Where Is Bitcoin Heading? Ethereum Technical Analysis | Jeff Bezos, The Richest Man Alive

Bitcoin Technical Analysis & Bitcoin Information At the moment: What is the bearish state of affairs within the Bitcoin worth? I am going to use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin worth to make a Bitcoin worth prediction. Additionally, I am going to do some EThereum technical evaluation and speak in regards to the Bitcoin and Ethereum dominance over the cryptocurrency market. Furthermore, does Jeff Bezos personal a cash printing machine? Effectively, sort of… Watch the video to be taught extra!

1:22 The Massive Image
5:02 What Is A Bear Flag?
7:44 Ethereum
11:11 Q&A
12:28 Amazon & The Cash Printing Press

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    1:22 The Big Picture
    5:02 What Is A Bear Flag?
    7:44 Ethereum
    11:11 Q&A
    12:28 Amazon & The Money Printing Press

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  2. wow… I guess instead of crypto, I should have bought Amazon.

  3. Price is manipulated at 6250 to 6300 Level.
    So many Interrupted Red Candela everytime we reach critical prices and so many fast pumps.
    If people were really so optimistic Like the Action in this range looks Like price would not fall down so often fast to 6250
    Everytime the price fails sulerclose to bild lower lows in this Region.

  4. 14:11 omg 11 million an hour and we have people/children starving to death in this world and this clown stands up like proud of himself

  5. it's not bear flag or descending wedge it seems like Descending Broadening Wedge which also bearish cause it has tiny bull target

  6. Thanks for posting. what's your opinion on the current dogecoin manipulation?

  7. I would be trillionare too it I had access to $ at 0% interest rate

  8. AMAZON looks like a Hyperwave to me. Almost time to short!

  9. Doesnt look like a bear flag- Think you mean a descending wedge

  10. Amongst other things that you have taught me, you have shown me how I was wrongly reading certain divergences, and how I was often wrongly reading flags. Thank you Carl!!!

  11. That Amazon stock is primed for a crash. Nothing goes straight up forever.

  12. Thanks for the video Carl, interesting last part.

  13. I went to a link from the coinbase website and they have a thing called "bounty hunting".. I don't know what it means but it sounds strange. I think vitalic is trying to crash etherium. He joked about the future of etherium replacing eos and it didn't seem like a joke

  14. GBTC has led the market and printed a new low… IMO we're going to new yearly lows across all exchanges!

  15. Is it possible the entire downtrend from februari till now is a bullflag?

  16. Is coinbase going to put a bounty on jeff besos?

  17. Hi Carl problem with ema ribbon is it’s a catch-up indicator in hindsight it looks great to use to trade but in the moment it’s not as clear and I would try to stay away from many indicators as they are not reliable and should only ever be used to back up trends. The best way to chart imo is to have blank charts with no indicators and just use the trend lines and look for patterns. Also regarding amazon stock price I would not trust the price if you remember not to long ago Tesco was caught cooking there books with the help of PWC so manipulation happens in all markets

  18. The real question is … where will all the money from the FAANG stocks (Facebook Amazon Apple Netflix Google) will move when their bubbles finaly pop ? They are ALL in a bubble state!

  19. I love your analysis
    do u think eth will break ath again?

  20. How can u say printing money, its american an other investors buying stock, its not the united states buying the stock, its investors money, no printing involved

  21. Hey Carl can you teach us Fibonacci retracement?

  22. its not just because of the money
    its also because of the neoliberal doctrine

    it is insane and disgusting that one man owns that much money and that there is such a gap between the CEO and the workers. a healthy gap would be 1 to 10 (which it was at some point)
    most of the world companies today are 1 to 300
    but amazon it's almost 1 to 1000000

    people have the right to be angry
    specially in the conditions the amazon workers are working
    you don't get closer to being a slave

  23. Your analysis is interesting. But… with the global market cap, the low points are always lower. Conclusions are different… no?

  24. Congratulations on the 50 patreons!

  25. how was your soccer match 🙂 ? Greetings from germany !

  26. Time to make Trillionairs by 2020?! Only with wealth transfer

  27. Even if I could make more money speculating on eth at some point (doubtful), I wouldn't do it. Its value proposition is spammy smurfs (cat dapps ) and laying the foundation for more and more shit coins. Let the distractions die.

  28. I would add the US taxpayer is fueling large corporations like Amazon with billions in tax breaks every year helping to offset employee wages and thus saving / making Bezos even more money. It is crony capitalism and not free market.

  29. I hope he puts some of that money towards the protection of the Amazon jungle. I doubt it though…

  30. You know what's fucking with me? The fact that you can do margin trades & profit whenever bitcoin goes down. So with that, how the fuck can we tell if bitcoin is actually going to go down when it's supposed to lol

  31. are you stupid , bezos made amazon he deserve the money , if i come to your house and tell you you don't deserve your crypto money and i take half of it how do you feel about it after

  32. I don’t know if it’s me. But has anyone notice everytime bitmain changes its prices on antminers the market ends down.. for the last few months bitmain prices have been dropping.. and after there prices drop about a day later the market goes to a new low prices.. like today I notice bitmain antminer s9j price at 361 from 388.. and right after that the makers went down.??

  33. bitcoin going up to 10k+ very soon

  34. The Rothchilds are Trillionaires. Bezos is poor compared to them

  35. It's bearish and anyone who don't think so don't know charts at all

  36. That fabricated Fiat is why I buy Bitcoin to make more Fiat …you can't buy Bitcoin without Stone cold cash ..and me and probably 50% of the people in cryptocurrencys have goals to earn more Fiat

  37. What do you think about how the last several months have followed nearly exactly the same movements precisely as in 2014?

  38. Hi, love your vids! What are your thoughts on us approaching Bitcoins macro trendline (as seen on the weekly chart) that was established in 2016-17? Shouldn't that still hold significance?

  39. I have a question for you Carl 🙂 In many video's you (like many others) express your concerns – not to say your expectation – that sooner or later the dollar will collapse. My question is : how can you (like many others) be so positive about stable coins, being backed by the dollar ? So, if the dollar collaps, what would that mean for the stable coins and what would be the effect on bitcoin and all the other crypto's ?

  40. Would love to see u live someday Carl.

  41. It's not amazing. Amazon actually does something. Crypto does nothing. Crypto is only a number on a computer screen.

  42. If you really want to gain a method to generate btc you just have to search for " pranaholistico bitcoin " in Google or Yahoo. I hope its not patched already.