Bitcoin to $98,000? Ethereum DELAYED, Ice Age Explained

New report on the complete crypto business ahs come out predicting Bitcoin to rise to $98,000 whereas Ethereum upgrades are delayed pushing the ice age additional.


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Good Morning Crypto!

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Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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  1. Welcome back old friend. Missed my "Good Morning Crypto" in the afternoons.

  2. Privacy is very needed for business. Unless you want the all world to know who are your clients, your sales and your salary.

  3. Cool banker list, not interested

  4. The Satis group do all this "very sophisticated analysis" that will baffle most people BUT at the same time make an unfounded prediction that privacy coins will be in great demand. Is it just me or does this make any sense at all?

  5. Thanks for video – agreed with a lot of you’re views re privacy though I think they're also building privacy on Bitcoin/Litecoin network! Also I see Litecoin doing well as a complement to Bitcoin! Litecoin probably can't survive without Bitcoin, but I see Bitcoins use case as being enhanced through Litecoin's secure secondary decentralised network!

    See Bitcoin advocate and Litecoin creator Charlie Lee quote below from his twitter feed a few weeks ago

    LN with atomic swap makes Litecoin effectively Bitcoin's sidechain, but with much better security via decentralized PoW mining compared to federated/merge mining of regular sidechains. Value can move across chains seamlessly to take advantage of LTC's faster/cheaper onchain txns.

  6. I'm sure your content is awesome but you could work a bit on the accent .

  7. Smashing the LIKES Ivan ! Do not underestimate dApp platforms like Ethereum !

  8. Bitcoin Private is the “real Bitcoin”…. ??

  9. Swedish people don’t want “terrorism & money laundering”, but they will let thousands of terrorists into their country every year? Then give them free stuff?

  10. Great to see you live again Ivan!

  11. The report is not about different use cases valuation. It's about monetary value. As an ico advisory firm, they aren't very positive on most icos. I think they are correct It's no use to use icos as a money storing vehicle for the mid and long term.

  12. If you lived in argentina you'd care for privacy coins. Look outside sweden!

  13. Here's a Sub for you doing a future video on Enjin and their tech.

    I hope you can also get that Heart guy to speak critically of it so we can get a brutal non-shillish opinion.

    I'm guessing he'd be hard pressed to find much negative to say. Unlike the interview he gave on Iota. Which was hilarious xD

    And did he keep calling you Doug?…

  14. Why would Bitcoin go up while Ethereum goes down?

    Are they maximalists?

    I'm no Eth shill. Actually, after the initial DAO Fiasco circa 2015 I was all over the place telling everyone to run.

    But they seem to have gotten their shit together and now they're the number one platform for creating new tokens. And some of them (very few) are very good. Even better than Bitcoin.

    Bitcoin is almost irreconcilably broken. All the hash power is centralized in the hands of a couple of billionaires out in China. It's not even a DLT anymore. And hasn't been for years.

    It's more of a database which pretends to be distributed. The fact that a single malefactor could inject a line of code into the single biggest mining pool and successfully push a 51% attack is reason enough to say that the platform is untrustworthy.

    That the core engineers can't arrive at a consensus and have been unable to do so for almost a decade is another bad omen.

    I think this chart should be modified to show that Bitcoin will either remain stagnant or depreciate in value. It's contributed nothing for years and is only still around because of the network effect having its way on people naive to this branch of science.

    Btc has no inherent value, is slow, expensive to operate, is hypercentralized, and corrupted.

    As though Satoshi himself knew this would happen and wrote the code to ensure that BTC would have to inevitably step down in the future as the worlds defacto global cryptocurrency.

    It's unfixable. Don't let that discourage you. The first iteration is always the worst. Or else we'd all be flying in biplanes today.

  15. 23:06

    You're talking about Enjin Coin, but don't say the name…

    Would be a good bump for the livestream you're doing about Enjin 30 minutes from now.

  16. Would love to hear you interview David Schwartz from Ripple. Love it or hate it, the XRP news is pretty exciting right now.

