XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin Futures, Bittrex Coin Delisting And “99% Chance Of Bitcoin Success”

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  1. he he, The Modern Investor said "douche bag" Thanks for all the great work TMI : )

  2. Almost 100k here comes the play button

  3. Omisego was number 12 one year ago. You still bullish on it?

  4. Hey guys.
    Bit of a burning question here.
    How will the value of XRP rise exactly? Banks are buying and using into the Ripple tech .. not XRP. Secondly I understand the xRapid tech and how revolutionary this is however, surely if Bank A buy XRP from their currency sends it to another country and Bank B buys the XRP back to convert to their currency … doesn’t the value of XRP remain the same then? Isn’t it the same supply and demand ?

    Thank you so much for the help with answers !

  5. I was lamenting the day futures would exist for the top cryptos…

    I don't see how this is a good thing for anyone but the mega rich.

    Do we, the little fish, even have a place now?

  6. Futures are horrible for retail investors in this market. Futures led to the insane market manipulation for bitcoin as it incentives shorting and betting against bitcoins rise.

  7. 10:46 *Bitcoin Gold, not Bitcoin Cash 😀

  8. Any suggestions for an EOS wallet guys? I prefer an open source wallet of course. Waiting for Ledger Nano S support of course.

  9. Great news. Great things to come

  10. // Crypto is absolutely here to stay. The value in it is the security and why the code/addresses/data have a price. The Windows OS is also just code/addresses/data and look at the value it has had to the world and the money it has made. Crypto is NO fad. It is the answer to Internet Vulnerability. You guys are both smart & lucky for your timing and attention to it. //

  11. The Venezuelan crypto already failed, as far as i know nobody is using it, everybody in Venezuela is using Dash and Btc

  12. Dear modern Investor,
    Amazing content- a Life Session will bring us closer to your thoughts ? ?????
    Really the best guy on YouTube next to Julian Hosp!!
    And I say it as an compliment-because this guy makes the world cryptofit✌️?

  13. 1000th dang this channel is growing. Awesome work.

  14. This is why liquid platform should be good

  15. Italy is looking to get out of EU.

  16. That doesn't make any sense. How can they say there is no settlement then proceed to say there is a consecutive 4 hour settlement???

  17. Dogecoin will be the world’s currency by 2020

  18. actually it makes sense:  listing a new coin on an exchange can be detrimental to the exchange itself—-in this case–Bittrex,  so…the exchanges have to not only do their due diligence and evaluate the coin/block-chain, but also request security by means of $$$.     Hell….I sold BTG almost right after receiving it.

  19. If only price could move as fast as your subscribers ? I got in @45k you're almost @100k now.

  20. Modern investor coin to the moon! But let's get through all this news first..

  21. keep up the good work youre almost at 100k

  22. What if the reasoning behind bill gates saying he would short bitcoin is because he knows its mostly held by retail investors who are mostly emotional investors with lack of trading skills and experience ''when moon, when Lambo type people? wow bill gates is such a Genius , why do we keep doubting his Logic????

  23. You should do live stream sometime mate

  24. Great…more ways the banks can get in and short prices and further kill crypto.

  25. The Bittrex delisting…just another reason why we need the crypto space to MOVE into decentralized exchanges ONLY.

  26. When does the xrp futures happen?

  27. When are you going to use chrome?

  28. Where is Vincent Wilson when you need him?

  29. Hey

    I'd donate you some BTC or XRP

    But I'm tryna git rich too!

    Great work tho! ??

  30. A wondeful enlightening 27 minutes, thank you .

  31. Congrats on almost 100k subscribers. I’ve been a fan since about 50k. Great work pays off.

  32. Good reporting as usual.

    But, variable cost of listing particular cryptos is understandable, (a bit like charging different security deposits on renting or loaning to someone you consider may not be able to pay up); it's simply risk management. … Your a trustworthy crypto with clear standing, whereas another crypto is "risky"… Therefore, are you serious to list your crypto; else risking my exchange's reputation.

  33. haha your tangents are awesome

  34. Somebody should tell Naples mayor about a brand new revolutionary crypto called Bitcoin (BTC)! It's crazy but it just might work in their specific case.

  35. Europes isnt collapsing but the EU and neolibs are.