Bitcoin Maximalists are WRONG! – Here’s Why

On this video, I am gonna be explaining in a bit additional element about why I am not a Bitcoin maximalist, and among the flaws that I see of their considering.

That being stated, I’m nonetheless a Maximalish – that means I recognise that many tasks on the market are scams, and that Bitcoin is more likely to stay the dominant coin for fairly a while.

Let me know what you assume!

DISCLAIMER: That is NOT monetary recommendation. I’m simply providing my opinions. I’m not liable for any funding choices that you just select to make.

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  1. Scandinavia is doing well because of a relatively more free market economy. Take into account regulation etc rather than just taxes… they're heading into very socialist territory now though so good times won't last

  2. Very reasonable argumentation Louis! I think you might be doing well in other markets. I respect your passion for crypo – I still have it! But the opportunity costs might be high while everybody in crypto is waiting for a new bullrun and new ATHs. To figure out where money is to be made in-between would be recommended.

  3. Louis feeling the Ethereum pain

  4. Hi Louis, I noticed you use a G7X for vlogging, but an external microphone? Is that correct? I didn't know what was possible with that camera.

  5. This video is pretty unclear. But one thing was made clear… Your holding a lot of bags at the moment.

  6. Ahh you and your “flipening” culture. That word sux ass and is delusional.

  7. No one will use dapps… blockchains can’t be efficiently used that way.. get over it

  8. Only one thing serves as money in any community willing to use it as a unit of account/store of value . Bitcoin is digital gold and future world reserve currency/settlement of value. The blockchain buzz lead by eth has only created a crypto bubble of scam shitcoins collecting dump money from unqualified investors who fomo buy these hypes fr possible speculative gains. Bitcoin is the only decentralised , secure and non-censorship resistant blockchain that offers the features of sound money. How many dapps are running on eth or what has been the advantage the numerous ICO tokens to the crypto space or world??? Knowledgeable investors go fr sound money. Hopefully, this bear market will teach altcoiners that bitcoin is king and to invest rightly.

  9. Bro can I be honest and say, ya gotta up your production style dog. The lighting in the selfie stick is an atrocity. if you want people to follow you please please get a stylist and or some kind of makeover. Datadash used to look like a twat, but he upped his style game. You could stand with some humor. But I really want to listen to your content, but I just can't get through it. It's time to up your game right now please thank you.

  10. First time watching the video.
    Would you kindly sit down and talk to us?
    Go take a leak before your next video.

  11. You haven't really grasped how it works. Besides geeks and nerds, the general population doesn't give a fig about how money works under the hood or about having an array of "security tokens" to choose from. Just like most of us with brains don't give a fig what the scenery looks like in the background of your videos. You only imagine people care. In reality, it's an outrageous, bloody pain in the ass to have to exchange one particular fiat for another when traveling abroad. And if my monitor burns out and I can only 'hear' your videos, I'm like: "Shit I need a new monitor." not "Oh no, now I can't see all the pretty waves!" The truth is that all money is really a progression toward one single – first global, then probably galactic medium of value transfer. I hope you learn that lesson by reading and thinking about it rather than the hard way 😉

  12. BTC Feb low on a 1 day chart, 7k usd, price now ~6.5k usd.
    ETH Feb low on a 1 day chart 700 usd, price now ~200 usd.
    You do the math, im not saying eth is shit, but it was overvalued even at 400 usd.
    Alts are fun, but only when the market goes up, anyone holding alts since feb not just parking in btc should be able to sign that.




  16. no man i'm sorry, the all blockchain idea works only with a sound money token as base , and all will converge to the best one sound money, so no sense to create a new blockchain for propriety (real estate), just put the propriety linked to Bitcoin

  17. Again. You are a pleb, because you don't run a node. If you want to be a first class citizen you need to run a full node. You can't run an Ethereum full node (and fully sync it), because it is a technological piece of crap.

  18. Btc is useless in its present state.

    Its slow, high fee and consumes a lot of energy.

    There's a better altcoin out there hint hint. (altcoin) ?.

  19. You come really real across! I like the video – thank you!

  20. If you are massive believer in Bitcoin project, which would be a Bitcoin SYSTEM and not just this crypto still calling itself Bitcoin which has long gone into DIFFERENT project completely (Lightning) then you should be supporter and promoter of Bitcoin Cash and not this SegWit crap BTC. Because you still refer to BTC as Bitcoin, this project you speak of, which is defined in the Bitcoin white paper, you show you don't know much about Bitcoin at all as if you think something is this Bitcoin project just because it uses the same name, you don't understand that Bitcoin project at all.

  21. Idiots are always certain about everything while intelligent people are full of doubts

  22. Bitcoin is dead in ~7 years. Chips will have enough qBits then to put all the Bitcoin that hasn't been moved since dec 2011 back in circulation. (Around 15% of supply)