The Ease Of Bitcoin Manipulation, Bitcoin ETF “Will Happen” And FunFair Announces Launch

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  1. When the SEC does accept any ETFs the people who are waiting to get in will already be left behind.. I honestly think its coming VERY VERY soon, before 2019. My gut says the September 30th decision will be approved.

  2. It shocks me too. People hand over their rights to politicians all the time. They just give them!

  3. Think about it like this., when the "powers that be" have a predetermined answer that they want, they will then manufacture the perfect question. In this case the answer they wanted was "because it's so easily corruptible." The manufactured question became "why is crypto being manipulated." You see how that works. Create the answer before you have the question.

  4. Universal Basic Income is needed right now. I've been following basic income guarantee progress for a few years now, someday we will win.

  5. i have never had any issues with banks, i was mugged last week and the guy took 500 out of my account, the bank put that money back into my account the next day. Never had an issue on 40 years, we have a tax for a reason i think these idiots wants us to go back to the stone age

  6. The Goldman sax news was not the manipulation, it was the "cover" for the manipulation, allesio restani did video about how irrelevant "news" is last week, the manipulation was there for all to see and good traders like crypto Kirby and Carl at the moon used ta to take advantage of it perfectly, i don't think long term holders lose out because of this, more so the inexperienced traders

  7. Just to clarify the Goldman sax news was Not the Cause of the crash it was the Explanation

  8. At the end of the day most people lack Integrity and that is why the World is in a state of chaos.

  9. Nothing gets done without the approval of the big banks. Only one rule in Capitalism ' Profits are more important than people' also the only rule the banks play by, so better get used to it.

  10. My introduction to Bitcoin was a 5 hour meeting privately with Andreas Antonopolus, so from what I have been studing for the past two years on a Daily basis, is that the Cancer is already spreadded, so just chill, they are already infected, and there is no way for them to change things now.

    So, as a simple conclusion, Strap on Your Seat Belts and ENJOY THE ROLLER COSTER RIDE

  11. It amazes me that you're willing to scream manipulation but refuse to accept ta when all the TA people have been saying it was going to go down within days if not hours of it actually going down. 50% of people do fundamental analysis 50% of people do technical analysis so if 50% of the people believe one thing and then a few more people join in it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy not manipulation

  12. 99k subs ??. Also manipulation and greed is unreal in crypto. Dont fomo because its a mo fo. Keep on stacking them coins.

  13. The bastards shorted and they made a huge amount of money and then they come out with this lame excuse. MANIPULATION.

  14. If the majority of people were as nice as you and invested in the crypto market, what a wonderful market it would be.

  15. Sorry if this was already posted below. My understanding is Coinbase listed those particular coins as they feel the SEC has basically already ruled them as pure cryptocurrencies and not securities. That's why it takes them forever to list a new coin. My GUESS is that they try their absolute best to get an early answer from the commission about certain coins. Of course new guy at SEC could just lower the barrier to entry for accreditation and allow basically anyone to participate in private securities etc. Greed begets greed–they gonna want that average Joe money too! But of course it will roll out as "we're on the common mans side". Another topic for another day haha

  16. I’m cheering for more of these. Hoping to see it pushed down to $3000.

    If you’re buying this brilliant technology for sound money and monetary sovereignty daily price moves mean nothing.

    Average down position sizing on these flash sales.

    Once market cap begins to reach multi trillions, price will stabilize.

    Buy when there’s blood in the streets and hodl.

    This is a once in a 100 year event!!!

    Thank you MI for all the time you give the community.

  17. Ok we understand it, we cannot change it, so we gotta play with the big boys, so whats our game plan guys how can we profit from this

  18. This is the war of the banks on crypto. It will get even more interesting.

  19. It's not that easy to crash the market you must have 74 million dollars to make a price move like that

  20. also if people do what they say they're going to do and have it as an investment or a long-term investment they shouldn't be looking at these small price fluctuations on a day-to-day basis and maybe getting on the lower part of the market which is around now and then wait till the bull market is almost over and sell near the top… PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE

  21. I say let the prices fall a little bit more so we can accumulate more

  22. Also crypto is going to be a 10 trillion dollar market and I would guess that once the market hits 2 trillion it will be much harder to manipulate prices normal folk like us have to position ourselves in such a way that when these big whales get everything set up and want to make the big money we will be making money right alongside them

  23. You're upset that big money and greed has got into crypto? If you thought this was going to be a Utopia of equality and fairness you're very mistaken. We don't live in a world of rainbows and butterfly's and thinking that the 1% don't call the shots is naive and unrealistic.

  24. Why aren't the hackers targeting these manipulators instead of normal everyday investors?!

  25. The reason the market is easily manipulated is because of market cap vs money in the world. And if you think this thing hasnt been manipulated since 2017, you gotta be shitting yourself. If this is true for you consider yourself uninformed. You spend so much time analysing news yet youre interpreting it from a prespective that "bitcoin and most cryptos are "unmanipulatable"..wrong.

    Truth is, big money(institutional investors/banks have been trying to drive THE WHOLE MARKET down, and has been scheming to do so, since 2016-early 2017. If this is surprising you are uninformed. These guys are terrified of BTC and crytpo, its almost like they do not exist and they know it, cant really do anything about it because people want it, so they try and control it..which means in a society that is still evolving that values sharing over individual wealth it will be tough times ahead for at least the next 3-4 years.

    Teeka tiwari has kickass content crypto wise. And hes more or less spot on with a lot of his assessments of how he thinks the space will look in the near future, not advertising fuck all or providing links just know from my own exp from watching this guy has brains.

    Money is the idea of value, and value is evolving from something physical to something digital, only physically seen on a screen. Next thing value will evolve to is the remembering of humanity that it only truly exists in terms of skills and abilities you provide to community/life/evolution/ ……this will not be a number or something measurable/comparable with the way people think of themselves and their life.

  26. Not everyone is smart enough or disciplined enough to figure out good investments and get rich. Hopefully, we are but I wouldn’t worry about the doubters and haters bc they will always be there.

  27. BITCOIN VS ALTCOINS When uncupeling is compleet bitcoin is lost

  28. Your rant comes from a good place. But most humans are easily manipulated by the powers that be. I realized a long time ago that I cannot convince everyone to hold let alone accumulate during these dips/periods of consolidation.

  29. Perhaps somehow new could be verified via the blockchain. We'd only accept news as true if it comes from a verified address/source. I don't know, just an idea

  30. If you claim an anonymous source you may say whatever you want without there even being a source.

  31. I hear you man. It is frustrating… I would too like to have a crystal ball just to see how all this will pan out even not being able to change my decisions from seeing the future, just out of curiosity.

  32. This shows how tied the world is to “financial institutions” and “old money” To hell with Goldman Sachs and the institutions. The whole point of crypto is to eliminate centralized institutional control of money and markets, not cling to it. Wake up people and stop listening to crooks like Goldman Sachs. They’re about fiat currency, not digital currency. You think the Central Banking Cartel aren’t using their financial institution hit men to feel this space out? If they have their way they’ll either try to manipulate crypto and if they can’t do that they’ll try to kill it.

  33. I live in Halifax and I've known an employee that has worked there for 1 year. She often didn't like to tell people where she worked because she said her company had "fraud" problems. So it wasn't just a security breach. The company was actually committing fraud and many many of the employees knew about it. Eventually it caught up to them. XRP to the MOON! lol