Bitcoin Heading to $50,000 or $1,300? – Be Mentally Prepared for Both

I feel it is actually vital that folks ensure they’re mentally ready for a extreme multi-yr bear market to keep away from any sort of emotional capitulation and promoting off prematurely.

Whether or not such a bear market really realises is irrelevant. What issues is being ready to take care of such an occasion.

DISCLAIMER: That is NOT monetary recommendation. I’m simply providing my opinions. I’m not accountable for any funding selections that you simply select to make.

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  1. Didn't really get the point of the video. I listened by couldn't get the point. Can anyone summaries what he said into 1 sentence?

  2. The blockchain technology build out is going exponential. It is moronic to think it will be years before some kind of price recovery.

  3. 379 like with 0 dislikes – now that's impressive!

  4. Demand exceed supply at 3k so no chance of 1k

  5. What Camera/Mic do you use to record videos?

  6. All fuders must slap themselves when BTC the king smash through its ATH,I am 1000% sure Bitcoin will not go at that ridiculously low level which you said to be prepared for,ADA BULL RUN APPROACHING AS WELL,not tomorrow but sooner than imagination but not According to your perception and this bear market will kick you out too fudder,so s the f up and go play ping pong you noob

  7. Segwit is going to zero guaranteed. Bitcoin cash is going to actually scale with tokens and replace ethereum all at the same time. Literally no other crypto currency even has a chance. The original bitcoin was built for the long game from day one. Just needs parallelisation for mempool transmission to get up over 500tps… but currently we're only actually using 3tps… after the optimization we can easily go >50,000 TPS (global scale). It's a done deal.

  8. I reckon we will hit 30k then 2k. A lot of money didn't get out last bull run, people are going to leave in masses when we hit 30k.

  9. Good for you, bro! Cool place in background!

  10. If i read the comments below, I see everybody reads/see the same news.
    Everybody is talking the same. Below 5k, no Yes no Yes Bla Bla….


    It doesnt realy matter till to the end of the next 5 years.
    Thats the point of view…. Not the price in the next 6 month.

    Relax and take it easy.

    Dont Update the Charts all 5 minutes! Switch of that Shit, delete this stupid cmc App, binance etc….
    Relax, go out, meet friends, do sports and drink Beer.

    Crypto will be very very big!
    All you want, will happen.

    But NOT in the next half year.

  11. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange may be a part of this new crop; having shared with CryptoSlate the context of its recently launched institutional-grade digital asset exchange (GBX-DAX) and token-sale platform (GBX-Grid).

  12. Hey are you Still in Sydney?? I'm from North Wales and been living here for a year now. Let me know, would be great to meet you!

  13. Hi Thomas, thank you for sharing your thoughts. You are always very realistic when it comes down to this market and I appreciate this. I would disagree with a price of 1500 dollar per BTC though. I understand that you try to get people emotionally prepared for anything but you have to stay realistic. There's simply nobody I know that would sell a Bitcoin at the price of 1500 dollar (and I'm pretty involved in this world). I know a hell of a lot of people that would buy it for this price though. This is currency of the internet, and it's still early staged. The longer it stays around its current structure, the less likely a price of $1500 is going to happen. We might drop down once more and maybe go to ~$5000, but people will see this as a chance to buy. Even if it would go to $1500, then it will go back up again surely. Bitcoin is something that most people are accumulating. It offers a unique value proposition, and has the entire world as potential users. In my opinion it's something which is going to keep on growing, over time. It's already doing so, besides the price drop from $20k all the way to where it is right now, it's still growing. "The game" is about patience and people that work for money, and put a share of their income in Bitcoin will get excellent returns over time. I don't mean to attack you or your thoughts but it would be nice if you could be a bit more optimistic in your next video 🙂 Just my thoughts about the price and future of Bitcoin.

  14. Dream on people 1.3k never it wont even go back down to 5k anymore..bring on the bull run

  15. Of course it won't go down to 1,300. This is called reverse psychology.. I am willing to put my life saving on bitcoin rather than the casino..

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  17. Even though i lost a good chunk of money, it did give me nerves of steel haha. Cool view!

  18. BTC DECEMBER 2019 20.000 dollars

  19. Neither. 3-5k is probably the lowest, 30k the highest within a year or so.

  20. Why can I not stop looking at your mouth when you talk

  21. Why make a video when you are chomping on gum?

  22. Why would the banks and exchanges let it drop under 5k lol sooooo many would buy.

  23. Stop telling 2 more years and other useless info

  24. Bro I still think you're noob for keeping your money in Ethereum.

    I told you EOS is the future.

  25. There's so many "feel good" videos out there telling people what they want to hear. The truth is nobody knows. Sometimes it's entertaining to watch the old prediction videos.

