Bitcoin Price Recovery after several Bullish News!?


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  1. Thanks Sunny always giving us the what’s needed info

  2. In my opinion, sorry to say but a bubble is a bubble, and the crypto market is the biggest bubble in history, BY FAR !… Be prepared for the worst but hope for the best.

  3. best thing tether should do now its to exchange all tether into BTC and hold that BTC for them (they help us & they help them selfs also )

  4. They are getting ??‍♂️
    Over the counter buying doesn’t affect market price.. bots do.

  5. Bitcoin to 5300 this week . Over

  6. it is called V I D E O not viddo.

  7. 2014 market repeat! No bull market until 2022. Bitcoin is heading downhill slowly to 4000 middle 2019 then uptrend.

  8. I just get dishonest vibes from this guy

  9. I changed all my ethereum into xrp 10k xrp baby, lets gooooo

  10. Information for the masses vs Information for the classes

  11. Havent you been in crypto long enough to know that BTC doesn't give 2 shits about news??

  12. Hey Sunny, you might consider installing Brave Browser. It would allow me to send you some payments every time I watch your videos.

  13. They will drain the market till it isnt much of interest to them anymore like before. then we all wait for the next hype over about two years

  14. What’s now Sunny ☀️ you’re asking fucking nothing till next year (you should know how this is work) subscribe to the channel and see you in next episode

  15. Repent, sell everything you have and return to Bitcoin.

  16. Spare the T/A just give me the positive news

  17. forgive me if im wrong but even if Tether did turn out to be a scam …. Its only $2B, bitcoin is 109 B …………thats less then 2%

  18. Guys, we are going to break major support and market structure and head (temporarily) down, don't fall into this bull trap!

  19. There is no such thing as a stable coin. Fools are going to get burnt believing that nonsense.

  20. I like that last picture from teh girl shopping with her watch. That is the reality in china. I lived there 6 years and you can not imagin how far they are with cashless payments. I payed even my rent with Wechat App which is amazing. You go to a store and just show your QR Code and BAM done. Next customer. And not that annoying cash searching in your old wallet.

  21. I think it is amazing for us really great opportunity with it I am very glad to see it >

  22. That's a bear flag on daily candles.volume suck to

  23. Sunny Gunbot has had some major upgrades recently, might pay to look into that also?

  24. Sunny, if you want to be an investor and trader, that's great. You can make a good living. I just wouldn't limit myself to cryptocurrency. There are stocks, forex, mutual funds, and futures. Bitmex is a powerful tool if you a very good trader, but it's still a Wild West market. It isn't regulated by a government. Bitcoin has been in a descending triangle formation all year. This is bearish. Bitcoin could have a 40% correction below $5000. Don't get caught losing half of your asset value or more because you are stuck on one asset class.

  25. BTC goes to 1k but nobody wants to admit it, accept it: we are in the deny

  26. I see you use ublock origin add on. Excellent program to stop tracking and pop ups/adverts etc. ?

  27. alt coins are not real money

  28. If you need to grab an effective way to grab Bitcoin you simply have to lookup " bitcoin pranaholistico " in google. I hope its not patched already.

  29. Man you are so fucking right @ 3:50 about banks and cypto, and what you point out is very very serious, but you do not highlight that or give the proper time for this subject.
    That's very serious and most people seem to ignore the dangers of the impact and the domino effect that centrlized cryptocurrencies hide.