Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH ETC Technical Analysis Chart 9/3/2018 by

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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Technical Analysis Chart for 2018

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  1. Great points in the end of the video!

  2. no moral compass please…allocating ressources to their best use, and improving volume and liquidity to price correctly an idea/stock/company is also an important part of our society . Fact is a more free economy leads to people getting more rich at what they like to do, and getting rewards to the contribution they bring to the society. I actually don t believe in TA ( self fullfilling prohphecy) and I value long term fundamental analysis, but speculators such as you are an important part of the ecosystem brining liquidity and volume. good content anyhow!

  3. Like most Canadians, you are a legend Dan. That last perspective shows a lot who we are, and I think exactly the same way you do! Thanks for sharing your work! All the best x Greetings from Brasil

  4. You said I'm waiting for some nice price action on a bull break on the weekly, as if it would be more likely to have a bull break than a bear break. Really ? I personally see 75% chance of bear break, 25% chance bull break. What are your odds please?

  5. In evolution terms, it can be thought that survival of the fittest means that you have to the be the strongest to succeed, but I once read (maybe Dawkins), that the better expression is 'survival of the fitting'… You just have to fit in well to whatever environment you are in. You are right that the current system is set up for certain personality types, and they can fit in easier than others (and then not understand why everyone else cant haha). Awesome snapshot as always, I watch every day – peace from the UK!

  6. the shorts are there in a hidden wall to keep price low, they were not market executed so the trader still has them and does not need to re-buy them in a typical short squeeze setup

  7. I'm watching your videos for some time now, I really don't like to comment too much. But man, everything you said will happen had happen, especially price jump to >7400 after resistance is broken. Wow, I'm really impressed, good job Dan! Keep the good work! 🙂 Can you advice us further, do you think price will reach ~7790 before trend revers itself.

  8. i like the analysis of bitcoin and ethereum
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  9. tron and btc big … men 🙂

  10. OMG that rant on final part … LIKED

  11. Hello everyone! How is your portfolio looking today ? or ?? – Cryptopiece

  12. I like ur higher perspective

  13. Thanks for sharing your personal view points. I love being good at clicking buttons and at the same time, I love participating in the physical world growing micro greens 🙂

  14. Heh dude. Love your leaving comment. As a Math graduate, I could have made a boat load in the markets …. instead, inspiring youngsters to love math is very rewarding. Still, I doubt theres a teacher who doesnt think about the other life they could have led had they not ignored their greed. Watching you helps keep the debt collectors at bay – love your work brother!

  15. Good video – Litecoin breaking up as you said!

  16. Which broker do you use to trade MJ? thanks!

  17. Good Technical Analysis right there sir, hope to see some bumping for these coins. I hope you make some technical analysis about Staker Token which I personally think will pump soon together with bitcoin. But I can't actually predict the closest outcome of this coin without the skills in technical analysis. All I know is Staker Token is one of a kind token because it has a Proof-Of-Stake feature under the smartcontract of Ethereum and also this token is properly managed by the devs. The non-stop development we can see in the project is really amazing. They currently doing some features that will eventually turn the around the smartcontracts token. Staker is the king of token of the year.

  18. Turn the damn intro down

  19. How would wash trading increase the short interest? They would be opening shorts, but would also be closing them in a case of wash trading no?

  20. DUDE! I'm 23 seconds in – you need to work on your audio levels! Your intro is 5x louder than your content.

  21. Love your psylosophical words but just one remark on that issue you mention, society 'values' people that can push buttons on the right time but where i live, that kind of 'job' is looked down on, cause you dont 'produce' anything or something like that, dont understand it to be honest, could be out of jealousy too imo…

  22. That intro music is WAY too loud.

  23. Intense: especially if you are new to charts: thanks, thought the message at the end was awesome mate!

  24. This was my first time watching this channel, Great video! Cool dude.

  25. Nice video! Great analysis, You should do more about crypto thingy. You can check about new Next Proof-of-Stake Smart Contract Token on Ethereum platform. It’s based on the ERC20 Token Standard and implements all standard methods. Again thumbs up for this!

  26. The best introduction you have made so far. I hope you have a demo and evaluation of the Staker Token project

  27. Thank you very much for your sharing. This knowlege is very helpful for me and also other people who are learning about trading. Beside, how do you think about Ethereum and tokens which using Etherum platform? I saw there are many ERC20 token scam, but I know there is a token which also using ERC20 platform but it is a unique token, which has proof – of – stake, that is STAKER TOKEN. Have you ever heard about Staker? If it is possible, I would like to see your video about this token.

  28. Hi Dan been watching you for a while I trade on Binance and was wondering if you could explain the three lines green blue and purple,I think,and what they are called? Thx Glenn

  29. nice clear presentation thanx

  30. Excellent video presentation, brilliant insights and technical analysis. Thanks for this TheChartGuys. I guess 2018 has been a great challenge to the crypto market itself after hitting all-time-high records by the late 2017 and going down low this year, I still have high hopes on the market itself that it may recover sooner. Also I found new promising coin to invest this year named Staker, this features a POS smart contract token on ethereum platform. I guess this project has a lot potential to succeed in the years to come.

  31. break…. yea break yo bank. love how these guys think they can invest with charts lmfao

  32. Great look for this big coins! Try checking out staker token

  33. Smart analysis, and great points are made in this video. I enjoyed watching your charts. If you find yourself with a few free minutes. Take a quick look at the STAKER Token project. I think you will be impressed enough to mention them in one of your videos.

  34. this video is great and very informative. thank you so much. Staker token is a Proof-of-Stake smart contract under etherium platform, staker token have a ongoing airdrop now.

  35. My first time to watch your video, since im not a trader, cant really understand well but i will try to get back on this when i decide to learn trading. For now, i am doin this thing called airdrop , staker token , a smart contract pos token currently running an airdrop please take a look

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