Why NOW Is The Best Time To Buy Bitcoin In All Of 2018!

In this video I assert that now’s the time to be stepping into Bitcoin for the long run. In this video, we’ll focus on Bitcoin, the Bitcoin market, and the Bitcoin technical evaluation that leads me to imagine that we’ve got by no means seen a greater time, nor so I believe we are going to sooner or later see a greater time to put money into Bitcoin!

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*I’m not a monetary adviser, this isn’t monetary recommendation. I strongly encourage all to do their very own analysis earlier than doing something with their cash. All investments/trades/buys/sells and so forth. needs to be made at your personal threat with your personal capital.*

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  1. I don't think people were freaking out nearly enough. The real FUD is yet to come when the bottom resistance breaks.

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  3. Aaaaaand DUUUUMP! Big ol' red dildo. There's the whales taking up all the money. I'm fine though. I sold my last bags of bitcoin this morning at 4am on the 5th

  4. Time to buy? Tnx. -5% at this moment….

  5. Big Thanks 4 this bullshit! -450$ until 2 hours and I think price go more down

  6. Today crash was so obvious

  7. To all the haters who think I see no possibility for retracement, I called this pullback perfectly in the video going live today a full 14 hours before the pullback started XD (Live 14 minutes after this edit)

  8. I like you Jebb. But your hunches have been wrong. I watch you for entertainment/) you're smart and you have positive energy… haha, but your predictions keep being wrong. We are going to break the 5700 low. Eth is going to be on a super sale! Licking my chops

  9. I knew this guy was full of shit. Jebb and forflies are always pulling shit out of their asses 😉 Whatever they say most likely do the opposite happens 🙂

  10. 1 day after buy now video. Tanks 1k. ROFL

  11. This shows that People like this guy don’t actually have a clue what they’re taking about. Hopefully nobody took your advice

  12. Your trend lines are screwed up dude. Switch to log. No wonder you're off.

  13. just buy ignition coin and lean back and drink something nice. then sell it in 4-5months and buy a house.

  14. Very bad call .Your cards are all wrong
    It's currently around 3700
    So you are just bla bla bla Sir.