  17. Awesome video! As Always! You truly have the most informative crypto based youtube channel.

    Bring some POT! or people won't believe you! LOL

  18. this is so problematic everybody want to be free…..

    i came back today cus i found a video clip of Ivan doxxing all the EOS block producers with first and last name on their skype convo 😀
    good content, now put this "pressure" on EXCHANGE owners….
    If they want wild west deal with it

  19. It's correct to say that kids better feel gaming crypto assets then grown up people. To understand something you got to be at least 16 or 17 years old (except real geniuses). BTW thumbs up, as always.

  20. Proof of Tan hahahahahha

  21. The channel I ever love "Ivan On Tech"

  22. Predictions are predictions meaning it may happen or not. But as Ivan said whats interesting is the reasoning behind it. I do not really believe any of these predictions. Its just nice to hear for me. But it doesn’t affect my decisions in adding investments or not.

  23. $BTC keeps pausing and consolidating at every previous level. Nothing moves in a straight line, and it's healthy to slowly grind away at shorts and skeptics.

  24. Dear shorts. If $BTC pops up above 8000, this point where you short from actually becomes the new floor. Price is almost up 25% from lows. Shorts keep trying to point to every 1% down move like the up run is over. Nothing has changed since 5800 held. So many skeptics trying to double down now.

  25. Ivan, privacy is extremely impotant in bitcoin or other cryptos! Not just decentralization, but privacy is also fundamental. (On your other show you mention India's government crypto coin, and what that really means!!)
    You have a lot of followers, Ivan. You can't emphasize enough the importance of privacy! (And of decentralization, of course!). I look forward to seeing you educating your audience on this point: PRIVACY!

  26. This is the dumbest report ever. Crypto doesn't go down in value. Why are you not shitting on this?

  27. Except, you know… regular old CASH is almost completely private. In fact, so much so that it's harder for governments to track cash than most privacy coins. This is why criminals are now reverting back to cash en masse. Perhaps in the future, there will even be a bigger “black market” for good old gold and silver because of it, with different techniques of proofing it. Perhaps it will even see a rise in untraceable gold certificates.

  28. Yay, the report was realistic about platform coins. The top 20 is riddled with BS that simply fuels a bubble that only hurts the space and adoption.
    Hopefully use-case for platform coins can be something not "intra-crypo" and actually provides value to the world.

  29. Ivan what di you think of xinfin? It is a hybrid blockchain built on ethereum and quorum.

  30. Ivan! Review Lisk! I think Lisk has the most potential to solve the mentioned problems. CHECK IT OUT!

  31. Thanks for explaining the clickbait even though I still hate it… good analysis, I think ETH will will the long game but next 2-3 years will be interesting.

  32. All Blockchain 4.0 is using Proof of Tan consensus ??

  33. Great to have you back. If you are an old fart then I must be ancient at 50 yrs old. I have introduced crypto to my sons and nieces and nephews and yes, they do get it, whereas their parents are more sceptical about crypto's future usefulness.

  34. This three days few weeks trading with Mr. Roland charon trade signals, i must confess it has been an amazing trading experience. i make less than $150,000 a week trading with his signals.

  35. How can you say that people don't care about privacy, when every other news headline is bashing facebook and google for using our data?

  36. "I'm using click bait for the betterment of the world"!

  37. Using clickbait for betterment of the world.!!!! Smash the likes

  38. POH. proof of homeless.thats what this markets doing to me.

  39. There is nothing wrong with clickbait as long as there is useful content to watch.

  40. hey Ivan have you heard of 0xbitcoin? It's a mineable PoW ERC918/ERC20 token on the ethereum main net

  41. Last year young ETH boys with little experience in computer science were talking about replacing Bitcoin by end of the year 2018. Today, ETH is fighting for its own survival.

  42. I think as global finance insiders get more involved in cryptocurrencies they will realize the potential of privacy coins to outperform agreements with third party island nation banks used as tax havens. That is where these finance analysts probably see the growth coming from

  43. 13:08 – You basically saying: "I like to click bait people with misleading titles so they want to watch"

    Nice one.