Bitcoin Explosion in October | Looking at the Data

On this video I research historic charts that clearly point out that we’re more likely to see a Bitcoin explosion in October. That is seemingly when crypto will explode.
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  1. Love your videos and I am assuming English isn't you first language so im impressed already but why do you speak like that?!?! wtf?!?! just speak normal please. Enough with the public speaking techniques pls your not running for senator

  2. I love this accent ?? like a potato in a mouth.
    Hey i think you should start giving some advices about how to minimise loss. Our knowledge increased since November 2017 so thia all talks are getting boring – no value. But still more people are getting into possitions without an exit strategy. … Just my opinion. You were first important YT guy that i still watch from the nov2017. (Only 3out of 14 are in my need to watch list since that time). (Two others RSC and Allesio).

  3. I love the in it for the money song, it's so sticky every time I sold something or make money I sing this song..

  4. I am very sceptical about any sort of bull run in the next 12 months. The last bull run was so dramatic that it will take a long time period of a year or more for the dust to settle. I also do not believe that Bitcoin is seasonal. If it is though and you want to do a fair comparison you need to compare with a previous bearish period, not a bullish period. The previous bear run most similar to what we are in now was in 2014 and if you look at the equivalent time period in 2014 Bitcoin fell from $500 to $300 from September to December. Comparing a bullish year to what we are in now simply does not work.

  5. Yeah just like you said the bull run would start right after consensus…..these will say anything for more subscribers I swear.

  6. I'm sure their will be some nice rallies here and there, but I just cant see a major run up to all time highs right after a bubble burst.

  7. it's absolutely true what you say, and all can see it in the charts. There is only one little big difference this time and that is that the market conditions are changed this time. This is not the same as 2017, 2016, 2015 etc… I do not trust this bull run, tho i wish for it..

  8. I think it's clear that no one has any idea what they're doing.

    You show me someone who knows what will happen over the next 6 months, and I'll show you a liar.

  9. Good God! A Viking apologising to an imaginary Englishman! It totally makes up for the death of Aetheling Edmund Ironside in 1016! So, I'm convinced the big gains are over 2-5 years. Imo a run up this October would be a great opportunity to re-evaluate and re-position your portfolio on the quality stuff, with a nice profit take for a bag of donuts. (I'm looking at you, Amon Tech). Love the show! That German woman is a babe!

  10. Looks like all crypto youtubers watched Alessio's video ^^
    All of a sudden everyone is talking about this.

  11. The big boys like to get a payday before Xmas so they tend to do the pump in the fall/winter season. The problem is every YouTuber then copies this info over and over and over until it’s too obvious for the pump. There’s also the issue of tax. A full year needs to occur between large sell offs to avoid 40% vs 20% deductions. That said, there is a lot of news gradually creeping out about various companies. A big news story event will trigger the run. It’s around the corner I can feel it in my bones! Which means I’m probably wrong.

  12. None of us English speak like that, but we're definitely in it for the money 😉

  13. It's great to to see that you have slowed down your talking and are no longer hyperventilating with excitement with every syllable you pronounce. Much better now thanks!

  14. After your video we when for the support, and then we bounce because we touched the support 1 month after , do you think people are stupid

  15. I agree with the October growth time frame but you should have showed the 2014 chart as well from the last bull run. We are following 2014 bear market almost exactly. We have the same range of % lows and highs, we have a death cross which we are currently in and if it keeps going to the T we will have a big drop in the next 2-3 week's to below 5800 for a great buying chance, OR we will hold the 5800+ support line. I personally believe we are going to see a $3500-5k btc within the next month followed by big buyers coming in and we will consolidate a bottom and slowly rise the next 2-3 year's to highs we can only imagine. Especially when the stock market has their correction it's going to be catastrophic and those big investors will still want to make money and will switch over to buying btc since in that time we will be bullish which can possibly bring btc to around 56k at a 1 trillion market cap alone. Take the % of what btc holds tl compared to other crypto, do the math, and you can predict the price of alt coins. Do the math. Market cap ÷ circulating supply = value. Don't be fooled by other YouTubers. All that said great video but should have shown the last run in 2014 for best comparison

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  17. You said 9600 last june it was 1600..

  18. wow man, easy prediction. Now the whole world can get rich because the chart says it

  19. Seeing alot of people talking the same pattern ,which the market manipulators will now switch it.

  20. Wait on the weekly pattern to play out, let’s see which direction goes , that will dictate what direction the market will follow for the rest of 2018. Predictions like this one based on nothing can screw you, remember youtubers need views whatever it takes.

  21. Is this similar to that explosion that was supposed to happen in May?

  22. I'm strapped in and ready for lift off.

  23. pliz donate bitcoin:

  24. love the vid as always asgar. forget the negative comments. chat is mostly mean and uninformed. the thing with consensus was hilarious. every single youtuber posted the big 70% gains…smart money waited and entered in mid april for that sole purpose and smashed all dumb money. i posted that on one of your vids from the past as well. all the chart followers are still the same ones getting punished daily.

  25. how many times you have predicted this bull market. Of course, you will be correct one day

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  27. Right now, just like you said, everything is bleeding! The streets are red again!

  28. hahaha … the money leave the crypto-shit strongly …. good luck, hahaha

  29. I agree history shoes bitcoin makes big moved starting in October through December, however 2014 had a drop and traded sideways. 2014 is also a bear market, different from the other years you mentioned. Im not disagreeing with you as both are great points. Im curious to know your thoughts considering we are in a bear market. We have also mimicked every move down to the percent of 2014 so it does seek likely we have another 6 months or so of consolidation before we are back BULL status.