10 Million Bitcoin by 2023? Crash Course History Makes It Seem Possible! [Cryptocurrency News]

Hey Altcoin Each day Group,

A brand new articles has come out the place they report on a examine that predicts Bitcoin’s value at 10 Million by 2023? What do you suppose? I feel that it appears much more doable after bitcoin’s historical past.

History of Bitcoin Article:

10 Million by 2023 Article:

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***NOT monetary recommendation. Do your personal analysis. Make your personal selections. These predictions are primarily based on no inside information. That is all hypothesis.

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  1. I need a podcast from you guys

  2. i think 10 mil is absurd. maybe $100k seems a little more fair to say.

  3. How much dollar will be worth?

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  6. Very interesting thoughts, I am not too sure about 10mil by 2023, but certainly, have feeling that direction from here is only UP! How far up is a good question, but mass adoption is deffo coming and coming fast! When stock market crashes and ETF is approved and few other things implimented! It will be a rapid growth! 😉

  7. HELP! I don't understand what the "halving" means? Half the price?

  8. Thats funny, man I wish. The whole crypto market will keep going up but over time and nothing this absurd. Just need companies to put it work with a sound business plan such as Zib Messenger and many more. Patience.

  9. very nice analysis brother i know wat you meaning for shure

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  13. Every 2 years btc adds a zero

  14. Enigma(ENG) is definitely Ethereum's missing part to solve problems of scalability and privacy.
    ENG ultimately will become the next Ethereum.
    Buying ENG now is like buying Ethereum in 2015.
    It is only a matter of time before more companies large and small realize the value of Enigma's solutions.
    As a key stakeholder of ENG I've never thought of selling my ENG even in a bear market.
    Look how Enigma has own working product and partnered with many companies including Intel.
    Only time will tell. Let's wait and see.

  15. bitcoin gold to the moon. I have a feeling bitcoin gold is going to explode in the next couple years.

  16. This is an interesting ICO review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4E633WFVdk a lot ICO experts seem to be talking about Nuggets

  17. * i want to become a smarter invester
    * bitcoin will hit $10m from $10k lmao

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  19. the US dollar will be so heavily inflated by the time bitcoin reaches $10 million, $10 million will be worth an equivalent to $10000

  20. I am all in on ADA and think it will hit $14+ by 2023.. So if that happens Ill be happy.

  21. How about one billion in 2023 !!!

  22. fucking HELL MOTHERFUCKING NO, it won't EVER get that high, that would put the market cap of BTC over 170 TRILLION (with a T) dollars, that is almost DOUBLE the "broad money" for the entire world, it's enough to buy EVERY STOCK ON EVERY STOCK EXCHANGE IN THE WORLD AND REPLACE THE VALUE OF EVERY DOLLAR IN EVERYONES POCKETS AND BANK ACCOUNTS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD, thats just to much.

  23. just because someone has "been involved in bitcoin for less then 2 years" doesn't mean they haven't researched shit and seen the previous peaks and dips and the overall upward trends year to year.

  24. Anything in this space is possible..don't rule out anything…time will tell as always.

  25. Can anyone do some research on this.. Neom city being build in Saudi Arabia and it will be run by robots.. Sofia from singularity net project has a token called agi.. they just gave him citizens ship there last year..very crazy since women don't have rights there yet a women robot was declared a citizen. Peter Thiel advisor or whatever to trump is invested into singularity. A bit coin believer as well. Jared cushner is also invested into it and other block chain and I believe they are huge into xlm stellar.. but the most important connection that needs to be made is Agi singularity network with Peter Thiel early investor in Facebook some big moves are being made.. if you can make a video about that it would be great and you would make a lot of ppl money in the future..I strongly believe agi token will do amazing and it's only 20 mill market cap now doe to falling market. 1billon tokens only..which may seem a lot but that will be the robots economy and how they pay each other so that's not much at all.. 100$ coin easy in 3 years if market does well

  26. Bitcoin is the future…
    Earn your first Million with Binance!
    Registration on Binance !!!

  27. Great title but the global supply of money is 80 trillion so if all the money in the world was on bitcoin it would only reach 2.3million per coin.

  28. When it gets that amount of value, the dollar will be dead !! Value things in satoshi