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  1. How many different images of bulls and bears can you YouTube crypto people come up with?

    Surely you'll have to start using the same images over and over soon.
    I have to take my hat off to them all for being able to come up with content that isn't really content for so long now.

    Reading internet articles that we can read ourselves isn't content.
    It's like story time illiterate crypto players.

  2. solltest du mal jemanden brauchen, der dir sachen in ps zusammenbastelt, kannst du dich gern bei mir melden 🙂

  3. NYSE owners ICE are about to open a Cryptocurrency exchange mid-November, That includes 'spot' Bitcoin.. That's been news for some while now.

  4. Sunny, stop shilling that Bitmex. You know very well that Bitmex is manipulating the market.

  5. They want bitcoin because the reset is coming. Everyting will crash and people will rush into the cashless society which is cryptos. Welcome to globalism.

  6. Crypto is worthless outside of an instrument to bet on. People who were going to buy it already did and nobody else needs it as it has no use.

  7. Veros has now launched their cool-looking Wallet (Android) – https://twitter.com/Veros_currency

  8. Illegal in US …just like CFD 's (Contracts for Difference )

  9. Jesus Christ, don't give a damn about Bloomberg Fake News paper

  10. There was a beautiful time and that time is over. Bitcoin will go to 20k only if wall street wants, and not the people like last years. STOP trading on bitmex!! money slavery is over and that's why I choose for bitcoin CASH. The other bitcoin with the old Satoshi Nakamoto vision that sett us FREE..

  11. No retail going to touch this now.

  12. Bitcoin to 100k!!!!!

    or bitcoin to zero!!!!

    or bitcoin to… the same.

    Anybody else done being manipulated?

  13. so does it mean I didn't get the moneybabd girl and hooters and company will leave me alone? please say yes