The World needs Bitcoin! *must see*


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  1. Dear sunny
    about you wondering why they keep making fiat money even though it's proven to be failure over and over
    well i want to ask you if you managed to make a scam and you benefit from this scam over and over and over then
    why not do it again?!

  2. My main concern is in the security of wallets and exchanges regularly being hacked, not to mention concerns about the probability of ID theft.

  3. its all a scam. bitcoin maximalist will never accept it… bitcon's unlimited forks proves the "limited supply" lie… hold and trade the scams till it all blows up… bitcon, doomsday creation of .n.s.a.

  4. Volatility will decrease over time as the market matures. Market maturing meaning the price will be many times what it is today as user adoption grows exponentially over the next 5-10 years.

    Lightning Network will be used for daily payments and will be used like Android Pay and Apple Pay are used today. It will probably take a decade from say 2020 to 2030 for usage of Bitcoin as a payment medium to become a pretty mainstream thing.

  5. Good job Sunny! Anyone who leaves a thumbs down on this is a troll!

  6. 1 Chocolate bar was 49 cents 20 years ago when i was a kid. I go to the store and that same thing costs $3. 1 can of pop was 99 cent when I moved out of my parents place in 2004 and today it's about $1.50 to $2 a can. Rent at my first place(a 3 bedroom town home with basement) was $475/month in 2004. The exact same address and unit is currently listed for $1495/month today! Nearly 3 times more expensive in just 15 years. That is scary high inflation.

  7. We still don't know what will happen to Bitcoin. Sure, the protocol limits inflation at the moment.. but what if the miners change the protocol? There are interesting incentives that haven't played out yet.

  8. LOL, Cohn and Woodward… sounds like a legit source… come on guys can we just focus on real news…

  9. Yeah but what if most world currencies are also fiat backed with less than 5% of their value in gold? Then it's kind of even. It then comes down to the economy of each nation individually. The US economy is fairly stable so its dollar is seen as fairly reliable I suppose. Mexico's economy wasn't that great in the silver peso days. US companies weren't flocking there so they could cheat their own nation.

  10. this monetary and bank system, out of debt, fraud and emptyness, are made so a very small group of 50 persons (some more, some less) can sink, slave and explote the whole human kind, they sink people,enterships (or industries) and whole goverments into debt with them, with nothing really real in return, but a big hole. The solution, for us, is: Bitocin & altcoins, we don't have too many options there.

  11. You just brought back this memory Sunny… …many thanks…

  12. Trump has a history of bankrupting things. He is terrible with money. It's inevitable that he will increase the deficit and debt which will ultimately crash the US economy. Meanwhile the UK are committing economic suicide with Brexit. This is all good for Bitcoin holders.

  13. And Bitcoin can be deflationary when all coins are mined?

  14. I like this content of you more…., all your TA is a waste of time…please do more quality content like this..Good job!

  15. inflation is the scam that banks convince us that we need, People used to pay each other in gold and silver and then Paper money was invented. A claim to gold in a bank vault. Easier to transport and divide.

    and at that moment Banks gave out more paper money than they had gold which cause an inflation rate in the 2%
    and it start going up to 5% per year.
    this make a banks in power and peoples in debt.

    and thanks to satoshi we have bitcoin now and we will take the power back

  16. always interesting information thanks!!

  17. my mum use to get 20cents per week for pocket money. that could buy her a pie, icecream, a drink and entry to the local swimming pool and still have 3cents left over. now for me to do that im looking at $18

  18. How to earn millions from bitcoin even when crypto markets are crashing | New in bitcoin?

  19. United States does to much charity work around the globe people got to pay there taxes for exports and protection.

  20. were do i get hoodie from sunny?

  21. The chart of failed currencies forgets to include the ones that we still use LOL

  22. 0,09€ in Slovenia; Eurospin shop 🙂

  23. Your vidoes are all good- but this is one of the best from you!- Thanks a lot!

  24. Sali Sunny. I just wanted to ask if there is some kind of comunity where people do meet, talk about they knowledge, experience, educate, can ask questions to each other etc. (In Switzerland) im living in ZH and i know 1 person that is involved in BTC. (Not trading just hodling). Maybe u know something or could organise. Just my thoughts. Merci 😉

  25. are you a buyer at 5'8k ?

  26. Why the world needs distributed ledgers…nuff said

  27. Good comment ??
    BUT everyone here in aust don’t know about crypto currency
    We are left in the dark