Daily: Crypto Dip / Bitcoin Cash Chain Split Bug / Tether prints $50M USDT

Crypto markets have taken a beating over the previous week because of the SEC’s announcement to delay the ruling the CBOE Bitcoin ETF approval. This brought about an general destructive sentiment because the neighborhood assumed that this ETF was going to be a transparent win. We check out a potential cause as to why it isn’t a transparent lower victory and into the not too long ago Bitcoin Cash bug as properly.
1:38 Market Overview
2:15 Bitcoin ETF Delay
four:49 Tether prints $50M USDT
eight:06 99% assault resistant consensus by Vitalik Buterin
9:17 Bitcoin Cash Bug (SIGHASH BUG)
12:27 Blockchain Cruise

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    1:38 Market Overview
    2:15 Bitcoin ETF Delay
    4:49 Tether prints $50M USDT
    8:06 99% attack resistant consensus by Vitalik Buterin
    9:17 Bitcoin Cash Bug (SIGHASH BUG)
    12:27 Blockchain Cruise https://coinsbank.com/cruise-europe

  2. The market crashes are very concerning.

  3. LTC came first , is and always has been superior! Time for the flippening!

  4. Be prepared, the majority of Altcoins are going to ZERO!

  5. I hope the ship does sink. Who needs 'em? Bitcoin and blockchain goes on without any of us. We're just temp cogs in the wheel.

  6. To be fair, when the markets tank, the demand for USDT goes up

  7. Short and sweet not like crypt0

  8. as always cool video like in my channel like

  9. Il love your clarity,
    why the market fall?
    I am convinced that the majority of ICOs are managed by goats without entrepreneurial skills or a sense of responsibility towards investors, they have gone into panic fashions like children.
    All this domino effect was created by a company called EOS that after conducting a billionaire ico, voluntarily sold 2.5 million ethereum without any sense of responsibility.
    Despite respecting the CEO of EOS, I have to say that they have voluntarily decided to carry out a short sale by sinking the market.
    I'm sorry to say that EOS has made a move to the detriment of poor savers, a terrible thing considering that many people are not yet understand what happened and think that the market has exploded into a bubble.
    Thanks Dan Larimer.

    reference :

  10. I love how you keep referring to this as a “dip”. Ha! What a crappy YouTube channel.

  11. Michael's best comment: "Traders are lazy." so true

  12. Michael is the only good source on YouTube. If you must follow a channel, Boxmining is the only one you need. Also, ….Suppoman is a complete idiot.

  13. I feel sorry for you. you must be one of the biggest bag holders of ETH since you talk so positive about it all the time

  14. The sooner the usa crashes as a country the better for the rest of the world in the long term.

  15. Funny how BTC was just fine until the Govt wanted to protect me!

  16. If you want to short btc in binance do you just put holdings into tether and wait for the drop? How much does tether charge, one to 3%? Thanks and if I am completely missing the mark on all of this please set me straight!

  17. bitcoin slide to 5k again trying to Hold 6k but looks like a losing battle volume just not there.

  18. Thanks to CryptoInfluence.io for introducing me to this awesome channel!

  19. why not address the elephant in the room?

  20. Ivy corrections –

    *IvyPay release in 2018, not 2019.
    *Ivy not acquired by a stock exchange, but rather a fintech company on the stock exchange.
    *The KYC/KYT/AML carrier mechanism is the token's utility.

  21. never gave to shits about bitcoin cash or any other fork or even currencies for that matter. all we need is the original bitcoin to work like it was meant to. last thing we need is "coffee coin, privacy coin, gaming coin, pizza coin, house rent coin and so on. we need one stable global currency and projects like NEO, ETH, ICON, TRON

  22. guy's hooked on hopium are waiting for wall street to buy in bitcoin (that's what u call an ETF).. people forgot about the core idea of bitcoin … rest in peace with all the money u guys lost 🙂

  23. Good content! What do you think about Ico feniks.finance? I think it is quite a promising project.

  24. You're falling into the trap of trying to attach a reason for every little dip. "The market dropped BECAUSE the etf got delayed". No it didn't. you have no proof. the market is always fluctuating and people like you and goofy CNBC and corny Forbes always trying to act like they know the reason.

  25. August 14, 2018 Starting new company BitGOLD need investors.. CryptoGOLD

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    Say wha? Yes.

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    COSS . . . Wants Your Utility Bill . . . to Buy or Sell Any Coin/Token

  28. Hey Michael. Have you heard of the OECD Blockchain Policy Forum in Paris next month? Looks like a pretty big deal!

  29. BItcoin cash split chain hash bug….is why this shit isn't working. Nobody understands wtf this means.

  30. Hi mate. I agree 100% with what you said at 11.50, that code needs to be rigorously check. That's why i am so interested in Cardano, i don't know of any other entity that is doing that to their level, do you know of any?

  31. hello, is there anyway that i can get your email?