$100,000 Bitcoin in next bull run (2019/2020). Market Analysis, Historical Bitcoin Cycles, (Part 2)

Video Half 1:

When will the next bull-run be?? ColinTalksCrypto Prediction:

$100,000 Bitcoin (BTC) in the next bull run (2019 or 2020).

Different profitable cryptos will rise in higher percentages than this. (ETH & EOS for 2 examples)


On this episode I present numerous previous value bubble cycles and their zoomed-out sample in comparability with our present sample.

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Disclaimer: The views expressed in this video are strictly my very own and are to not be construed as buying and selling recommendation. Don’t purchase, promote or in any other case commerce cryptocurrency based mostly on the content material of this video. I’m merely sharing what I’ve completed and what I’d do in numerous conditions as an academic software solely.

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  1. I like this theory and I totally agree.

  2. I still think btc is going to settle around $3500-5k as a bottom but I agree 100% by 2020 btc will be around 75-100k especially with an approval of an etf. I think by 2025 we will see a 500k-1 million btc. Once the next recession hits crypto will prove its strength.

  3. you are right about some parts but dude the correction part can take more than a year time not 6months =))

  4. Lower highs and lower lows looks like a staircase to the basement. New World Order will EMP all of our asses before they give up controlling our money.

  5. Are people really so STUPID to believe that btc will reach one time 100k.
    It is a fairy tale with a bad ending for many believers.
    It will go down Bit by Bit till all Bits are gone. But lucky you can't lose more than you "invested"
    Cryptocurrency have the future but that will be NEW issued cryptos.

  6. Great video, totally agree. Subscribed!

  7. Subscribed. Very pleasant way of presenting. Looking forward to the next video.

  8. good video! keep them coming.

  9. Hello from Germany to the world! Typically Asia, offended at USA, and USA destroys the currency of money. You all need a personality as it progresses, you can see it!
    You do not believe in the freedom of the currency cryptho!

  10. The conditions that affected previous market cycles and bull runs no longer exist.
    By April 1st 2019, the entire crypto market cap will be no less than $1 trillion u.s.
    Bitcoin is going to $50,000+ in 2018.

  11. just waitng for that 80 to 85 retracement aprox at 3000 usd….to click that buy botton

  12. You cannot compare BTC's past performance with today. When BTC lost 80% of its value in 2013 or 2012 or 2011 – it had nearly 100% market share, it did not have full blocks, it had room to grow, adoption was growing, transaction fees were less than $0.02, it did not have the competition it has today from Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and other coins. So it recovered then multiplied in value on top. Today? The blocks are always full, businesses are dropping BTC, adoption is decreasing, we get transaction backlogs daily which increases fees to over $1. BTCs market share is hovering at 38%. Oh no, I would not be so confident that BTC will recover so quickly.

  13. many people paying huge tuition. I paid mine many years ago.

  14. I buy Bitcoin every single Wednesday. Set for auto buys. I don't think about it and don't worry about it. ?

  15. Liked n Subbed. Good, clear insight.

  16. facts from his own experience no bla bla no bulshit…love it .thumbs up and subscribed.

  17. After the next parabolic bull run ($100K), will there be another HUGE bear market just like the one we're in now and another cycle will repeat again and break ATH ($100K)?

  18. Great video. Keep it Up.

  19. Great video…..from all the Utubers out there ……. you make the most sense ??

  20. What's your opinion on Ripple (XRT)?

  21. great video. Love the logic behind your view and thesis.

  22. I dont think we have a next bull run ahead of us. It is obvious, that all cryptos are run by huge manipulation and we can see in many cases, that few adresses owns big portion of particular coin. We are far from the bottom.
    If you think differently try to explain me how the market value of lets say EOS is much higher than value of many companies with tousends of employes and actually creating a value. Or if you look on Bitcoin forks. It so many of them out there and many of them have very high market value. Its nonsense.
    No one is using any crypto besides speculation. Price still have to drop significantly so we can get rid of all shitcoins and really focus on great projects. Everything its run by excitement of the "new thing".
    I think in 2-3 years time we going to see healthy rise in crypto markets, because people will know much more about crypto, there will be more regulation, less excitement, coins will be actually used, there will be much more people in crypto space so there will be less space for manipulation and so on.
    Dont be greedy and look at big picture. Sorry for my english, because i am not native speaker.

  23. I bought big in early May when I thought market was recovering. I'm down 70-80% (dont check it daily anymore). But no way I'm selling anything at a loss. I'm gonna HODL the hell out of it and see where it's at a couple years from now.

