Is BITCOIN to $40k Still In Play

Is Bitcoin caught under $10ok ceaselessly or will it ever rise once more?

Many consultants are calling for $40, $50, and $60ok whereas others are nonetheless saying it is going to zero

Why is the worth of Bitcoin nonetheless down, is it the ETF information holding it down, or is it one thing else, and if Bitcoin goes up to $40ok, what’s the catalyst or information that can push BTC again up once more?

I reply these questions right here

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  1. Like many people I came into Crypto knowing nothing about other financial markets or equities. I appreciate your videos as they set crypto into the larger context and encourage me to read up on stock markets and other assets, so thanks to both of you for offering all of this for free.

  2. Ya but who in their right mind would spend BTC on coffee and not their fiat? your potentially over paying for you coffee in that case

  3. I can manipulate the btc market anytime I want. It's easy, if I want the market to go up, I sell, if I want it to go down, I buy.

  4. I like the way you keep calling me out saying, "when I say that you are probably thinking….". Basicly everytime you said that it were exactly what I was thinking. Very good job explaining things, not just plain out read articles. The way you are explaining things shows that you know what you are talking about, where alot other crypto youtubers just recite articles / eachothers.

    I wasnt hyped about the NYSE announcements for exactly the reasons you said in this video, but you made me bullish on that news now. 🙂

  5. Awesome video. Thank you! Some big sense you are actually sharing, thank you! Yes please cover the dangers…

  6. ETF´s already exist in Europe

  7. Thank you so much, very clear and explaining video !! Yes I'm curious about what you say Wall street will do (about the maximum amount of BTC ?) Maybe something for a next video ? Anyway, despite of this, you say it's all very bullish news, so I think that's good news ! 🙂

  8. SURE IT IS !!!!
    ……. by year 2026 though 😀

  9. Nope i will reach $4 before $40k dead market

  10. What is wall street planing with BTC?

  11. where do you think litecoin will be in 6 months. in terms of price

  12. Atl0nics SCAM epe0sxd! Atnic0ls are g0nig to ZREO!

  13. thx for grate content please explain more about wall street and what will be for btc if they do all that THX

  14. I love your videos. You're very well spoken and articulate. I'm amazed at how many YouTubers can speak for 20 minutes without really saying anything. I wish I would have found this channel sooner. Thank you.

  15. I think it will reach 40k just not this year.

  16. i believe they may have bought billions of btc to cause the pump then bet hundreds of billions against it then used their billions to push price down losing them billions to make hundreds of billions

  17. great news great video!
    I bet on a crypto winter 2018

  18. What are your thoughts about the "altcoin extinction theory?"

  19. Buy Vechain. Will change the world

  20. ICE Futures + ETF + another wave … that'd be good.

  21. Didn't Starbucks very recently put out something that kind of rained on the idea that people will soon be buying their products with Bitcoin (kind of killing the overall ICE announcement-generated enthusiasm)?

  22. **QUESTION: I really like your business model. Take out the guess work in the beginning but allows a follow to see how an experienced trader thinks and should think. How would a person like me track all these transactions for tax purposes?


  23. DCN Dentacoin gives us many xxx in September 2018 before ETF is pledged.

  24. Great analysis Mark, many thanks!

  25. Thanks for explaining how ICE is different. I really am tired that we hang on every word of the SEC on "ETF"'s. We need to go our own way in Crypto, and not depend on these corrupt central entities. Who actually cares what they think ? Nobody asked them ?

  26. Yes please do explain how Wall St could mess up Bitcoin by artificially creating more Bitcoin above 21 million. Let's just hope that that won't work out for them. There would have been no point in inventing Bitcoin if that were possible.

  27. Subscribed! Thanks for not just regurgitating "bullish" news like a lot of youtubers out there and actually providing good insight.

  28. the market cant "shake out the sellers". there is a buyer and a seller for every transaction. trading101 lol

  29. Great video! Yeah, so what is wallst's plan?

  30. Of course the well respected people will know it will hit that price target. These are the rich, institutional, and whale investors. They’re all friends and talk to each other. Of course they can manipulate the price whenever they like. I can guarantee that shit. For sure! Just buy on dips and HODL. We’ll probably hit the trillion dollar mkt cap by EOY

  31. Mark could you do a video on the latest bitcoin manipulation. Bitmix goes on maintenance and price pumps for one hour. It's every where on twitter

  32. What will the effect be on BCH?

  33. Will BTC go higher than 40k in years to come? I'm wondering if I should not sell and hang on to it. How many applications does Bitcoin have?

  34. What are your thoughts on projects who publicly announce they have 'elite reputable backers' ? EOS announced they are backed by Peter Thiel and Juhan Wu (bitmain).

  35. This was the best serious crypto report I have ever seen. Genuinely impressed, subscribed and liked.

  36. do you believe Litecoin will reach $500 ?

  37. Hi I just subscribed, very nice content, easy
    to understand, gave me new perspectives than mainstream CT, pls kp up the great content❣️👍😊❤️

  38. This video is slept on. Every youtuber is covering only ETF's while you are covering the real stuff that matters.. Thankyou dude

  39. BTC 40K!! FOR THE EMPEROR!!!

  40. congratulations! you are the best video i have seen in a long time and you are incredibly good!