The Bitmex Trap – Why #Bitcoin Really Went Up!

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The actual purpose Bitcoin pumped $400 in 15 minutes. Whereas most of YouTube and Twitter is telling you lies and feeding you nonsense we provide the details and uncover the reality, whether or not it’s standard or not. Bitmex simply went down for upkeep… watch what occurs subsequent!

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Please NOTE: I’m not giving monetary recommendation, I’m not recommending, encouraging or discouraging you from investing presently or another time. I’m solely presenting my view of the market based mostly on my experiences which you could consider and decide on in keeping with your private technique.

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  1. I agree that this is manipulation but why does it have to be the exchange themselves? Why not an orchestrated move by whales?? In fact there was a whale alert 2 days before of someone moving a very large amount of BTC to Bitmex so this all ties in..

  2. You called the move to 6800 in your last video. The shorts were extremely extended. Same thing happened a couple months ago from 6500-7500. I appreciate your analysis. You kill it. Is the market manipulated? Sure but what market is not?

  3. I hear what you saying and it might very well be the case that the exchange is corrupt but I think its important to note that this is a conspiracy theory ( a good one ) but it could very well be a group or individual whale using the pre announced bitmex downtime ( I knew about it more than 24 hours before) to manipulate the market for profit..

  4. I dont think it is directly Bitmex doing this. I think there is bots spamming Bitmexs API and creating huge sell walls in order to drive the price down. When Bitmex is under maintenance, the API endpoints are not reachable and the bots sell orders disappear from the market and effect the price. All exchanges that support REST API which is almost all of them could be affected by this.

  5. Excellent analysis as always, thanks for your hard work & integrity

  6. And people wonder why ETF is not approved by SEC….

  7. i think that who invent somthing like BITMEX he is smarter than decentralization

  8. WHY HAVE I NOT BEEN HERE BEFORE. number one fan lets fucking go get you bigger than datadash. save the community bring da truth

  9. I always put bitmex in the same league as bitconnect only difference is they will rek crypto… i cant understand their system its like a bookie not changing the odds… which ever is higher shorts or longs they pull a fast one

  10. If everyone bets a certain way and it happens bitmex will get recked thats why they do what they do rigged

  11. ummmm i knew about this downtime LONG before this tweet you are talking about just from talking to a lot of other traders that im sure didnt just all have some insider info. mex is a really badly run, shit platform (that i dont use for that reason) and people should look close. but i stopped half way through your video realizing you aren't looking close enough. i think a market maker (or maybe a group) took advantage of the situation for certain. that was an obvious move. it seemed to me to be an obvious play for a lot of people who had coinage and could move the market. maybe we should be asking bitmex why they are paying for new fancy office space and not doing basic upgrades on the platform like they have put off for 2 years. you are asking the wrong questions. also had to play you at 1.5 and you talk amazingly slow – no hate at all here. i just found your channel via this being suggested viewing via another trader. ill sub. good luck out there and trade smart. maybe we will talk more

  12. sec no problemo ….. people world more than genius fiat to btc/e money to gold end – **- $20000 before oct

  13. Crypto swamp needs a good draining……

  14. Spot on! I stopped trading on Shitmex because they just kept liquidating me even with sufficient equity – note it wasn't stop loss settings of mine but such extreme moves in Bitmex exactly taking out stop losses… they really hunt them. Thanks for the compelling evidence! New angle the Bitfinex / Bitmex collusion… +1

  15. Should we feel bad about idiots shorting bitcoin at 100x.

  16. Look up bitmex team that built trading engine if u think there is no manipulation *deutsche bank**

  17. One way to test this theory is another DDOS attack and keep the attack up for 24 hours

  18. Of course Bitmex is corrupt. Futures turned out to be the worse thing to happen to Bitcoin, because it came without Exchange Regulation. Companies like BitMex are just modern day Casinos.

    The only regulations that occur in the crypto space by the SEC and other government financial market entities are ICO regulations to make sure that they are actually a business and not a shell company and Crypto-Exchange regulation to make sure that they don't do what Bitmex and others do which is hook in puts and shorts then shut down so they can either buy or sell a ton of Bitcoins to manipulate the market.

    The safest way to the crypto market is to just BUY BITCOIN (BTC) and HOLD it. Stop gambling with exchanges like BitMex because they are modern day casino and the house always wins. The reality is you wont lose if you don't play Arthur Hayes and his companies game… YOU WIN IF YOU SIMPLY BUY BITCOIN (BTC) AND HOLD!

  19. I think most people are over using and simplifying manipulation. Technically, anyone putting in an order to the book is 'manipulating' the price. All these allegations are pure speculation, nothing else. Its much wiser to use that wasted brain energy thinking about it and focus on yourself. Maybe speculate on BTC price instead. I know a good conspiracy is fun as hell though. People also like to hear them. =D

  20. You guys sound good, but also young and naive. Bit overconfident – DDOS does really happen … people who work at these exchanges get this all the time. So your theory is based on only one scenario. I'm not saying you are wrong – of course people will push the market around if they can … it is as old as trading to do this fuckery. Its not coincidence but to know exactly how and why – and that it is "predictable" … because of your trading. Either predict it on twitter and say or … don't claim you could have predicted. Anyone who tells you … something else is a clown? Come on. You sound like teenagers.

  21. Now I see an uphill trend but who knows if that could be real.

  22. Hey there. I totally agree with your opinion here 100%. To further expose this scam and not let it get forgotten you could create a chart, similar to what "I Love Crypto" youtuber did! Now his chart is at Nr 1 in Check it out – it's called CNBC bitcoin indicator!

  23. This guys been talking about honesty for 3 mins. Skip to 3:20 for the video to start.

  24. Its an unregulated market. We have 2 options:
    * Accept it
    * Or move on

  25. You’re awesome! Best crypto Chanel by 1000 BTC

  26. Respect for getting the truth out.

  27. Volume on Bitmex due to Leverage, not real volume. No different to the Forex Market, Unregulated and controlled by the Banks.

  28. The "Entity" behind these moves is Wallstreet and the Banks.

  29. I enjoy all your content by the way thanks!