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  1. Are you a LUCIFERIAN???

  2. Your strong opinions are why I am shining you.

  3. Bitcoin is moving sideways and down, alt crypto crap ICO's are nothing but a way to lose you're $$$$$'s more quickly!

  4. Do exchanges which ban US also require address verification?

  5. Fuck yeah, love the info bro, only person you can really trust in this space always keeping shit real!
    Big fan right fucken here.

  6. Brilliant explanation. Thank you Richard

  7. on Bitmex you can only loose what you deposit, right?

  8. thank rich you are the greatest!!! I want a richard heart tshirt!!!!

  9. This is highly dangerous, just for absolute pros. Be patient and hodl.

  10. Richard real deal check Your estrogen levels–Are You eating shitloads of soy?You are morphing into a middle aged lesbian in front of our eyes…Godspeed

  11. I need help, I will like to learn more about trading on bitmex. Can you tell me about a site where I can learn how to do it?

  12. Didn’t they have your size in stock ?

  13. Greetings from South Florida. Thanks for the tutorial Richard!

  14. Richard! You have mentioned you would charge for teaching trading. Just out of curiosity, how much would you charge for teaching 1-on-1. 🙂 Thanks for the infos!

  15. Use VPN if USA signup not allowed how do i do this

  16. What Bitmex is missing is an MT4 platform integration so that people can easily trade in an automated way.

  17. Richard is a good explainer

  18. Can you do a vid on actually shorting?

  19. Yes please teach me, I want a crypto trading mentor.

  20. our vids dont have any adss that is honroso you do all of this content for free

  21. You're smart for not demoing it; not only do you focus on the content people need to actually learn that doesn't change (UI's change every once in a while), but you also don't put yourself in a position where you'd have to pull the video later on.

  22. Richard I thought your bullish on crypto. Doesn’t trading your BTC stack on leverage for FIAT defeat the whole object ?

  23. I Love the way your thought process computes .. I believe in the thought the things are basic yet we seem to bound ourselves by overcomplication of things. You are a Great advise . I learn toward your advise over anyother on youtube. No BS , you Break things down and Give rational lknowledge openly. Thank you for explaining what others dance around

  24. Thank you I will gain experience and get back to you when I make my first decent profit

  25. I am out of work with a broken foot and up at 4am , working on progress instead sleeping. You are a great teacher , If i had the money I would pay for your programs and knowledge but I dont haha.. I soon will

  26. Richard, Who controls the Central Banks? Richard, Who owns the Central Banks? Richard, Who are the Central Bankers? Richard, Who are "They"? Richard knows the answer, but will not tell you, he is in fear of the Who's ! JWO

  27. Looking good mate, keep doing whatever you are doing! 😀

  28. Smile sometimes my pal! We value your info, newbies better play safe on Bitmex!

  29. There's also a bitmex testnet so you can play around with fake bitcoin 🙂

  30. RSI and MACD along with volume and resistance levels are my personal favorites <3

  31. Where can I buy Richard TA course?

  32. Richard…. I think you are hitting your stride with this type of video. Great info on market mechanics… I'm really liking this kind of content. No one else is giving this kind of info. Hope this feedback helps. Thanks.

  33. Its crazy how so many people talk about Richard being a scammer, but I have yet to hear them say WHY. Like if they feel that strong about it why dont they just say what he did to scam people?

  34. Next video: "Cheapest and Hottest Alt Coins for 9,000X'

  35. Not enough rings on each hand for me to take him seriously .Lol

  36. Quote of the day from a self proclaimed millionaire…."I'm weary of giving you too much information…I could charge you lots of money!" Aw shucks, thanks for sharing the scraps with us. Always loved your content but this was a little demeaning

  37. We'll never be able to walk away from cryptocurrency, our true addiction. This cusp of the wave is a once in a lifetime experience, or more like a thousand. Thank you for your awesome exciting knowledge share today brother.

    Bitmex and margins. We may as well get wealthy while we're here (revolutionizing the world).

  38. Cryptocurrency needed years of development to reach key inflection points, just saying.

  39. Im feeling the system very well now all I need to learn is how to stop-Loss

  40. Thank you for this… good info, really interesting

  41. Your timing is unreal. I literally just made an account and finally want to experiment. Perfect!!

  42. Richard, it would be very helpful if you could explain how to report capital gains for leveraged BitMEX trades on your tax return. I can't find this information anywhere, and I assume you know it.

    My best guess is this: Since everything reported on your tax return has to be in your local currency, trades need to be reported as buying or selling contracts in their native currency for USD. Then, because your profit or loss on BitMEX are in BTC, your have to convert your BTC profit or loss to USD and then buy or sell BTC with it. Like this: "Bought 5 BTCUSD at $6,500 for $32,500". And then when I sell, I make two entries on my return, "Sold 5 BTCUSD at $7,000 for $35,000" ($2,500 profit) and "Bought 0.35714286 BTC at $7,000" for a total of $2,500. That way, I pay taxes now on the full profit on the trade, and then I'm left with a $7,000 cost basis on my BTC profit.

    Another alternative would be to only make one entry per roundtrip trade, instead of three. If you made 1 BTC on a trade, then on your tax return you could enter "Bought 1 BTC for $0". And if you lose 1 BTC, "Sold 1 BTC for $0". This is simpler but then your potential profits would not be taxed until you actually sell your BTC. This would be great for us, but I'm not sure if this is allowed by the IRS. I called them, and unfortunately they couldn't give me any advice in the matter. Thanks!