Bitcoin’s ETF battle rages on

Is the bitcoin revival for actual? A take a look at bitcoin’s ongoing ETF battle, with CNBC’s Bob Pisani and Melissa Lee, and the Quick Cash merchants, Tim Seymour, Karen Finerman and Steve Grasso.

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  1. Team btc ltc eth etc btg bch all day

  2. Rejected/postponed ETF=price and sentiment stay strong.
    Approved ETF= increase in price and confident.

    My opinion.

  3. -Reject the etf
    -?hmmmm nothing much happend in the market
    – give them false hope that it's being reviewed
    – rejected it again to cause a blood bath

  4. Bitcoin futures are up since April because we had a tiny bull run. The popularity in btc futures will decline heading into the end of 2018, you can already see that based off of his short time frame chart. Bitcoin's next move will most likely be mid to low $5,000 once we break down from our current range. BTC will see capitulation amongst the bulls before we ever see another major bull run.

  5. This just goes to show that Fud and Fomo are no longer big market movers in BTC. That's great.

  6. Yea the "sentiment" is holding

  7. Hodl! Bitcoin is very good store of value.

  8. When a market doesn't doesn't sell-off that is should it doesn't mean there's a sentiment change, it means the news was already anticipated and priced-in, as indicates the sell-off of the last weeks.

  9. Does this mean BTC is going down according to people who think the 95% cnbc indicator is useful?

  10. Leverage inverse ETFs are no good for cryptos. Do your research everyone, this will bring more shorts on the crypto side. I strongly don’t support this product

  11. I still think btc will go to around 3500-5k as bottom. Alts will fall 25-30% lower then they are and we'll see a golden cross within 2-3 months ( hopefully ).

  12. Bitcooooooonneeeeeeect!! Whoaaaaaa!!

  13. Damn it, CNBC thinks an ETF will be huge for the crypto market. This confirms an ETF will do nothing for crypto.

  14. I am not studying an ETF. I am pumped for November when BAKKT gets going. That's when the money is going to roll in.

  15. Hi fake news try the China technique or call your friend Jamie. I need to buy some more cheap btc

  16. Damn the ETFs, I'm more fearful of hyperinflation hitting 1st world countries.

  17. This lady loves bringing bitcoin down, but don’t worry about it baby doll keep holding your fiat currency and you see how bad it will get for you..

  18. CNBC Television says next february for likely ETF approval, which means next february we absolutely wont see an ETF. god damnit…

  19. "how do they survey what is going on?" …. How does the state ensure that its citizens ultimately do not have control over their own money. An ETF will eventually be approved yes, but not until after there is a form of central tracking and control… the antithesis of the philosophy of BTC/decentralization.

  20. Bitcoin is worldwide. we do not care ETF at US

  21. cboe etf will be the first ETF to be approved – mark my words.

  22. Bitcoin doesn't need ETF.

  23. Do I believe in Crypto? Yes. But it's because the government created it, and is going to use it to be the next fiat. The old fiat is dying and they need a replacement.Crypto is perfect because they can monitor our every purchase.They are going to win again. So I want to purchase some more Bitcoin in advance… and bet on the side that always wins. That is a pretty safe bet, although I was able to increase my 5btc to 35Btc in the space of 1month with the help of Charles Garry who is a Pro Trader and has been helping Novice crypto investors showing them ways to trade their Bitcoin, he is down to earth and always ready to serve, tho He charged me after I made profits, but it was worth it. Y'all can reach out to him through His Telegram +1(631)620-6929, HANGOUTS/Mail (charlesgarry95 @gmail. com)

  24. Love BK… but when did he put on all the weight?

  25. People knock CNBC crypto which I do as well but when it comes to them knowing when an ETF will be approved I put 99% faith in them. This is because all these CNBC guys are in close with the SEC , buddies with them go out drinking with them. So when CNBC said two months ago the ETF would not be approved this year I believed them when many didn’t. Now again they’re saying probably not till February 2019 I think you can take it to the bank that’s when it will be approved and that’s when bitcoin will skyrocket

  26. I keep buying bitcoin. bitcoin is gonna hit 100k in 2019

  27. Poll finds fast money is 95 percent wrong on all their calls.

  28. When the majority of people think that Altcoins are winning and Bitcoin is dying the truth is that the propaganda was spread and financed in media by the creators of Altcoins to make them financially benefiting from spreading the false information. Altcoins creators themselves holding Bitcoins and selling their own Altcoins, because Altcoins have no value, as new Altcoins can be created every day simply by copying other people open source code and launch a marketing campaign.

  29. ETF's not holding the underlying crypto are Negative for the crypto market since they are dilutive. The same retails which you told them to buy last year when BTC was over 18K, are now shorting at 6K!! Back to HODL and watch the shorts get burned soon.

  30. i need you to send 0.0030BTC to 3NKSRiLW7iiSq695Vf8hN4uVkmhvCPtnVw…little coin much help

  31. the number one chart on tradingview shows that when these guys fud the price goes up 95% of the time. when these guys have good news about Bitcoin then the price drops it's an amazing chart

  32. Thank you CNBC i made 4btc this week doing the exact opposite of what you said 🙂

  33. They call fraud and manipulation for thing they can’t control. Gold reserves 2.0

  34. Yo that Asian chick with the dumb question at the end.. what happens if it doesn’t go up??

    Which etf you talking about? The paper one?? LOL BE MORE CLEAR. FAKE. NEWS

  35. CNBC opposite indicator has been confirmed to be the most accurate indicator in BTC history.
    Just make the opposite of what they say and make it rain ;D

  36. The only thing these people know is buzzwords to confuse newbs into believing they have a fucking clue.

  37. we dont want efts…true BTC holders could care less abt the SEC n their rules…soon the SEC's opinions will be irreverent the time the SEC joins us BTC will already be global…oh wait thats already happened… cant regulate a global asset, cant restrict or create borders on a border less time SEC will be obsolete give the gen pop time to open their eyes n take back control …#freedomDELIVERED

    PS if the SEC is your catalyst to invest, stay away from BTC bc crypto is not for u…stick to wallstreet #BTC4freedomNOTriches

  38. this channel is like a tool for manipulating retail investors, creating fake hype so whales can dump on them…would work perfectly in a bear market. wonder whos funding this?

  39. Clown Network Because Clicks

  40. If an ETF is not backed by Bitcoin it will be bad for the price of Bitcoin long term. On the other hand if we look at it short term it will most certainly be not good for the price of Bitcoin. Those sneaky bastards with suits are masters at deceit. MASTERS! They don't have a Bitcoin, yet the government can approve them to sell you one! How do they even come up with these elaborate and intricate schemes?! How can the average Joe know what to do and who to trust?! Whenever you are in doubt, ask any half-retarded 5 year old kid!


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