Will Bitcoin (BTC) Moon This Weekend?! – Crypto Market Technical Analysis & Cryptocurrency News


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Will Bitcoin (BTC) moon this weekend?! Let’s focus on this and a few cryptocurrency buying and selling technical evaluation + present information matters on in the present day’s video!

? Let’s get this crypto!

Disclaimer: The content material lined on this video/dwell stream is NOT funding recommendation. I’m NOT a monetary adviser. These are solely my very own private opinions, concepts, charts, technical evaluation, insights, information and value predictions. At all times do your individual analysis and solely make investments solely based mostly by yourself findings and private judgement. Deciding to put money into and/or purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or every other sort of cryptocurrency is extraordinarily excessive danger and may crash at any time! This video/dwell stream is only for leisure functions solely!

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  1. Happy Friday Kirby. Great video. Let’s hope that Jaaaaaames at the water cooler buys in before the savage weekend of mooning crypto. Get that crypto. Moon the likes people.

  2. Thanks Kirby. hahah my two yr old just heard you say "JAAAMEs at the water cooler" and she said "its Mickey Mouse" lol

  3. Vertcoin vertbase realise 1 sep whil moon

  4. I FOMOed in today…F it. It will eventually go a lot higher if it goes lower in the short term

  5. Ooooowwwwhat is going on my friends…one of great intros of crypto videos

  6. ive memorised the intro at this point. i say it along with you every time. iconic

  7. my 5th time asking….who is james?

  8. Kirby, the type of guy to slam his table after every delicious pizza bite he takes

  9. If it was going to Moon based off of futures expiring, it would have mooned already. (Which it sort of did)

  10. We would hit the descending triangle trend line at about 7550 so i would not expect it to go past that but it is a good short entry perhaps

  11. Man, you were right. BTC just pumped to 7,035! Good job!

  12. It’s funny how the moon is now 7500.

  13. Ohhh Kirby! When Moon? When Lambos! Smash up those likes Ladies & Gentleman, Tick the little bell & lets get this Crypto!

  14. hey Kirby thanks for the update was looking forward to it…just 1 question ..what about the cup and handle you were mentioning a few days ago in regards to where we are now…? cheers! glad i came across your channel you are helping my learning curve greatly … i am thankful and grateful 🙂

  15. Peace and love! Right on again! Thanks.

  16. i've been chilling at rekt city eating burnt grandma cookies

  17. Crypto Kirby here *slabs table

  18. Bots could just wreck the whole thing over the weekend

  19. Ohh Kirby, you hold to mutch focus on bitcoin.. dont forget altcoins

  20. i appreicate your knowlegde on this market! I just don't trust the market due to the manipulation of futures. I knew last year when futures market came into this game, things would get dicey.

  21. Bitmain absolutely destroyed BCH in my point of view, ain't going anywhere near it!

  22. I honestly hope I haven't been in rack city with James at the watercooler? I may have to step my game up, you're right there's no excuse for chillen with average joe and James at the water cooler.

  23. Thanks for another great update Kirbs!

  24. Crypto Kirby has one way tickets out of wekt city,better get you one! James bought two.✌?

  25. All I keep hearing is, it can't go any lower. Everyone keeps saying to HODL and buy the dip and that we are starting a bull run….. listen……HODL is a phoney word that was invented and propagated by the big boys to help them to steal all your money (just like the term 'buy the dip', ) and every single new so called "trader" that came into crypto has gotten MASSACRED by those terms. The most amazing part is that people are STILL telling each other to HODL and to buy the dips. Meanwhile, we are about to get a drop from 7K to 3K and everything you are HODLing is gonna get DESTROYED. (and so is whatever dips you've been buying.) Crypto is the only place that you can get so smashed. Remember… if you can moon, you can also see doom. The streets are about to run red…. and we are all gonna get our first lessons in crypto. The lessons… do NOT HODL, take all of your profit, Do NOT buy the dip, only buy when the market has proven that it has hit it's bottom. and lastly… stop trusting youtube fake gurus who act like they can do TA, because the truth is that they can't. Most of them are all getting WRECKED just like you are, but they lie about it and don't admit it. Then they sell you training courses, and private VIP rooms, and all sorts of crap to prop their losses back up. I have only seen 2….yes 2 traders so far on youtube that know their shit… good luck finding them, because it took me six months of daily research to find them. Most people just click right into anyone's channel and start believing.

  26. Does anyone think that the current financial crisis that is now rippling across emerging markets around the world is going to affect bitcoin in a good or bad way?

  27. Very positive and optimistic! Thank you!

  28. If Bitmain needs to sell BCH to cover their losses, what do you think will happen? 😉

  29. Please, if someone has to help me send me only 100 TRON(Trx): TJhT4n8i4rNApBJjaqPj6jEpZW5JWgBJmJ
    Sometimes we expect more from others because we would be willing to do that much for them.

  30. It’s moon time Kirby!! Moon time!!!