Are Bitcoin Price Predictions even possible?


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  1. Seems you are missing views…so criticizing others to get some views.

  2. Alessio rastani is a joke!!

  3. I'd say only his 2nd prediction was wrong.

  4. too early to call wrong. need a month to see.

  5. Is really nothing wrong with the incorrect prediction. Why are you making such a mammoth effort to research and point it out? I am really disappointed with your unprofessionalism. Afterall is a free channel and the man is trying to give the best of his analysis with the highest probability only. !!!!

  6. Alesio rostani is a fucking scammer

  7. This person is obviously bearish, there's nothing wrong with that, and there are different ways of looking at a chart. If there is a correlation between bitcoin and gold, I would like an explanation for that. Price predictions can be both right or wrong, because price can both go up or go down.

  8. You can not predict the price of BTC, except in crystal ball ! however you can ride on waves/trend signals.

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  10. Lol how many times have you been wrong?

  11. Sorry to say this but Alessio never predicts, he only gives what is “most probable” given certain technical formations! I am a trader since 1994 and by criticising him and misunderstanding his mindset, saying he predicted stuff when he was merely describing certain technical formations – tells me that you are not seasoned enough as a trader yourself

  12. Can TA really be done with crypto like it can be done with real stocks . Today price of copper went down , all mining stocks have tanked ,so things are pretty much predictable . With billion dollar valuations in coins that are nothing but dreams , this is all a guess game , Also the word " mooning " should be banned .

  13. Predicting Bitcoin is easy – I'm right 2 out of 10 times !!

  14. To me Rastany and you are the equal. You both are great. What you really can say for sure that Bitcoin in future will change the world.

  15. Can the price be predicted? Not the exact price, but anyone who knows how to read a long term chart can get an idea of where it's going. It had a parabolic run and now is in breakdown. Study this and you will know that BTC is going MUCH lower, it may never see 20,000 – EVER. I have been saying this since it broke 16000 to the downside and continue say it is going MUCH lower, in fact the bear market hasn't began to accelerate yet. I said MONTHS ago – March that BTC will see $1,000 before it will ever see $20,000.

  16. BTC predictions ARE possible, with 100% accuracy. Just watch CNBC and do opposite what they say.

  17. if reading candles was real people would be making money !!! this stock markets is 50 50 chance, you either short buy low and sell high! everyone is trying to read the candles, bitcoin doesnt care what the candles say!!! it does what it does, problem right now is not enough money in crypto for the trends or candles to work correctly !!! to many whales , imagine those control finance , bitconnect , and other scams … how much bitcoin do they have ? i bet those are whales in the game right now 🙂 just my 2 cents in this matter

  18. Hi Sunny, I really like your channel. And I also like Alessio's chanel. You both are good !  I am wondering who I could influence the bitcoin price with 2.000.000 USD only. What if I go long on bitmex with 500.000 USD 50x leverage and then immediately afterwards buy bitcoin for 1.500.000 USD. Maybe my budget is to low but a large investor could definitively be doing that. And I think this is exactly what is happening now. What do you think?

  19. Ok first the click baits bullish and bearish change from day to day and you have a nerve to now be Ta guy in the space after a phew weeks .
    Mate I'm gone your way to all over the place and to be calling out on wrong predictions of allessio .
    As he is as you mentioned only working with probability and also you are doing a dis service to your veiwers . Cyas

  20. what will happen you ask me ? august 23th next bull run 320.000.000.000,00 0o0

  21. Good video and considered and respectful opinion regarding review of alessio's trading advice.

    Personally I believe we will head lower, I just don't 'feel' we are somehow out this bear market or even really into it. So let's see how the next few weeks go.. exciting stuff.

    Thanks again sunny. Good to hear your thoughts on the market from technical and technological viewpoints

  22. Claiming a Chart Analyst is wrong is like yelling at a weather reporter for changing their outlook from yesterday.

    Chart analysis is an interaction with a non linear system. As the information changes so does the discussion of the balance of probabilities. (note: not prediction. Balance of probabilities is different)

    Bitcoin can be easily subjected to TA.
    I invite anyone to do a Fibonacci extension from the late 2013 high to the 2015 low in January.
    From this simple measurement, every major pause and retrace in price up to December 2017 is easily predicted.

  23. 2 of my favs. Great vid Sunny. Alessio is a bad ass trader been following him a long time and he has made a lot of people a lot of money.

  24. Sorry when somebody says “this is what is likely to happen based on technicals”, or “this is probable” and it doesn’t happen, that person isn’t wrong or right. He just discussed mere probabilities nothing more! Lols

  25. Great videos. love the content. Lets learn more about trading w/maximum effieciency & profitability on Bitmex

  26. This video is so childish that all your reputation just falled apart :/ Riccardo Mazzia summed it up perfectly.
    You really don't understand what Alessio is saying? Like these ppl on TradingView: OK BUT WHAT, SHOULD I BUY OR NOT?!?!?111

    And that dance and music at the begining – I was sure you are just making fun but when you showed that you are really making these statements and celebrating based on that small bump from the bottom – it's just desperate 😀

  27. I have been following Alessi videos quite closely in recent times I agree in the sense that he is a little over confident in his predictions in recent times. I don't believe that chart analysis makes up for 100% of a stock/ cryptocurrency move. Example if somebody buys 5 million worth of Bitcoin well I suppose the price is going to go up regardless of what market its in bear market or Bull market. The reverse could also happen if we're in a bull market and somebody sells 5 million dollars worth of Bitcoin the prices going to go down even though we're in a bull market.

  28. if TA guy stop to look at daily at first place…just looking weekly give you a more real stable trend

  29. Why is the comment section flooded with information sunny said in his video. You all try to explain !alessio never makes a sure call he says what’s more likely to happen! But if you idiots would watch the video, sunny also clarifies it. I think a lot of people here just read the title and start to write a comment.

  30. Useless video! Bad point of view. Just trying to rack up views.

  31. This guy removes comments that aren't bullish.

  32. Bro BTC gave 1week hammer inverted so if it works u will be right..if it breaks 7.2 k then it will be bullish

  33. Buying crypto assets and currencies is a bit confusing and it's a whole new territory, but if you do your best and pay close attention, you'll do fine.

  34. i can not believe how rude and thick Sunny is,