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Is the Bitcoin (BTC) bull run confirmed?! Let’s focus on this and a few cryptocurrency buying and selling evaluation + present information subjects on right this moment’s video!

? Let’s get this crypto!

Disclaimer: The content material coated on this video/dwell stream is NOT funding recommendation. I’m NOT a monetary adviser. These are solely my very own private opinions, concepts, charts, technical evaluation, insights, information and value predictions. At all times do your personal analysis and solely make investments solely based mostly by yourself findings and private judgement. Deciding to spend money on and/or purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or another sort of cryptocurrency is extraordinarily excessive danger and may crash at any time! This video/dwell stream is only for leisure functions solely!

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  1. The desk banging is so annoying on my loud subwoofer!

  2. Bitmex can not possible directly manipulate. Bitmex use other charts fot trade.

  3. Sell sell sell it's just a short term don't be fooled it's a squeeze the chart is clear. Sell before to late

  4. I just subscribe i respex your honest.

  5. A lot of thumbs down. That's how I know there's good info in here. Keep dropping knowledge CK!

  6. No-trade zone for me now 🙂 terrible place to open a new position imho! Unless you have a position already open, not a smart move to open a new one as it's just guessing/gambling lol

    Thanks for video mate, always enjoy it!

  7. There's no indication to me in news or technicals of a bull break, it's pure fantasy. I warned people when it was 10-12k and had people argue with me and insult me because I only saw it going down further….they lost money likely, I just hope someone listened. Same for today, it will likely at minimum hit 5700 again soon…unless of course whale action pumps it temporarily. Still the general direction is DOWN and has been since January when Cap was around high 700 billion roughly. It's 218 Billion now….almost 4x less and WOW, so is the price which is no coincidence. No volume, no moon.

  8. Tom Lee bases his predictions off many information sources. I like that style, although impossible to ever be correct, his only mistake is making any $dollar value prediction at all.

  9. i'm a fan of that crazy voice lol. Keep it up !

  10. What if we already hold BTC? Would you Go into a stable coin and wait? Btw, I don’t know that TA works that well in cripto. The market can be moved way too easily by whales. Not enough market cap to make TA work like the traditional markets. What’s your thoughts?

  11. Nice Job Kirby, first time listening, thanks for posting

  12. I read somewhere 95% of the time CNBC is making the wrong call on BTC. So if we do the opposite of what they say huge return$$!!

  13. Thats not a bear flag though, you started out thinking it was but now it isn't, noone knows what that is

  14. When the dollar is weak the btc is strong and vice versa

  15. MOAB mother of all bear flags


  17. ?? great vid bro. Also appreciate the commodities discussion the other day in regards to how it correlates to the us dollar. Keep up the awesome work. Cheers

  18. Hey man I started looking at DXY. The dollar just broke through the 50 day sma average. That is bullish for bitcoin. Maybe we will see that flush break up after all.

  19. Oh Crypto Kirby!!! Your drawings! They look like cute little ANGELS!!!

  20. A random thought – If Bitcoin were to become used by the masses or "mainstream adopted" wouldn't it be necessary for bitcoin's value to be well above everything that has a price? I guess the obvious answer should be yes. I guess by this time the amount of people who have merged their wealth to bitcoin would bring Bitcoins value to whatever value necessary. Maybe dollars won't be a reference. Maybe Bitcoin and Gold is the future of money. It would make for a powerful couple!

  21. Vechain is the one to be in

  22. Always!….. Kirb your enthusiasm

  23. Kirby! I truly love your videos and appreciate all your effort and time you put into it. All my friends and family are following you already. Only one thing, don’t you think is a little bit disrespectful to call dunkies to people that don’t have all the knowledge and education that you were so lucky to have? Anyway, thanks for all your advices!

  24. I think the market is up just because the news of the ETF possible under review…. idk a lot of news going on. A lot of positive news lately.

  25. Tom lee finally got one right!

  26. just watched this – damn you're good in prediction 🙂


  28. Over $6,900 your video is already behind this BULL RUN For 2018

  29. Question is, can it even hold above 6800 for a day or two?

  30. mmm. seems like safe to buy alts. prices have been stable at this bottom. if u have fiat…just sayin…

  31. There's no reason for it to keep going up. Why would a bunch more money get in? It just jumped to a slightly higher range. Why would it go above average mining cost by any great amount? The 2017 thing was clearly mania. People saw how that turned out so why would they repeat it? Ask McAfee that. Seeing $10K again in the near future is pretty unlikely I think.

  32. when i see rsi and a load of ema's i stop watching, you sound like you understand price action and timeframes so take that useless crap off. also would just like to mention moving averages do not work as dynamic resistance thats a complete myth, they react to the price not the other way around you should know this, draw any random line and you will quickly find price interacts with it in areas.

  33. I still see a rising wedge. I cant see it going above 7400 before going bellow 6000

  34. If you would like to get the way to grab Bitcoin you simply want to try to find " bitcoin pranaholistico " in the google. I hope its not patched already.