  26. Where did u get 1.3k number from ? Your ASS?

  27. Good commentary Louis and very nice to warn everyone to adjust mentally for perhaps the long term bear market. Cryptocurrency moved into a bubble owing to over speculation and "Fomo". My view is a bit different than yours. One has to consider what cryptocurrency has accomplished to date since 2009. In nine short years Bitcoin went from a value of .07 cents each to nearly $20,000 each. Even after the Banksters got interested enough to short the market Bitcoin holds at levels between $5,900 and $7,400 presently. The wagons are circling and this is what might be expected. Electronic money is the key to the future. Whether current cryptocurrencies will survive and emerge as leaders is anyone's guess. Will Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash emerge a winner? What will the basis be that chooses the winner in cryptocurrency? To me the Bitcoin trio is not about use or speed. The trio together is a "unit" Bitcoin with BCH as the original Satoshi ideal. All three together (BTC, BCH and BTG) form the gold storage of all currently existing cryptocurrency. For this reason I hold that Bitcoin as a unit will always be a store of value while many other cryptocurrencies will be the transaction tools of the world, valued in Bitcoin rather than Fiat currency. Bitcoin trio or some other cryptocurrency will replace Fiat currencies altogether. Ethereum and EOS, possibly others, will comprise the development of the blockchain. The spoiler still might be the US Government and or Illuminati working against current cryptocurrencies to implement their own electronic money. Eventually there will be one single world currency. We know this from Bible prophecy. Same will lead to the mark of the beast, possibly in very short order. It may take some catystrophic event to kick it all off but gold and silver will eventually be cast into the streets as worthless. Don't believe it? Watch and see. Remember that you saw it here (it is in the Bible, read it for yourself in Revelation). If you don't believe the prophecies in Revelation read all the other Bible prophecies that have come to pass with 100% accuracy to date. Want to hear a few; the Jews would be scattered to every corner of the earth as Israel would fall to captors. Jews would be despised and rejected. The first two temples would be destroyed. Jesus would be born of a virgin via the lineage of David. Jesus would be crucified and rise on the 3rd day. His clothing would be traded by lot. He would die with no bones broken. He would be pierced. The temple curtain would be rent upon His death. The Jews would regain Israel and eventually Jerusalem but not until Jerusalem becomes a cup of trembling to the entire world. Presently Jews are returning to Israel at an alarming rate. 100 different languages are spoken in Israel owing to Jews returning from every corner of the earth! There are hundreds more prophecies that the Bible foretold that all came exactly to pass. Read the Bible and/or Hal Lindsey's book "The Late Great Planet Earth". Then you will know the facts, the evidence and what is coming. Get prepared because time is short! Owing to this time limit I doubt there is time enough left for another "bear" market of many years. Whatever is going to happen will begin to move and shape up very quickly. So be prepared for what is foretold. That is the psychological mindset to prepare for!!!!

  28. $1.3k in 2018 is laughable when ATH was ~20k. BTC won't go below $4.8k absolute worst case unless there is some catastrophic news like Bitcoin protocol hacked or Satoshi dumping his/her/their million bitcoins in the market. Bear market won't last too long, the longest we might have to wait is mid 2019

  29. i just made $28,000 this week, all i do is Win!!

  30. You need to invest in some sunglasses and a hat.

  31. Was interested in the technology but honestly got into the space to make gains during October 2017. The longer I've been around the more I've learned, and the more I've come to understand the blockchain tech. Overall, what being in crypto has taught me is to look at the overall picture. Sure prices might be low now and there is the potential that there will be no bull run at the end of the year, but just do your research, invest in great projects, and see where they'll be by 2020-2025.

  32. Tell us, please, in the next release about ZILLIQA. Yesterday I received coins from their airdrop on Now I'm thinking about when it would be better to sell them. Sell them now or hold on a long term!

  33. Very good video. I dont think we see a bullrun this year, and I think anything above 25k is almost impossible. Even getting above 15k will be very hard. But I hope and believe that we dont need to wait until 2020 for another bull run. Things happen much faster now.

  34. Heading back down so get ur dip money ready

  35. I hope you're enjoying your time in Australia!
    Its interesting to see young people doing the same things I did 25 years ago!
    I have to admit that I actually found Australia very very………very boring!
    Nice beaches and rocks, thats all that Australia has to offer……..nice beaches & rocks!!!
    Have fun man, then get yourself back to the UK and start getting back into some serious crypto trading!!

  36. scariest scenario to most would be a strait $6000 without any move bigger than 1% up or down

  37. mining cost with today DIF is over 7K be realistic leave the stupid no reason or no fact idiots in the space follow miners , and at the end 0 facts in this video , why you even bather to make it ?