Bitcoin Bounce | Short Positions Are Increasing Rapidly!!

Bitcoin Technical Evaluation & Crypto Information Right this moment: The Bitcoin worth has been falling quickly, however the place will Bitcoin bounce? I am going to use technical evaluation on the Bitcoin worth to make a Bitcoin worth prediction. Additionally, I am going to check out the Bitcoin quick positions. Watch the video to be taught extra!


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  1. Patreon:
    Thank you to my Gold Patrons:
    Andrew Arumugam
    Andrei Neagu
    Roger I Reyes
    Ravinder Valadri
    Debbie Schwan

  2. hey carl i think if the prices are down due to the latest etf news than we are in a very silly overreakting market wich is truely unpredictable. i really hope that the downtrend is due to the deathcross (wich are not that meaningfull in btc charts) but non the less i think real investors with a really big wallets are more on TA than they are in the fundamental side. i mean common the etf just got delayed ! no reason for panic and all the retail investors dont make that volume. in the end we never know where we stand in the market with all the manipulation. but nice vid as always dude thx for your content. best regards

  3. what do you think about the futures gaps? can u expain why future gaps tend to get filled? we got one at 5930 and 2 above. greets

  4. 2018-08-09 20.40 Bitcoin currently banging its head against a thrice confirmed resistance level.

  5. You are trying to predict price based on the short-term emotions (fear-greed) of the market. That is impossible to predict, even with all these seemingly logical If you try to predict price on the inherent value of Bitcoin as a currency, that is just as impossible, as it has no inherent value. Bitcoin is simply worth whatever people in the collective market think it is worth…….that is why the currency has been so unstable.

  6. It seems the momentum is lower and if we hit 5900 then the next stop seems to be 4200 as there is no support in between….. and if 4200 breaks then the 'normal' bear market capitulation will take it down to 2900. Sorry to say this 'HAS' to happen for the bull run to properly start. The market has to sadly 'shake' as many retail clients as possible who have to lose their money. Its always how bear markets end. I think Carl needs to play his guitar for us while we wait for the action lol……peace and love to all.

  7. LOL no that people are thinking bitcoin is going down it will go up xD

  8. The shorts are gonna get rekt, probably. I think that we're oversold. But sideways.

  9. The good thing about btc chart is that the drop amount from peak is getting less than the past! Remember it used to be $9000 drop from top! I see it as a good sign… Bears are losing their strength by the time!


  11. I'm glad you're bringing more attention to the BTCUSDSHORTS abnormality. I tried to make the bears in the tradingview chat room to realize it was a bad idea to be short, based on that alone. BTCUDLONGS looks great to me. Just in a bit of a consolidation phase, remaining above support I identified months ago based on a bullish harmonic pattern. BTCUSDSHORTS still hanging out at the top even though BTC has risen by $300 on the day. It's going to be SPECTACULAR when BTCUSDLONGS makes a similar move, forcing the SHORTS out of their positions in the meanwhile.

  12. Moon's comments and price calls are some of the best on Youtube.

  13. Nice bounce off the 4 hr bear trend line. Good call Carl. And keep a close watch on the 4 hr S1 pivot point.

  14. people pay for this patreon? his analysis are empty and often wrong
    i just listen to fall asleep

  15. Guys Coinbase have been outages for fucking hours…….

  16. SEC and their buddies (GS, JP Morgan, other big players) said no for winkelvoss, price drops, they buy, price goes up, they sell, they say delay for cboe, price drops, they buy, price goes up, they sell, they will say delay for cboe in september, price goes down, they buy, price goes up, they sell, and then by december 2018, they have established a good foothold in the market. They will then LAUNCH THE ETF. That's what snakes do. I'd say they will average around 4 to 5 K btc as an entry point into the crypto space. Not bad for just a few twists of the tongue.

  17. The Bitcoin market cap of 100 billions will be broken very soon.
    So, expect more desperation of the bulls … lol….

  18. What is the name of the program you are using?

  19. if you think that sounds interesting then i think that YSHDEFNITLYKPWCHINTHISVDEO!

  20. Carl bro can you please post some ways of supporting you in the description other than patreon? Most of your calls of late have been very helpful and I'd love to swing you some cones for your efforts

  21. Don't bother making a video today

  22. Thanks for your analysis & prediction. I agree with you.

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