Ripple XRP Decentralization Complete, Bitcoin Recovery And Cardano ADA Announcement

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  1. Sorry. Anything less than thousands of validations worldwide is Not decentralized.
    How difficult would it be for a malicious government to track 100 people? EZ.

  2. Jamaica has an MOU with Veritaseum (Veri) coin as well.

  3. raise your hand if you are selling your crypto! Dumb if you are!

  4. You’re videos are really informative but you can improve your editing and/or write down some of the things you plan on talking about.

  5. You’re videos are really informative but you can improve by editing and/or writing down some of the things you plan on talking about.

  6. Hooray for Jamaica ??… Hopefully they take it a step further and go totally Crypto in the not so distant future

  7. You sound defeated today because os the huge drop.

  8. Can't wait til XRP fire-up!

  9. XRP is starting to pump,

  10. I love your videos and hearing your balanced perspectives on all things crypto!
    Im curious, if all the big banking institutions all started to invest/transfer out of the market and into bitcoin/crypto at the same time, say when the SEC decision goes through, wouldn't that have the potential to crash the stock market pretty quickly? Or perhaps a delayed tsunami type crash? Or are there preventions in place for that?

  11. JSE will list Veritaseum. Reggie Middleton is doing business with them… whatever.

  12. I currently hold zero ADA, but now since it hit sub $.10 thinking about picking some up just don't like the fact that Ledger is still not supported, but at the prices seems like minimal risk…

  13. You sound suicidal right now… it'll rebound man I swear. Don't jump. You can't bounce like this market can!

  14. Ripple will still hold a near majority and will get big money to get behind it, and manipulate consensus with a strong majority of their old board(nodes) slowly becoming powerless. Replaced by 2 ripple approved nodes that will eventually total 42 people or “nodes” that can manipulate consensus and breach trust. This is what I believe is the root of the fork.

  15. Man you get me in a really positive mood in this depressing market. But I believe the upturn is coming soon.

  16. Hi MI, love your work. What are other crypto youtubers that you rate?

  17. Jamaica isn't the only one that will have a crypto stock exchange.

  18. the word demirors means "donkey giraffe" in a strange language!

  19. Litecoin is already more decentralized. The creator doesn’t even have any. While Ripple owns $80 billion worth of XRP and can sell at any time. Decentralized my ass.

  20. Ripple is not decentralized, no staking pool

  21. Thanks for your unbiased FACT BASED news presentation on RIPPLE’s XRP current status …

  22. Jamaican stock exchange run on VERI?

  23. xrp replace bticoin is possible?