  24. How is 5800 to 8400 back to 6500 a flat period? trying to stay open to this.. being on the verge of mass adoption under 4% adoption be ready for anything on the uptrend. Wall Street bonuses start dec 1. there will be at least a mini bull run in Dec 9k+ I think we have an accordion effect with air in and air out. HODL bitches

  25. That's awesome, I'm new to this whole thing, but when I was looking at it too, from 2011 to now, my first feeling was the trend was gonna look like a giant bowl shape over a long period. So I'm glad someone else feels the same.
    I told myself I would exit if nothing happened by the end of September, but I think I might stay and not sell. It really does seem getting quick a buck is not how this is gonna work. I have to be patient.

  26. Great video but I will say that it come come faster because people are starting to talk about it more.

  27. Yeah it is more realistic than other theories

  28. the best analyse i have seen on youtube

  29. Good info I really help me just like real life, step back and look at the big picture, helps in many circumstances……..

  30. I'm very green at this but so far you seem to explain it the best for me you don't show off with big terms, I appreciate it thanks a lot bro!!!

  31. Hi, Colin. Liked the video and insights. Seen a similar article somewhere else with same price and timeline predictions.
    Please I'd like to know what exactly causes bull runs and bear markets. The factors. I know the market's more like a cycle. But I'm trying to understand what causes these 'cycles' exactly. Any recommendations?

  32. New subscriber, really enjoyed the video mate. Keep up the great work.

  33. How do you feel about Bakkt though? Thats by the end of this year..

  34. I tend to agree with this prediction. Any thoughts on how much longer BTC will be in spot #1? Considering that it is v1 tech and so many other coins have superior transaction speeds and whatnot, bitcoin remaining in spot 1 becomes increasingly irrational as time goes on. I guess altcoin adoption still has a lot of work cut out for itself.

  35. Good video. Its the kind of longer term analysis I've been looking at – ie each bear to bull can be seen as a curve.
    The only thing you have not included is the effect of the halving's. The next is 'mid' 2020 – it seems more than coincidence
    that prices start increasing some 6 months away from this price injection and then start accelerating as we move past it!
    If the halving's are driving prices then you would not expect to leave the 'flat period' until 'mid' 2019. So I think your bull prediction are too early!

  36. Damn Colin likes every comment, very rare from a YouTube channel. I have to agree with almost everything Colin said here. You can tell he’s well-versed and informed on cryto market behavior. However, where I disagree is at (3:45): implying that we are already in the flat period. It may appear that way but that might be what the whales want you to think. The whales are waiting for an opportunity of some bad Bitcoin news where the bulls at $6K will be exhausted and we fall down to high $4K ($4800). After every Bitcoin bull run in the past, the first fall is the never the greatest. The first major fall in this ‘17-‘18 bull run occurred on Feb. 4th where BTC fell down to $5.9K. So, it is an inevitability that BTC will fall significantly lower than that and the worst is yet to come. I agree at (4:56)…I’m not a pessimistic either but those who predicted BTC would lose 70% of its ATH value in 2018…they were all viewed as crazy pessimists. BTC is down 65% so this is reality.

    I think the next bull run will begin in the end of 2019 (Nov. 2019) barring no economic collapse or government intervention. I do wish Colin discussed those factors particularly the role of government (in places like South Korea, India and Japan) who are responsible for leading the 2018 bear market. We know that when he stock market performs poorly, it’s ominous for Bitcoin so BTC would not fare well in an economic collapse/recession even though that’s yet to be seen since the last recession occurred in 2008 and we are well due for a recession/depression. Assuming government doesn’t somehow eliminate Bitcoin directly or by creating their own hypothetical crypto coin like the Amero, I believe Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Bcash will all prevail and retain their all time highs. The world’s wealth in 2018 is measured at $200 trillion so a $1.7 trillion BTC market cap (at 17M BTC coins) would result in the $100K/BTC price so it is certainly achievable and the $20K/BTC is evidence of that. Thank you for your well-articulated video.

    This made me a subscriber!

  37. hi colin.. great analysis ..great video.. u must have heard about a guy anthony pompliano.. that guy was predicting 50000 $ btc by the end of the year..but he just now said it will reach 50000$ by 2023.. thats a long time.. do u think it will be delayed by 5 years to reach 50k…?? plz reply

  38. @ colin talks crypto , thanks colin for your reply.. i from india… i am not a professional trader , i am running in loss by 50% coz i entered december and january.. but i am going to hodl all the way..no easy way out..hodl

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