Will Bitcoin Return to $20,000?

Utilizing historic proof, I argue that the US inventory market will crash, and that it will impact crypto in a optimistic method, making Bitcoin transcend $20,000.
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  1. Never gonna return after banks prohibited purchases with CC

  2. Goldman Sachs buying poloniex, the SEC getting involved over the past year, possible ETFs coming, Futures in place.. The big investors out there have been preparing for this all year and the timing seems almost too perfect. The end of the bear market in crypto and the beginning of the bear market in traditional trading, happening at the same time. You could be very, very correct.


  4. I like your perspective!
    If you doesn't get a long life, your videos are here at YT years afterwards.
    Be good to yourself!
    Kindest regards!
    Best wishes from Switzerland!

  5. I'd like to see Emma perform and sing in it for the money one of these days.

  6. this home wearin make up? wtf

  7. Digibyte is a lot better than bitcoin! Digibyte will bulldoze its way to the top! Anyone who is involved in cryptocurrency and blockchain will confirm you this. Only newbies and noobs do not know or confirm this.

  8. Why would apple microsoft and netflix stock plunge like Facebook? The companies are totally different than facebook

  9. lets not forget Trump. He could face impeachment.

  10. Just skip to 12:57 that's when he actually answers the question. This guy's special gift is taking 20 minutes to say something that can be said in 30 seconds.

  11. Great upload, PKG Token just announced they will be listed on top 3 Korean exchange september 10th , HUGE news!!!!

  12. US Dollar is strong right now. Have you ever noticed correlation when as soon as BTC reversed from all time high and fell into bear cycle, well, the US Dollar reversed from bear cycle and 2018 is a good year for US Dollar despite of Venezuella crisis and other smaller regions in the world. In 2017 when $ wasn't doing good a lot of capital was hedging in BTC and other crypto. Now it is not like that, it is another cycle.

  13. Dude your home is my super-lambo dream.

  14. Didn't you say Bitcoin was a good short a few days ago? lol

  15. Super content as always asgar. Much appreciated. Btc is about to break out..just watch the first two weeks of october…sept wont matter.

  16. Facebook's stock went down because of the Cambridge Analytica scandal though.

  17. Yeah bullish stock market is easy when they print money and pump the market smoke and mirrors the crash is getting closer! Then the debt clock what a joke interest on money created out of thin air this will be devastating store up now AG & Crypto

  18. This person looks like a dike, but also the T-1000 Terminator

  19. If crypto is king then all small countries with bad economies and bad currencies would have jacked up it’s price by now, maybe we are waiting for US to have problems then see price increase true , then again not a promise to go to 1 millon

  20. Facebook just took a dump because of the data leak scandal. As for Apple, since Steve Jobs died, Apple has released several sub-par products, so much so that it's completely embarrassing. Yeah, these stocks are definitively overvalued, and especially Apple.

  21. Got a friend in DK who loves to make film. He's currently got some script writers going, and interesting projects. Hit me up if it sounds interesting.

  22. will ark return to 4 dollars.

  23. I think you are on to something here. As I see it investors magnetize to where ever the best return is. Stock market is up and top heavy, Bitcoin is down….I see the switch coming, and probably right before u.s November election. The fed has literally given the big banks money to synthetically prop up stock market….sooner or later, and I think its October, the house of cards will fall. Gold will not be the winner, I think BTC will be the play…. Honestly, I have always felt BTC Satoshi Nakomoto is the the world banking cartel…they know they need to do something …we shall see soon.

  24. How have I missed this guy, I've been in the space 5 years, oh well lovely, subbed..bitcoin only!

  25. His ANSWER to the Question in Headline of Title is 10 Seconds Long 14:35-14 45

  26. So are you expecting the etf in September to be approved ?

  27. 10:44 << Keep clicking this every 2 seconds and you will laugh.

  28. No comparison between the systemic risk in 2007-2008 and the current stock market conditions… however, negative bond yield rates and the FED tightening could signal the beginning of a recession and a small correction. If that happens I'll go long tech and housing after a broad market pullback takes those stocks down to more reasonable levels. Why? Because millennial investors will continue to invest in tech/housing and they are the largest cohort by far!

  29. Don't listen to this guy. Don't buy Snovio.