BITCOIN FALLING!! Rising Wedge Breaking Down! Bears Are Back!

Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Bitcoin Information At this time: Bitcoin is falling proper now. And on this video, I wish to present you why the bitcoin value is falling, or crashing as you would possibly say. I will use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin value to make a Bitcoin value prediction. To know extra in regards to the bitcoin crash right this moment, watch the video!

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  1. I see we finally went through that wedge to get to 6900. Question now is….how deep will it go? Personally I'm hoping it cracks to all hell so the market can fully reset and we can start our next run up. Let's go!

  2. 77 MA held support; check it out!

  3. I love your accent but I can’t place it. Where are you from? I doubt you will answer but I will ask anyway. Btw I absolutely agree with you about your analysis of the banking system. I’m new to your channel so I didn’t see your earlier videos but definitely gonna go check them out. Any advice for a newbie to trading on where to learn more about trading theory and analysis? Like books you recommend maybe.

  4. As I predicted but the bulls will be back once RSI cools down slightly.

  5. I don't think bitcoin is going to the moon just yet…it looks to be going into uranus.

  6. Carl just saved me thousands. I will definately keep watching this video

  7. Don't worry Carl, you didn't sound like a hater of ripple. People who get upset are just insecure about their holding. I have some xrp, but am well aware it was just a gamble..

  8. EMA 21 is supportline! in my opinion

  9. How can bitcoin go up? How it can be? Always then it goes up, you say now need a correction, now will be a correction… and so on so on… so in your logic it cant go up, never.. because always will be a correction state and it goes down.,.

  10. Thanks I love watching your videos everyday. Keep on this way!

  11. I like the way you think, what are your thoughts on feniks finance? Do you think the project is promising?

  12. Btc is slow and has like immense fees mate, think again

  13. Thank you for another great video Carl! ?

  14. Smashed the likes. Short positions hit. I can buy more btc soon 🙂

  15. Carl, don't worry about the XRP lunatics. There's plenty of channels like "Digital Asset Investor" and they are clearly crazy. I mean even if Ripple was to skyrocket to Kazzilion $$$$ they still should not encourage their viewers to just hodl it like an idiot through a 90% fall and just be glad about it (or who knows how much lower it will go).

  16. Dude, u know Ripple is centralised shite. U didn’t have to dig urself out of a hole, just to please bag holders.

  17. Your best video yet. Thumbs up.

  18. Told you basically do the opposite of what this guy says…

  19. You know its a good youtuber when you've got a high viewer/subscriber ratio.

  20. Actually mate interest rates with the fed are going up every single quarter and plan for more next year as well. But back to bitcoin looks like support is around $6800. I think this was a coordinated dump for a possible run up. Its 100% being manipulated.

  21. Are you familiar with "square ups" in trading? could you explain it a bit if you are?. 🙂

  22. 630 philippine time always something happen to btc.. whales are communicating to each other

  23. bro you're just talking in cryptocurrency doesn't have analysis why because Each Altcoin have the same way the Bitcoin and now become clear there's manipulations in Market

  24. Altcoin is a term that will disappear within five years. Not because altcoins will fall, but because Bitcoin will be minor compare to others crypto coins market cap.

  25. There are always 2 opinions about btc and xrp (not Ripple… because that’s a company, which built a great infrastructure around the xrp ledger). There will always be banks and crossborder payments around the globe. And for this xrp is made and will be the standard. Think about the environment! BTC needs too much energy and it is much too expensive for payments. I agree…. btc will maybe used as a storage…. but not more. It’s the first beginning of a crypto currency…. but has no usecase. And that is the most important thing in the future! One day you will read btc in history books… as the „Napster“ of crypto. I strongly recommend you, too learn more about xrp & Ripple…. so you understand what i mean. Anyway…. great videos you make! But the main theme „Bitcoin“ is wasted time. Sorry for saying this clear ??

  26. You were 100% accurate on your FORECAST!!! SHARP 🙂

  27. just change the intro yo lol everything else good, thanks but switch out that opening

  28. jeez, ik carl isn't involved in the crypto gossip, but seriously if Sunny Decree doesn't like him, it makes it pretty obvious to me that sunny is a shill whoo has had one too many protein shakes

  29. Any project that will challenge Bitcoin must be destroyed and bring the value of the token to ZERO!

  30. Love your stuff, as always, Carl. Thanks for the continued value. You are the man!

  31. He looks confused and scared. He knows it's manipulation, and that the people in power have the power to completely destroy bitcoin, before then maybe pick it up. Basically the people in power are doing what Rothschild did back in Waterloo.

  32. every your video is 20 minutes. Man you could shorten it to 5 minutes

  33. Ripple totally different project from xrp!

  34. Hey man I’ve been watching your vids for a while now and although I also do a lot of technical analysis I think you’re a great chart technical analyst, keep up the great work! You make some very valid points about xrp and alts but my personal opinion is there are much greater gains that can be realized from alts then hodling BTC. Although I completely agree with you that BTC is the driver of the entire ALT space and if we can predict BTC price we can essentially predict all the coins prices. In a future I’ll share some of my own predictions with you here for your input. All the best. Nice job keep the good vids coming.

  35. I recommend people watch the documentary called 'The Money Masters' if people want to really understand what money is and how the banking system operates.

  36. I think you should drink more water. ?

  37. You called this drop. Great work.

  38. Keeps saying the video will be short then ends up babbling on nothing for 20 minutes. lol.

  39. Carl, I want to thank you. You have saved me about 14% today as BTC has absolutely been murdered today. I got out just yesterday when realized the bearish divergence in RSI that you pointed out. Looking forward to tomorrow's epic analysis.

  40. i made 0 losses during this fall 🙂

  41. Fiat cryptos will crash sooner or later and fiat currency like bitcoin will crash to its real value zero HODL2ZERO

  42. I was short since First 7k.
    The Wales manipulated the price many time to up side since we reached 6k.
    Now they have seen there is no cheap way to Go higher with this extreme drop, But of course.
    After failing At Just a pont that is Show Ing we are still in the bounce less each time after 6k the Outlook was extreme bearish and all the supporting Wales Just sell instead we will drop to 6k Quick?
    Im short since we reached 7j First time and dropped.

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