Ripple XRP Announces 3 New xRapid Partners, Bitcoin Privacy And “Soft” Bitcoin ETF

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  1. I hope we can make our money in Crypto before the IRS can figure it out. Right now they are asleep. In 2017 when I had my taxes done my accountant thought all Crypto was a scam. lol

  2. First time I have been excited about anything in a long long long time.

  3. Yeaaaaaahhh . . . taxes and governments and banks aren't going nowhere. js

  4. Just got off the phone with coinbase regarding my deposit and I asked in a way of when XRP would be added to coinbase and I was told that XRP will be able to be stored on coinbase in the near future and I then asked about being able to buy and sell XRP and I was told that it was talked about and was probably going to be in the future within a year added for buying and selling!

  5. cant decide if i should dump some more btc into xrp

  6. you are hilarious hahahhaa dodging bullets lol easy for people not to pay lol

  7. Great news, more good things to come in the coming years.. XRP is a long term hold to really get some amazing profits.. i will be adding more till Dec 2019..

  8. “Rare” art has always been a way the elite transfer wealth…

  9. really love your videos man! I have the same opinion on almost all of your topics

  10. XRP have been making waves all year and now X-rapid is gonna get the ball rolling for investors.. With all that’s happening already and with what is planned, it’s not Ripple that need Coinbase…

  11. Come on baby let's gooooo XRP

  12. Guys plz hire a financial advisor…. bcoz we r going to the mooooooooooon ??

  13. Man you are working overtime. Love it, thank you.

  14. Funny how you guys start cranking out videos when the market shows signs of upward movement!!

  15. BaNkS aReNt gOiNg tO uSe XrP


  16. The U.S. has clearly abdicated its leadership position to become a poorer, paranoid, isolationist, xenophobic, vassal of Russia. I'm not even mad. That is clearly how Americans prefer it. They've had enough of liberal democracy. So it makes complete sense that the U.S. is falling way behind in the crypto space. Note how crypto doesn't need the SEC anymore. This is a trend that applies geopolitically.

  17. XRP, bringing some utility and validity to this market.

  18. I've Been saying this since forever . Bro , why would we invest in xrp while it's not what all these banks are going to use

  19. I really like your video's, but try to talk slower please ? Sounds like you have to catch the plane, but is easier to listen when you talk slower. The info you give is too valueable, to speed it up haha.

  20. XRP, BTC OMG. With some ETH, ADA and GNT on the side. Funbag with BTG, TRX and some EOS.

  21. Hey Modern Investor. You mentioned a lot of times that you watch a lot of Finance documentaries. Can you reccommend a few lesser known must see ones? I have watched the Ascent of Money, Inside Job, The Corporation and Betting on Zero of course!

  22. ripple seem to have a really good marketing and sales team – their portfolio of banks and companies is very impressive – this alone is a great signal for any investor – #facts – no emotions or biased fucks given!

  23. Xrp will be worth at LEAST $100 in the future. Get on the xrp bullet train now as it's leaving the station

  24. Anybody else notice the big upward trend in XRP price after this went down? ? I'm glad I bought some on Wednesday ??

  25. I love the mistakes too… (Twite a bit) lol. Keeps it funny too.

  26. I hope the etf gets rejected or delayed just so that the price plummets so that i can buy more

  27. Why do all the people in the comments seem like they want to jerk each other off?? Are alot of crypto people like this?

  28. Well if Liechtenstein is going Crypto then its here to stay…. The masses that dont know how this tiny little place is used by the Super Rich…

    "The ultra-discreet Principality of Liechtenstein is Europe’s least-visited country, inhabited by the fewest people (population of 37,000) and with very little land (62 square miles), but it contains the most secrets of the international super-rich and ruling dynasties. Here in this mysterious tax haven – squeezed into half a valley between Austria and Switzerland – there are more registered companies than citizens and it has the highest gross domestic product per person in the world."

  29. Don't worry about the naysayers who don't have anything positive to say, especially with cryptocurrency.
    I recomend FirstMillionRoad for trading tips and tricks with good results

  30. If you are banks, you would want to use and buy xrp when its at its lowest, to reap maximum gains when price goes up as the average me and you gets fomo-ed back in! Think in the banks and governments’ shoes, and we will all be rich. Crypto, or in this case, ripple, is a chance of our lifetime

  31. Is it weird that I only invest in cryptocurrency that is based in Singapore?

  32. XRP will win the space race!!

  33. Bitcoin could never go down to anything Cramer says – it costs over 4000 to mine

  34. Can anyone tell me the best place to hold my xrp? It's in binance at the moment

  35. If XRP will be used as "bridge currency" for banks, it shouldn't be about $1-$1.5? I don't understand how XRP will be useful for banks if it worth $589 bucks. And btw I have XRP's in my portfolio, i'm just trying to understand all the information.

  36. What I’m worried about is that XRP will hit the moon, but a lot of people will try to cash out which would lower the price dramatically for the rest of us.