“Bitcoin Set To Rally”, Any Ethereum Token Custody And Mad Money Against Bitcoin

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  1. haha yeah i was wondering where you were. 🙂

  2. Funny….What do people on the street use to buy drugs or other illegal things? I don't think its bitcoin….fiat money.
    If bitcoin went to 3K again I would be all over it. Heck I am buying even now.

  3. People still listen to Cramer?

  4. If bitcoin goes down to 3k am liquidating all my stocks, every asset I own to buy whatever i can.

  5. Jim "Do NOT sell Bear stearns" Cramer ?
    LOL what a tool and a fool!!

  6. CME futures last for two months and go up the first month and down the second with the low being right before the last Friday of the second month. July was up. August down. Low on Friday Aug. 31. Just my humble opinion.

  7. Jim Cramer… Come on. He is maybe the least knowledgeable person there is when it comes to BTC

  8. Bitcoin will rally, ALQO coin will multiply by x70 in the next 1year.

  9. So when Jim Cramer
    ( a clown by my standards ) says bitcoin will be 1 million dollars – Jim good – now he says 1000 dollars – Jim bad ? – Cramer is a banana either way – and a coke head from what I hear

  10. play the weird video…cmon…

  11. Nothing is wrong with bitcoin – the reason it’s gonna crash is because the only good part of crypto is blockchain and the actual bitcoin is just a alpha numeric code – block chain is free so what good is the actual bitcoin ? Which is just a string of digits- the developers of litecoin and ethirium realize this – that’s why they have or are bailing on the projects they launched – they made their money and pulled the ripcord leavening people to crash – deep down uteric and lee know they have made a few people rich including themselves but have ruined many more – lee even warned people before he punched out and uteric is warning now – but instead of hearing what the crypto nerds are saying – people attacked them – this will not end well unless you pull back on the stick before the ground comes up to meet you

  12. Etc gets finally added on coinbase then its price drop, I honestly don't understand this !!!

  13. Cramer is a paid troll and not to be tolerated.

  14. I like a later afternoon time for your video, I sleep late.

  15. Any eth wallet can hold all tokens..not that complicated from a technical stand point. Legally thats another story

  16. When guys like Cramer make a comment like that does he actually know anything about this sector how long has he really been deep down in Bitcoin or any crypto is he just a talking head blah blah blah blah blah is he just a puppet for the powers above trying to shift and move weekhands

  17. I just watched two of your videos in a row. Dude, sir, slow down a bit when you are reading from an article. I feel hammered on. Seriously.

  18. An ERC20 is not a fork. It's a token that shares blockchain with ethereum. So if you have an ethereum wallet then that means you already have a wallets for all the ERC20 take that exist now and in the future.

  19. ERC20 is a standardization for Ethereum tokens, so supporting all of them is pretty straightforward

  20. They want to crash it before the bull run to try maximise their profits 🤷🏽‍♂️

  21. I think the Chinese whales are manipulating the price of Ontology (ONT), it went up by more than 150% over the last 2 days while most cryptos gain very little or stayed the same and all the volume are on Binance, Huobi and OKEx they account for more than 80% of trading volume

  22. Whats ur thoughts on BAKKT?

  23. It’s funny because I’m sure all these exchange comissions getting into it quick because of the big money to be made, nothing more, nothing less. They probably think they are blatantly taking money from us, yet they are just bashing that regulation wall down that’s keeping the blockchain from developing freely and expanding exponentially, but they are not thinking of this part of it 😅

  24. I live in Thailand. This is good news. 4:25


  26. hahaha thanks for the story.

  27. ERC20 tokens all use the tech. Any ethereum wallet can hold any of the 500 ERC20 tokens.

  28. Jim Cramer said it could hit 1million on CNBC.

  29. Anyone who wants to know the reliablility of him Cramer just type this jim Cramer bear sterns. Jim Cramer Herbalife he is a master manipulator piece of shit

  30. jim kramer, arthur hayes, whoever is next… everybody just talking their agenda – not worth paying attention to.

  31. Thanks for the info. Seems so bullish all of this news it’s insane

  32. Sometimes the best investment opportunities are difficult to miss, and that's when you know you have an edge.