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Is an excessive transfer incoming for Bitcoin (BTC)?! Let’s talk about this and a few cryptocurrency buying and selling evaluation + present information matters on as we speak’s video!

😈 Let’s get this crypto!

Disclaimer: The content material coated on this video/stay stream is NOT funding recommendation. I’m NOT a monetary adviser. These are solely my very own private opinions, concepts, charts, technical evaluation, insights, information and worth predictions. All the time do your personal analysis and solely make investments solely based mostly by yourself findings and private judgement. Deciding to put money into and/or purchase Bitcoin (BTC) or another kind of cryptocurrency is extraordinarily excessive danger and may crash at any time! This video/stay stream is only for leisure functions solely!

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  1. Another great video thanks for preaching the truth. Im waiting in usd ready to get those savage gains

  2. btc to $3500, back to all ATH December 2020 if ever.

  3. Currency war is upon us and it's time for bitcoin to act as gold 2.0. It will take time meanwhile i urge nonbelievers to shove it.

  4. This is by far my favorite crypto podcast.

  5. i got hit liquidated by then fucking things .only lose small money compare to most people .No more bitmex for me to crooket .If you go over 10x they nail you with there bots

  6. These guys have so much market share. Bullish!

  7. But Kirby! Permabull CT personality, Marius Landman, has finally turned bearish.

  8. the big movers are playing people and investors like a fiddle, reking everyone

  9. Alessio Rastani also believes we are going down and breaking 6k. This could be the Bitcoin death rattle

  10. I'm getting sad but I'm in the hodlgang got to represent. Down 8gs but WHATEV

  11. I dont agree the pattern is the 03/12 one, the one that doesn't touch the bottom of the triangle.

  12. How much too join the VIP


  14. Hey kirby Ive been keeping my eye on the 5800 hundred level. Do ypu think it will hold and if not where doyou think the next point of significant resistance? We dont have any recent price movement before that. Is there a way to identify a potential bottom ahead of time in the technicals?

  15. join the bitblaster…..kirbsters channel is there with us all

  16. do the voice bro, do the voice.. lol

  17. I don’t know how to short using Coinbase.

  18. Desk taking a beating again

  19. Really enjoy the way this fellow approaches his TA , no BS 🙂

  20. Wow ! the biggest mining company selling their BTC. That can't be good for the "store of value" argument. BTC will be lucky if it's above $1k USD by the end of that. Looks like XRP will be king after all. Yeah, yeah, we'll see I know. ;p

  21. Bitmain replaces BTC with BCH!
    Edit: Kirby! What do you say?
    And you, followers of the slick Messiah Kirby?

  22. WTF are you banging on! Good bye!

  23. Kirby- what’s your view on the pending etf’?

  24. A video on how to get into the Bitmain IPO?

  25. kirby pls stop hittin on table

  26. How do you short Crypto??? Futures market requires a minimum of 40k USD to sell bitcoin futures… explain

  27. Large move coming…..to the downside.

  28. really its prolly just whales new to crypto thinking they can shake hands that have held for years
    other than OTC trades there is almost nothing on exchanges in terms of supply
    when i first got into crypto in 2014 i used to see stuff like this all the time
    theyll burn themselves out soon cuz someone is def losing a lot of fiat trading volume like this with almost no price increase

  29. can't wait till bitcoin goes on sale

  30. Great update bro. What's your thoughts on the strategy of toggling between tusd n btc though the roller coaster instead of tether ie fiat. Great info in general and really appreciate all you do for the community. 💪👊🙏🎢

  31. BTC dominance 53%. The Don is headed toward 60% in a hurry as alts get driven towards the bombed out part of rekted city.

  32. Kriby what is happing whit al de alcouins right now…pfff eth at 2834 dollor and ada pfff downn

  33. Next target: 5300.

  34. so you say its either going to go up or down. thanks for the info. i would have never been able to figure this out myself.

  35. Hi Kirby, such an awesome video! exactly what we non-OGs needed to know!

  36. At $3,600 btc is no longer a profit for miners. I don't think anybody will mine bitcoin, if it gets near the $4,000 mark. No miners, no bitcoin.

  37. Awesome video mate keep it up.