methods, especially if history is repeating, as I expect it might be from 2014 onwards.

  18. This video ends with how it should have started; a TLDR message that it's silly trying to predict Bitcoin's price. Then, for everyone that wanted to hear that same message ad nauseum, this is a 14 minute video that will feel much longer.

  19. False. You can dry fast for a week easily without any water or food if you have body fat

  20. Bitcoin has value as a store of value and as a bridging crypto, and as a spending crypto if lightning network continues seeing growth and adoption, but only because it's the first on the scene. If it doesn't adapt with time and remain competitive with much better alternatives, it will get replaced as 'king of cryptos'. It's as simple as that.