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Are we seeing vital stage warning indicators for Bitcoin (BTC)?! Let’s talk about this and a few cryptocurrency buying and selling technical evaluation (TA) + present market information on in the present day’s video!

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Disclaimer: The content material coated on this video/stay stream is NOT funding recommendation. I’m NOT a monetary adviser. These are solely my very own private opinions, concepts, charts, technical evaluation (TA), insights, information and worth predictions. At all times do your individual analysis and solely make investments solely primarily based by yourself findings and private judgement. Deciding to spend money on and/or purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or every other sort of cryptocurrency is extraordinarily excessive danger and the market can crash at any time! This video/stay stream is solely for leisure functions solely!

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  1. Ive been standing here at the water cooler since 3:30.

  2. The bulls are back! I'm getting this crypto!

  3. Tomorrow pigs will get slaughtered roughly

  4. lol poopcoin patrick and his crypto monkeys

  5. Yo but I don’t think the market makers are gonna let it dump before at least a decent short squeeze…shorts are still waaay up there

  6. Love it, Kirbs. Always appreciate your take. Best, from Bali.

  7. Couldn't agree with you more. Most if not all the FOMO during 2017 is due to the idea or believe that the price is going to keep going up. Well…we know what happened after…………V o l a t i l i t y! Savage!

  8. It's funny how I like you now when you tell me what I want to hear. Lol I resubscribed and I am steeeing away from rekted city. Poop coin Patrick and his band of crypto monkeys are flipping me off as I wake up from my moon boy trance.

  9. He needs to trademark the fist slam classic . I salute you kirby.

  10. Good job kirby. Right on track. Managethat risk

  11. Hi Kirbs how you doing m8 all I hope peace

  12. What about futures ending tomorrow? No spike over next few days?

  13. Level headed Kirbmeister????✌?. ??

  14. Love the new character poopcoin Patrick. Waiting for 'buy the dip Bobby". KIRBS WITH THE BEST MIC SKILLS

  15. To be fair, this may be your last opportunity to buy Poopcoin at this price…

  16. Oh kirby, quit making fun of all of my .01 btc. I thought I was a whale!

  17. Poopcoin Patrick and the Crypro Monkeys! Haha 🙂

  18. wallet Address : 0xe3966bf1840b79a7E11aFdb17A606a45C218479E  Thank you Have Nice Day

  19. I’m the kind of James that thinks burning the watercolor in front of crying moonboys would be recreational fun.
    Is that wrong? ?


  21. Ewwwhatis going on Kirby! You savage you. Ima moon the like button

  22. Some see “manipulation”. Others see the real value of an security being found. ^^

  23. Oh Kirby! CNBC Fast Money just had an expert predict Bitcoin going back to $7000! Oh Kirby, Kirby, are you really sure it will fall??? 😀

  24. Most people probably trade S&P 500, which steadily rises. Only problem is low volatility, about 0.4% up or down on daily. To get enough price change to make paying the spreads worth it you could only trade on weekly, which has an average change of about 1.2% up or down. It always trends up but at a very slow rate. Not much point trading btc against S&P, though there are a couple sites where you can trade CFDs/btc, because btc volatility is right about 10x that of S&P so it would be similar to trading USD/btc. The btc volatility would drown out the tiny S&P volatility.

  25. Go xrp!!! lol and btc soon? lol

  26. Play this market like a soccer game- no hands, okay!?

    Unless you're the goalie, then it's okay, I guess.

  27. Could get a Bart bull back up? before the trend down continues?

  28. Attention.
    If you Look for volume there are Strange Happen.
    Either bit-x or bitforex depending which site you Look there is a Sudden 80 percent volume since 24 hours.
    All the pump were triggered by this and the fail.
    I guesa they try to hold price.
    I am short, this is bearish as hell.

  29. So depending if usd or usdt, Maybe bit-x is bitforex..
    I watched price live, yesterday at the extreme sideway there was a fall, immediate Rise every Few seconds
    And then the fall was a time when bitfinex and other traded.
    The suspiius site trades Like all the time, not this Spikes.
    I Know without Manipulation or very good news we broke fast to 6k and below.

  30. when will be the next ETF decision

  31. no , if volume is low its bullish not bearish . again bear market start on high volume ends on low volume, bull market starts on low volume ends on high volume. there is however a last point of support at 6000-6200 so we'll see whats up in the next few days

  32. Ladies and Gentleman Bulls Just entered the scene, i knew it, Look at the fake volume.
    They managed to avoid 6k,proply because average Joe Saw the moon because bitcoin must stay above 6k.
    All presidents will Sure it.

  33. Hearing Kirbs say XRP on a crazy Rip 20% is Gold… P P P

  34. no video today? hopefully kirb didn't get REKT by that candle.

  35. Kirby, if this range turns out to be very volatile for a while, does that mean we don't need to make the move down to 5k for the times of savage volatility you anticipate?